Posted: April 5, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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While driving home last night I had a strange thought process that led me to remember a kid I knew back in high school.  He was two years behind me so we really didn’t interact much together, but like many, I knew who he was.  he wasn’t a popular kid by any means, but was known for more devious reasons.  

Out of respect to him I won’t give his name, but I can tell you he came from a less than wealthy family.  He usually wore clothes that didn’t fit because he had grown out of them because his family probably couldn’t afford to buy him new clothes.  He never brought a lunch to school nor did he ever have money to buy anything to eat.

I came to know him my senior year when we shared the same lunch period.  It was then that I would see things that would break my heart.  As I mentioned earlier he never had a lunch or the money to buy one.  It was pretty well known by his peers that he was a less fortunate than they were, and of course they all did what you would expect from high school kids….they exploited the hell out of him.

People would offer him a few coins to do ridiculous things.  First it started off with “stand up and scream stupid stuff” and then one day it got crazy.  Someone had the idea of offering him money to run in to a brick wall.  He obliged.  I would sit day after day in disgust and disbelief as this small thin kid would run full steam into a wall for a buck.

I remember one day in particular, he had run into the wall so fast that his head smacked into the brick which visibly dazed him.  It was one of the first times in life I would see someone fall so low in their lives that they would be willing to hurt themselves for a few cents.

I have no idea what became of him.  I tried to look him up today, but didn’t have much luck.  Not sure I will ever get to know how his life turned out, so for now I will just send positive vibes into the universe and hope they their way to him.

  1. Rani Kaye says:

    I hate how worthless we all were back in high school! I hope your good vibes get posted to God’s Facebook Wall! Hope you can find the dude, too – and that it turns out he has landed on his feet and has a good life.

  2. eirasteria says:

    It’s heartbreaking what people will do just to get by or to get a few smiles from a person. Kids need to learn to stand up for themselves and not take that kind of shit. And kids also need to learn to not DO that to other people, honestly, teenagers are probably the cruelest people out there. I hope this person turned out okay and overcame his past.

  3. strawberryquicksand says:

    Ugh.I HATED school. I was always picked on at school (try that NOW, motherfu**ers!! I DARE you!) and was always a sucker for an underdog. The sad thing about school, though, is that if someone were to befriend this poor kid you just described, they, too, would become the underdog and teased mercilessly. I truly hope this kid you described grew up and managed to do something with his life, even if it were to get a job and have money.

  4. neelkanth says:

    Nice one. I have rated it as excellent.

  5. What a touching post! I’d rather smash into a brick wall twenty times than ever have to relive my high school days. I hope your positive vibes make their way to your former classmate. I’ll send some too.

  6. I hope your good vibes reach him and that life has gotten better for him.

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