People I Hate Today 10-5

Posted: October 5, 2012 in People I Hate
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Its that time again ladies and sirs!!  Lets not waste anymore time, these are the people I hate today!!

Indecisive Jerk Offs

This is a convo I partake in daily:

Me:  Can I help you?

Jerk Off:  Yeah, I will take a scratch off.

Me:  Sure, which one would you like?

Jerk Off:  I don’t care just pick one!

Me:  No problem, here you go.

Jerk Off:  “SIGH”  I don’t want that one, give me the one over there!!

You piece of shit!  If you know which one you want then just fucking tell me.  If you’re going to leave it up to me to pick out, just shut your mouth and take the damn ticket!!

Know-it-all Conversation Interrupters

If I’m having a conversation with a coworker or a friend near you, it doesn’t mean that I want you to join in.  If I need your opinion about the topic of the conversation I will ask you.  Till then mind your damn business.  I honestly don’t care if you think you know everything, because even if you do, I still don’t want you in the conversation.  I guess you don’t realize that you come off sounding like an arrogant asshole that assumes he/she knows more than me.  You can take all of your knowledge and shove it up your ass!!

People Who Think Everyone Is Racist

About 6 months ago I had an issue with someone and it led to words between us.  At one point she said “you don’t like Spanish people!”  My response?  “I don’t hate all Spanish people,  just you.”  I am so tired of people thinking you’re racist because you don’t like someone.  There are a metric shit ton of people I hate.  Some white, some black, some  Spanish and some  from just about all walks of life.  Does this mean that I hate everyone in those categories?  Of course not, but because she wanted to be an asshole, she needed to make it seem like I didn’t just hate her.  I understand that its easier on your feelings to think I’m racist, but when its all said and done the only groups I hate are assholes and douche bags!





  1. mikeakin1 says:

    I can really relate to the first one.

  2. smackiland says:

    Ahhh….#2….. Totally.

  3. Myriam says:

    Seriously dude, If you are going to write about me, say I’m pretty awesome and gorgeous… I know how much you hate me and my people lol… All joking aside, I always get the race card at work and its soooo stupid…. It pisses me off so much! So today, I share your pain!!!

  4. I think I will raise a glass in honor of the assholes and douche bags, rather than letting them get me down – they like the cockroach must have some purpose in life, we just need to figure out what it is, that’s all… 🙂

  5. seakist says:

    I totally relate to hating on those who are always pulling the race (or whatever else) card. A recent one I heard was how everyone “loves to hate rich people” which I found extremely offensive. I have friends and relatives who are multi-millionaires. I do not hate rich people. Just the ones who feel nothing is ever good enough for them.

    • Nick says:

      Throw in the rich people that do absolutely nothing to help the community they live in. I am not saying they should give away all of their money but they could donate some to help others. I read a while back that Jon Bon Jovi opened a restaurant back in our beautiful home state of NJ. Whats special about this restaurant is that the food is free and everyone is welcome. If you have money and would like to pay you are more than welcome to. If you are short on money you can help out in the restaurant. I respect Jon so much for this. If you would like to read more you can check it out here

  6. bbbhealthy says:

    just the fact that you have a post titled “people I hate today” makes me want to read more

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