Things I Want To Do In 2013

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You can call them resolutions if it makes you happy, but these are just things that I would like to try in the coming year.  I feel like 2012 was a little disappointing  in the aspect that I really didn’t do anything memorable.  I am hoping in a year from now I can publish a post about all the amazing things I accomplished in 2013.  No matter what happens or what I do I look forward to sharing the next year with you all!

So here’s my list…

Acquire something through bartering

Have Talkin’ Shit amass 5000 views in one day (my best day so far was 2177)

Go to at least one concert

See Kevin Smith live

Get another tattoo

Go back home to Jersey

Buy a storage unit

Well there you have it folks.  Those are some things I would like to do in the near future.  Like I said, these are not resolutions and its certainly not a bucket list.  I just figured I have wanted to do some of these for a while and what better time than the present?  Now that I shared my list with you all I would love to know if guys have anything you would like to try in the coming year?  Feel free to comment and list some of your future ventures below!!

I hope you all have an amazing 2013!!!

  1. Nikki Manson says:

    My list is as follows:

    1. To survive
    2. As for everything else, I’ll leave myself the pleasure of anticipating some surprise idea to pop up in my head.

  2. strawberryquicksand says:

    Not a bad list. I especially like go to at least one concert and also get another tattoo. I would probably like to do those things myself. The thing about concerts is that I’ve grown incredibly anti-social in my old age (39), and the thing about tattoos is they are somewhat permanent and I know I want another one, I just don’t know where or what…. What kind of music do you like and what kind of tattoo do you want to get? Happy new year! xo

    • Nick says:

      I am actually a little upset that I missed a concert this weekend. Kid Rock was in town and I completely flaked out and missed my chance to go. I would really love to go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert this year so I am hoping they make their way down to FL sometime soon. As for a tattoo, I have 2 now and have wanted more for as long as I can remember. Like you, it has been hard to narrow down exactly what and where I want it. Recently I have been thinking about a tribute to my older brother who passed away, but I haven’t found something that I feel would do his memory justice.

      • strawberryquicksand says:

        Damned! When I was in the USA a few years back, I seemed to miss EVERY concert by a few days here or a day there. I certainly didn’t plan very well. I did, however, get to the Vans Warped Tour in Toronto, which was buckets of fun and almost made up for all the other bands I missed. Well, I still regret not planning my trip around Goldfinger’s tour dates but hey ho.

        I think a tattoo in memory of your brother, Scott, would be just wonderful. I’ve seen a number of them and regardless of what they are or where they are, they are still wonderful tattoos because of the sentiment behind them. My sister and I have the same tattoo – mine is blue/green and hers is grey/shaded. I love it because we have the same ones.

        I will be looking forward to your “new tattoo” post. Would you and your wife get ones that are sentimental to each other? One I thought of was getting our wedding date tattooed somewhere subtle….

  3. amyp22 says:

    You want to buy a storage unit? As in, stick one in the front yard or rent one from a place to temporarily hold your stuff.

    Speaking from experience of moving way too much, if you put stuff in a unit and don’t miss it three months later… you really don’t need that stuff.

    Good luck with your 2013 list!

  4. I’m curious…why buy a storage unit? Is it a necessity thing? Or are you talking Storage Wars style? Or do you just think having a storage unit would be cool?

  5. Hey Nick. I came here via Tracy from FEC-THis…The main thing I have on my mind for this year is to move to a better environment. Kind of hard to focus on anything else…Although a concert would be great. Love The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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