Would You Rather?

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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I was listening to a podcast today and they were discussing crazy “would you rather”  scenarios so of course the blogger in me decided to write something similar to it.  I would love to see a lot of participation on this one because I think it could end up being a lot of fun.  So please use the comments to answer, and feel free to share with others!

1)  Would you rather have an excellent relationship, but terrible sex…or…have a a horrible relationship, but amazing sex?

2)  Would you rather be completely numb head to toe and never experience any feeling of any kind…or…have no arms?

3)  Would you rather know the exact date and time of your death…or…know the exact way you will die?  (no matter which you choose, you will not be able to prevent your death)

When you answer in the comments, try to throw a reason in there.  I am more curious about why you chose the one you did than which you chose.

  1. whoa..i cant prevent my death…really..im not reading your shit anymore..im going to live for ever..why the heck am i even following this kind of nonsense..i am living forever..at least its going to seem like it..
    your friend liily

    the cat

  2. ok big guy..sooooo..how many lives do you have left..

    • Nick says:

      I’ll be lucky if I get through this one 🙂

      • yeah..i feel like the opening scene of ..oh brother where art thou..controllers want me silenced..trying to hunt me down..anyway cant relate to the amazing sex question..the bastards lured me inside..several years ago..and next thing i know..i wake up neutered..hope that doesnt happen to you..then all you will have left is writing a lousy blog…oh wait…..geeez sorry…

  3. AMooreOn says:

    1. I’d rather have a great relationship and horrible sex. Why: Horrible sex is usually over pretty quickly, a great relationship can last forever. Also, I know how to please myself so I don’t really NEED someone to do it for me.

    2. I’d rather have no arms. Why: I may not be able to do it, but I couldn’t stand never feeling my kids hug me again. Or to never feel a kiss, a cool breeze, the heat from a good bonfire. (This was a close one though because I’ve stepped on enough legos I’d really love to never feel that again)

    3. This was HARD because I don’t want to know either. I’m going to go with Time/Date. Why: I’d spend my time more earnestly and wisely. I’d live every moment to the fullest and appreciate it more, knowing the countdown.

    This was fun and it made me really consider my options! Thanks! 🙂

  4. ranikaye says:

    My answer is (d) None of the above. Seriously.
    and (c) your friend lillythehtcat cracks me up 🙂

  5. grannyK says:

    1. Great relationship. If your relationship is good, you don’t have to have fantastic sex to still feel close to each other. That will improve with time.
    2. No arms. It would suck, but as was stated already, I could at least feel human touch and a wonderful cooling summer breeze.
    3. After going back and forth a few dozen times, I decided to go with date/time. Either way would cause a huge amount of fear, but at least if you know the when you know how much time you have to prepare. If you can truly prepare for such a thing.

  6. kfitz says:

    1) Excellent relationship. If it’s “all that” you’d be so into the other person you wouldn’t know bad sex if it knocked you upside the head. Chemistry baby!

    2) I’d rather have no arms. I could emulate Louise Capps., she liked horses, was married three times [she was a mere 12 and a half the first time] and dreamed of being a play boy bunny. She also had a great laugh.

    3) Date/Time. As a child my families island was my favorite place in the world. I loved to hop on the swing and soar amongst the trees. So that’s where I’d go and I’d end life as a dead swinger!

  7. PoeticJuices says:

    1. Excellent relationship… because I can work on making the sex amazing 😉 lol
    2. I have to say no arms because I’ll have feeling in the rest of my body, and I’m sure that with time and therapy I’d adapt, as in reality, some people do have to.. unfortunately 😦
    3. I wouldn’t want to know how I’m gonna die because I wouldn’t wanna live the rest of my life in fear and worry, not knowing when it’ll happen… Honestly I don’t think anyone would want either but hey lol

  8. 1. Excellent relationship…physical relations is part of relationship……so on a whole relationship is more important.
    2 would opt for no arms….some feeling far good tan important than no feeling(no fun of having arms if u can’t use it)
    3. would like to know the date…..till then i would enjoy my life..as it is inevitable

  9. I like these!
    1. Excellent relationship– even if you can’t make the sex amazing- they have toys and such and you can still do the whole love thing.
    2. eeesh… no arms. i’d want to be able to walk around and be a little independent.
    3. Date and Time– i feel like when it’s within an hour or so, i’ll have a pretty good guess to how it’s going to go down.

  10. Theresa says:

    1) Good relationship bad sex… Why? Because there is always masturbation to make up for shitty sex
    2) no arms… Have no feeling would just plain suck! Plus I saw the move My Left Foot and it seems adaptable to live with no arms
    3)knowing when I will die. You can’t change HOW you die so you might as well control how you will live the last days of your life and embrace

  11. Donna says:

    1. Good relationship. Hell.. I have a dildo and an imagination. Although I would hope that most people would realize that that is not me relinquishing my stance that good bedroom performance is an important part of a relationship…. or at least the effort is….
    2. As an artist, this is hard. I always said I would jump off a building if I lost my hands. But I think to lose all feeling would trump that. Not being able to paint pales in comparison to not feeling my son or my husband hug me or kiss me.
    3. I would rather knows the time than the method. I can financially prepare for my family.

