Douche Of The Week 12-03

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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I mentioned in another post that since I was on vacation last week I really ran out of shit to talk about.  Not gonna lie, I almost felt as though my reign as the king of Talkin’ Shit was coming to an end.  I felt lost, confused and desperate.  And then just like that (insert snapping finger sounds) the vacation was over and I was back to work, and wouldn’t you just know it, within just a few short hours the DOW introduced himself to me!

So I was sitting there minding my own business, working {for the man every night and day} and counting the minutes till my next vacation when a very drunk, homeless man walks through the doors.  Now this isn’t anything unusual in my place of business.  We see quite a few homeless people come in.  Most are pretty quiet and keep to themselves.  Some try to rob us blind.  Others just come in to use the bathroom.  This guy?  He comes in to start fights and threaten to kill people.

I was the only person in his path so he came to me for some help.  I was more than happy to help him so I began to look for the item he needed.  I had a hard time finding the item because while I was on vacation the were some renovations done and several things had been moved.  This didn’t fly with him.  He began to call me just about every name in the book and when that didn’t get the reaction he wanted he started to tell me he was going to kill me.

Now normally if a stranger was irate and threatened to kill you, an average person might get scared.  Me?  It took every ounce of my being not to laugh in his face.  It wasn’t that I felt like if he attacked I would beat him into next week (which would have happened), but more so that he was so drunk he was barely standing on his own two feet.  If he did try to rush me he probably would have ended up on the floor before he even reached me.

The best part was, he started to scare a older woman who was standing close by so I decided that enough was enough.  I stepped aside to tell someone we needed to get rid of the guy and that’s when he fled the scene.  This guy was a rabid animal for about 5 minutes until he felt someone would react to his threats and then he became a sniffling coward.

I understand that living on the streets isn’t easy.  I have personal experience with that.  I have stated a few times before that my family was pretty poor when I was a kid and even spent sometime living in a car.  I get that this guy is not happy with his situation (my own assumption) but that doesn’t give him the right to act like this.  Maybe it was just the alcohol that made him an asshole, but then again, that is the choice he made.

He could have chosen to come in sober and walk out with the items he needed and a smile to boo,t but instead in his drunken stupor thought it would be a better idea to come charging in like a snarling bull and throw empty threats at people.  Until he learns to handle his booze and not start fights with everyone he runs into this guy is without any doubt, Douche of the Week.


  1. I hate when people take their problems out on everyone else. Douche indeed!
    And welcome back. 😉

  2. Shannygirl says:

    I get “threatened” weekly at my job.. some I do laugh at.. some I constrain myself so I don’t beat the crap out of them.. some kinda scare me..

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