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When I said I liked the strange and funny news I didn’t realize it would lead me to BOOBIES!

{Sidebar} I love boobies lol.

OK back to the story at hand.  Female rights activist and freedom fighter, Moira Johnston is out on the streets of NY everyday fighting for the rights of women.  Just one thing….she does it TOPLESS!!  That’s right I said topless.  In an attempt to show equality between men and women she takes to the street showing her girl parts to the public.  I know what you’re thinking…pictures? video? well how about both! (more…)

Not Just Pets

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Rantings
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Anyone that has ever had a pet knows that they are more than just an animal living in your home.  They are our best friends, our loving companions and our biggest fans. (more…)


This weeks DOW is more of a group than a person, but their Doucheness hits close to home for me.  This weeks DOW are bad tippers.  Bad tippers disgust me.  They go out to eat, usually run the server ragged, complain about everything and then leave a bare minimal tip or nothing at all.   (more…)


Feeling hungry while out shopping this afternoon, my wife and I decided to grab a quick snack from Burger King.  While waiting for the food at the drive-thru I noticed a man at the end of the lane sitting on the curb.  It was obvious that the gentleman was homeless. (more…)

I want to;

 stand outside your house with my radio blasting “In Your Eyes”


As I get older I am realizing that I am becoming the creepy old guy that talks about things from the past.  I am 34 years old but my job puts me around a decent amount of people that are 10+ years younger than I am.  I can’t even count how many times a day I have to stop in the middle of the conversation because the person has no idea what I am talking about because it happened before they were born.  Whether its movies, music, fashion, tv shows, cartoons or whatever, I pose this question; Do you remember when… (more…)

When are people going to learn to just keep their damn mouth shut?  My wife and I took a trip to Walmart to grab a few items.  It was feeling like a hot pretzel kinda day for me so we headed to the snack bar right away.  While we were standing at a table enjoying my deliciously hot and salty treat a strange man approached my wife and I. (more…)

I am not a religious man by any means, and yet I find myself saying a little prayer every time I get in my car.  Everyone says they are great drivers, but with so many bad drivers out there I find that quite of few of you are lying.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not just inches and seconds away from being in some kind of a car accident. (more…)

Enigma II

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Enigma
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I honestly wished and hoped that I would never write about you again.  I told and almost convinced myself that I would never let you piss me off as much as you have, and yet again you surprise me with how much of a child you can be.  It amazes me on a daily basis how much of your day you devote to thinking of me.  You are a sad, sad, so sad person that you puts your life on hold to constantly have me on your mind. (more…)


**Back from my little hiatus, I am getting right back into Douche Pool.  Its been more than a week since the last DOW and a lot of douche things have happened so this week’s post is going to be more than one douche.  Alright then, lets get to it!** (more…)