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While driving home last night I had a strange thought process that led me to remember a kid I knew back in high school.  He was two years behind me so we really didn’t interact much together, but like many, I knew who he was.  he wasn’t a popular kid by any means, but was known for more devious reasons.   (more…)

I mentioned in another post that since I was on vacation last week I really ran out of shit to talk about.  Not gonna lie, I almost felt as though my reign as the king of Talkin’ Shit was coming to an end.  I felt lost, confused and desperate.  And then just like that (insert snapping finger sounds) the vacation was over and I was back to work, and wouldn’t you just know it, within just a few short hours the DOW introduced himself to me! (more…)

Yesterday I discovered the story of Amanda Todd and was immediately saddened by the loss of the 15 year old.  For of those who do not know her story you should watch the video below.  Although this post is not just about her I think it will do you all good to see what hate does to people. (more…)

There have been some really horrible people included in the DOW series and yet none of them even come close to this weeks winner.  Even now, I am finding it very hard to put my anger aside to finish this post, when in actuality all I want to do is fly to Texas to take care of this fucking piece of shit myself. (more…)

As I sit on my couch with a blanket around me, recovering from being sick the last few days I read an article that forced me to get back to blogging.  So here is my triumphant (well not really) return!! (more…)

When I set out to create a blog I was just doing it to have a little fun and not really get anything out of it.  After hearing about a video on YouTube today I came home and watched it only to be completely disgusted, outraged, ashamed, and sadden by it.   (more…)