People I Hate Today 12-09

Posted: December 9, 2012 in People I Hate
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High Horsers:  So I know “horsers” isn’t a real word, but this is barely a real blog.  High Horsers are the people that feel like everyone is else is below them.  I meet these assholes everyday and it sickens me that I can’t legally beat the hell out of them.  I was working the other day (coworkers please hold your laughter) when a gentlemen approached me for some help.  In the process of helping him he made some comments about my job being horrible and basically was trying to make it seem like my job was lowest job anyone could possibly have.  Little does he know that my company is consistently ranked on the Forbes list as one of the top 100 companies to work for.  My retirement plan looks great and if I keep on the same track I will retire a very wealthy man with little to worry about financially.  And not to judge a book by it’s cover, but by the looks of this guy and his ripped, stained shirt I can’t imagine his job (if he has one) offers as much as mine does.   What this boils down to is people need to mind their damn business and worry more about themselves and less about others.

Non-Christmas Celebrators: I don’t hate everyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I just hate the ones that think NOBODY should celebrate it.  I work and live in an area of South Florida that has many of these people.  They get mad if you say “merry Christmas,” or even think of offering them anything that has to do with the holiday.  There isn’t a year that goes by that I don’t hear some jerkoff screaming about how there are too many Christmas decorations and not enough {insert holiday} decorations.  Really people? A store or business is not your home.  If you don’t like the way its decorated then don’t go there.  Instead decorate your house anyway you would like and stay the fuck in it.

Dirty Bombers: Oh how I loathe you fuckers.  These are the people that are sick and spread their germs around like you only read about.  Coughing and sneezing everywhere they go with no thought of the other people they are infecting.  These are the same people that leave a trail of nasty mucus filled tissues behind them as if they were the breadcrumbs that will lead them home.  Its people like these that make “sick pay” a necessity and not a benefit.  Everyone gets sick, but its the assholes that love nothing more than to pass that sickness onto as many people as they can before they are well again that really piss me off.


  1. tom says:

    Hopefully, I can star as a horse’s ass in the future

  2. Ah Nick LOL this is why I got so much love for you, so like minded haha I laughed loud reading this. Never truer words… = ]

  3. klrs09 says:

    I mean this truthfully — it is very refreshing to read something so honest, so truthful and so hilariously funny. Dirty Bombers is my husband’s greatest peeve — he works with the public and it makes him absolutely crazy when someone coughs on him, in his direction or on their hand and then hold it out to him. He’d just as soon cut it off and beat them with it than accept it.

  4. Maryanne says:

    I hate the first two as well. The third don’t scare me because I have a great immune system.

    But back to #1 — OMG, this reminds me of so many ultra cool situations — One time I was in between jobs and too a part-time job at Radio Shack. TWO of the guys working there were doing so amazing, one guy came to Radio Shack after working at a Dunkin Donuts, after six months he earned so much money he not only got himself a brand new car, but a brand new car for his mom. The other guy was managing five stores and on his way to becoming a millionaire. And he was only 22! I wasn’t that successful and left, but some tool I couldn’t stand somehow got my email and wrote me a nasty message, “I’m making REAL money, how’s Radio Shack” in such a condescending manner, but I had the upper hand because I said, “Yeah, I know where you’re working. I turned that job down because it didn’t pay enough.” Never heard from the idiot again! Just goes to show, people who run their traps and are on a high horse always somehow get thrown off 🙂 🙂 🙂

    As for #2 — I’ll probably be writing on this one at least once this holiday season. I have a good story from last year that I’ll probably share.

  5. Katie Renee says:

    When I was front office, I used to go through at least one container of Saniwipes per shift because of the dirty bombers. They’d always walk up and ask to use the visible front office phone (you know, the one every other department immediately pages whenever they need something, leaving lights blinking and whatnot as I was forced to vault between 2 other office staff to get the second phone). I’d about come out of my skin…. Not only disgusting, but inconvenient and enraging.

  6. Shannygirl says:

    I have blogged about people being so fucking angry when you say “Merry Christmas” of “happy holidays”.. why do they have to get mad when you wish them well??? Riles me up! And when they start complaining about “Why is there a Christmas tree, it should be a Holiday tree”.. OMFG… IT’S A TREE… get over it.

  7. jadesandwich says:

    So true about the Christmas thing.

  8. Matthew W says:

    Yes, this is “CHRISTMAS” season, not happy holiday season

  9. howlingorca says:

    It drives me crazy when people get mad at me for wishing them Merry Christmas! I’m not Jewish but if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah I would take that to mean they want me to enjoy that time, and I would be grateful for the sentiment. If someone is getting offended by being told to have a happy or merry time, no matter what that time is, they are just being petty and nit-picky. There are people who are killed for having the wrong belief in the wrong place, so as long as no one tells me to have a disappointing Christmas, a lousy Hanukkah, or a crappy Kwanzaa, I will be happy and polite.

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