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I am Jersey to the bone.  Born, bred, and porkroll fed.  I haven’t lived in that great state for 10 years now and yet if a stranger asked me were I was from, I would simply reply, “JERSEY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”  As many of you probably already heard, Jersey was recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  Several of my old neighborhoods and favorite childhood hangouts were destroyed. (more…)

With 70 comments and almost 100 likes I can see that a lot of you read “What Exactly Is The “Like” Button For?”.  Even though I blogged about it, I honestly shrugged off the situation and went about my life like it never happened.  I was never mad at the blogger who asked me to unfollow them due to my lack of commenting.  If anything I was just merely confused.   (more…)

I FOUND MY SISTER!!! (more…)

I was reading over my “About” page and I realize even though its all about me, it says absolutely nothing about me.  So here is a look into the shit talkin’ guy you have all come to love, well maybe like, well maybe just tolerate.  Either way this is a little more about me. (more…)

Last week I shared with you that I was searching for my sister and was following up on a credible lead.  Well so far that lead has fallen flat.  The lead in question was the woman my so called dad hooked up with (the mother of my sister).  My mom found her on Facebook and I messaged her in hopes to open a line of communication. (more…)

After I publish a new post I usually spend sometime browsing blogs to see what everyone else is writing about.  If I find something I like I will spend a few minutes going through what the blogger has to offer. (more…)

The other day at work a gentleman approached me with a form in his hand.  As he handed it to me I noticed it wasn’t filled out so I asked him if there was something I could help him with.  He replied that he didn’t know how to fill out the form and needed help.  I was a little confused because he spoke perfect English (I mention that because most people who need this kind of help don’t speak English and can’t read the forms) and looked like a credible person.   (more…)

Written:  April 10th, 2011

Dear Scott,

Its been 9 months since you left me and each day that passes by I realize its never going to get easier knowing you’re gone.  I go to bed thinking about you every night and every morning I wake up heart broken, because I know its another day I have to spend without you.  I really miss the stories and laughs we shared.  I find myself using your lines on a daily basis and it always makes me smile when I catch someone off guard with them.  (more…)

I have been getting a lot of emails since I started publishing the letters I wrote my brother.  Almost all of them ask the same question; “Why do you sign all of your letters with The Amazing Flying Mayo.”  Well since a lot of you want to know I will explain it to you. (more…)

This is a special letter that needs a little explaining.  When Scott was around 17 he was dating a girl who ended up getting pregnant with his child.  I was young so I don’t remember the particulars, but I know that there was speculation that the baby may or not be my brothers. (more…)