    • Nick says:

      Wow this is a good one. I would have never had thought an artist would ever part with their arms. That truly says a lot about the feeling of touch! Thank you!

  12. 1. excellent relationship always, or i would be totally miserable. one can always improve on the physical side of things, esp if you get on so well! 2. i’d rather have no arms, it would be much worse living a vegetable life, not able to express or feel or respond…life would be almost meaningless. 3. this a very difficult one, had to think long and hard. i’d rather not know…my father died of cancer and towards the end he knew he was going, it was heartbreaking…

    • Nick says:

      Sorry to hear about your dad. I often think about what my last seconds alive will be like. To be honest it sends chills down my spine every time I think about it.

  13. great relationship
    neither…you shouldn’t know either. Think of the chaos either will bring!

  14. thisbighappy says:

    1) good relationship, you can teach the rest.
    2) no arms! After finally having my carpal tunnel fixed I never want to be numb again.
    3) i’d rather not know & spend every day I have telling people I live them.

    And what eclectic questions!

  15. Nope, I don’t want anymore bad sex or bad relationships. I don’t want to know the who what when where and why to my death. What I can’t have it be a surprise? Sheesh! I really really needs my arms, but feelings are nice too. WTF why must you make this soooo hard! 🙂

  16. Hard questions, geez! But fun idea.

    1) Great relationship, because as others have said, sex is over pretty quickly, but the relationship is 24/7. Although bad sex could make even the most excellent relationship not so excellent but anyway…

    2) I would hate to not have arms…but I’ll have to choose that over never feeling ANYTHING. Living without feeling? No thanks.

    3) This one’s the toughest one…I think if I knew when, I’d be constantly counting down and that’s no way to live. And if I knew how, say a car accident, then I would never drive again so meh, I’d rather not know.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah lets be honest here, unless you’re sporting a hand full of little blue pills and your lover is a retired porn star the sex isn’t going to last hours at a time.

  17. […] an awesome guy named Nick, from the blog Sh*t Talkin Nick, nominated me for a bunch of blog awards and I just thought that was the cat’s pajamas. I […]

  18. 1) Great sex because I can have a great relationship with someone else.
    2) No arms because obviously I’m getting really great sex that I need to feel (see above).
    3) Time and date of death, to make sure I can get as much great sex in as possible before it happens.

  19. gettlost says:

    1) I’d rather have a great relationship. Being in a terrible relationship sucks.

    2) if I can still feel emotions I’d go with being whole and having no physical feeling. I like my arms.

    3) I don’t care. Death doesn’t bother me now and I don’t think it will bother me later. I guess if I have to pick it would be the date. That way I could make sure to have everything done so it’s easy on my family.

  20. Excellent relationship with terrible sex – because I love my boyfriend so much, I would care if suddenly the sex became terrible, and sure it would suck for a while, but there is still so much there. I couldn’t give him up just because the sex got bad. And he would say the same thing about me. I love the hell out of him!

    Numb – dude. I just really want to have my arms.

    Exact date and time – I like to be organized.

    • Nick says:

      I love your answer for the relationship. I think intimacy is an important part of the relationship but I also don’t think its enough to base your decision on.

      • Thanks! Trust me, I’ve done the GREAT SEX thing, and it quits being GREAT after you realize you have no feelings for the person.

        I think people are just too human to live like that, you know?

  21. really good questions…..can’t say I have answers at this time though…….

  22. OffcrGrl says:

    1. Good relationship. There’s always toys! If it’s a shitty relationship, the sex won’t sustain it.
    2. No arms. Less of a sacrifice.
    3. The exact day and time. If I knew how, but not when, I would walk around with huge fears of anything that came close to that scenario.

    Great scenarios. Make’s me appreciate my life and it’s “lack of choices” like these! lol

  23. lazypuffhead says:

    Lol v funny ….
    1,. Good relationship – reasons as already said above, you can sort yourself out just fine … A shit relationship is not worthy of my time.
    2. If I had no arms I could not type, so we’d defo prefer the former and actually like it … As for the no feelings of any kind, would save on weed as the job would be done :0
    3. Tough choice but probably A, that way I could have a great time and know when it was all going to be over
    Thanks for asking

  24. stillstrange says:

    Great relationship with no sex. There are a lot of aspects to a relationship that are much more important than sex and Yes, I’m on the toy Bandwagon.
    No arms, I can learn how to type on the computer or write with a pen or whatever with my teeth. A lot of armless people are doing it now.
    I definitely do not want to know when nor how I am going to die. Can you imagine if it would be a car accident or getting hit by a bus? You would never want to leave your house and do anything.. to avoid it just to change things up. Nope. Let God take me when he’s ready.

    Great, Thought-provoking questions.

  25. irishmrs says:

    1. Excellent relationship. Because when you get too old (or sick, or injured in someway) for the sex, what is left? I value the fact that my husband and I are best friends. That’s what is important to me. And I think the better the relationship, the better the sex. 🙂
    2. Definitely no arms. Hands down. Even though I wouldn’t have any….. but definitely no arms.
    3. Definitely the date and time of death. If I picked the “way” I was going to die, and I found out that I was going to die in a plane crash, then I would never want to go on a plane. Thereby limiting my chance for adventure before I was going to die. Picking the date and and time allows me to complete all the things on my bucket list.

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