Would You Rather? (My Answers)

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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I published a post a couple of days ago that asked you all some questions.  Would You Rather? received a bunch of great answers, but it lacked answers from me.  So without further ado, because I know you are all waiting on edge to get my answers, here is what I would choose.

1)   Would you rather have an excellent relationship, but terrible sex…or…have a a horrible relationship, but amazing sex?

Answer:  Without a doubt I would choose a great relationship.  I love sex like you would not believe.  If I could be engaged in it 24/7 I would do it in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately I’m pretty sure 24/7 sex is nowhere near a reality so where does that leave you?  I read somewhere once that the average married couple makes love 3-5 times a month.  3-5 days out of 30?  So what the hell are you supposed to do with the rest of them?  That to me says you are only happy with that person for a couple of days out of the month.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be ridiculously in love with someone for most of the time and only have to endure a shitty couple of minutes 3-5 times a month?

2)  Would you rather be completely numb head to toe and never experience any feeling of any kind…or…have no arms?

Answer:  I would take no arms any day of the week.  Being completely numb would suck balls.  To never feel the touch of another, the sun, the wind, the water and anything else you touch would be a nightmare.  If you never feel pain you will never know you are hurt and wouldn’t seek medical attention.  Imagine laughing so hard your stomach hurt but never feeling it?  How about that never feeling the butterflies in your stomach when the person you are madly in love with walks past you.  There are a million things that I would miss the feeling of so yeah I would choose no arms!

3)  Would you rather know the exact date and time of your death…or…know the exact way you will die?  (no matter which you choose, you will not be able to prevent your death)

Answer:  I would want to know how I was going to die.  If I knew when I would be thinking about that date for the rest of my life.  Although some people said it would be great to be able to prepare your loved ones I just can’t choose that.  The fact of the matter is we could all die tomorrow for all we know.  If I knew exactly when I was going to die I might live like a rock star for a while and knock everything off a bucket list (even though I hate them) but then what?  I don’t care what anyone says, I can pretty much guarantee you would be completely miserable and heartbroken when you have a few days left.  I would rather keep living my life the way it is and let nature take its course.

So those are my answers.  I don’t believe for a second that everyone will agree with them, but isn’t that what makes this whole thing fun?  You get see how others feel and what they would choose and why.  I have loved reading all of your answers and I can’t wait to post another one of these.

  1. It was a fun idea, and I like your answers. 😉

  2. ok..one more comment big guy..im a cat..i dont have arms..no problem…but..geez..no sex..no arms..hey..but nine lives..could you ask something more relevant next time..

  3. ranikaye says:

    Thoughtful answers, And a lot of fellow-bloggers gave thoughtful answers, as well. Nick. But I just couldn’t got there. Love your blog, though. Still trying to find my own voice here on WordPress. Mostly, I’m just doing housekeeping on the blogs I transferred from my old home, Multiply.com, which is booting us all out on 12/1/12; and READING blogs here. Oh, God, how I love to read blogs.

  4. seakist says:

    I agree with all your answers 🙂

  5. kfitz says:

    Fun stuff! Every time I read the questions I have a different take and consequently a different answers. LOL

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