Douche Of The Year 2012

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Douche Of The Week, Douche Of The Year
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You all have spoken and the votes have been counted, so with out further delay your 2012 DOY is…..

Adam Lanza and the Westboro Baptist Church!!

I can’t say I’m surprised by the voting here.  It was a complete landslide with 83% of you voting for these two douchebags.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the first ever DOY voting.  I look forward to sharing another 52 douches with you in 2013!!

  1. Shannygirl says:

    I’m probably going to get major backlash for this but that’s okay. I do not believe that Adam Lanza should be on this list. He was a mentally disturbed young man who did not get the help he so badly needed. What he did was horrific and will forever haunt our memories and I feel so much sadness for those parents of the lost children.. I can’t even imagine. But being a mother of a special needs child (I posted a blog about it) I see the other side of that story. As for the Westboro Church.. they deserve the top vote. They are not mentally unstable. They do not have any medical issue’s. They are just hate filled and hide behind God as a way to spread their hate. They deserve everything bad that they will get. God will not forgive them for doing evil in his name.

    I love your posts.. I can’t wait to keep reading them in this year.. Happy New Year..

    • Nick says:

      I really respect what you have written here. Although I stand by him being a douche I will back you up over any backlash that might pop up. Its a valid point you make and it makes me wonder if my original post would have been different if I had a special needs person in my life.

      • Shannygirl says:

        It’s a very hard life to have a child that no matter what you do you can’t seem to break through that barrier. My son has a huge heart and is very loving.. but he tends to live in fantasy world.. it’s heartbreaking. Adam is a douche because of his actions.. but.. I feel he was let down by his mother, his father, society. Since this has happened there has become a “Lynch mob” mentality that honestly scares me. Kids like mine aren’t bad people.. but they aren’t “normal” people either. They too can be swayed by their surroundings just as those who are classified as “normal”. thanks for understanding my point.. 🙂

    • I understand fully what you’re saying about Adam Lanza. I too care for a relative with a mental illness and a mentally ill person needs constant and attention. Mental illness is still a wildly misunderstood malady and those dealing with it are most times let down by family, friends and society. What Lanza did was horrific but if it was a by-product of his mental illness, then the only thing anyone can do is forgive him and hope that as a society we can get the mentally ill the help they need and get past the shame of having a mental illness.

      Now Westboro is very deserving of the title, they’re just hateful, extremists hiding behind religion.

      • Shannygirl says:

        I completely agree. Most insurance companies will not even cover the medications needed. Before I married my husband I was paying almost $400 a month in medicine alone for my son. It is something that truly needs to be brought to light.. not hid in a closet and then lynch anyone who may suffer from it.

    • I am in complete agreement with you. We as a society failed both Adam and the 26 people he killed.

  2. Alex says:

    Adam Lanza should be on this list and so should his parents. If he had mental issues then why would they teach him how to use a gun in the first place.

  3. maryisidra says:

    I 101% agree with Shannygirl.. It is the act not the actor that is wrong in Adams case. As for that bunch of nuts that call themselves a church they are fear-mongering idiots… and a lot more.

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