For The Love of God, Cover Them Up!! Part II

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Rantings
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When I wrote the original For The Love Of God, Cover Them Up!! back in July it was all about how young girls are dressing more like prostitutes than children.  They all seem to have their goods hanging out for everyone to see.  This time around I am straight attacking the people I feel are responsible for it.

You can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing some half naked person trying to sell something.  I am so tired of companies not being able to promote their product without showing someone in a bikini.  Half the time it doesn’t even make sense to have that person advertise your product like that.  Do you guys remember this ad?

What the fuck?  This commercial does not make me want a cheeseburger.  It doesn’t make me want to eat at all.  Instead I feel the need to throw something at my TV to make it stop.  Seriously, why would anyone think this was a good idea?  Did they honestly think that Paris Hilton would sell cheeseburgers, or were they more interested in showing a half naked person for 25 seconds and then flashing the company logo for the last 4?

The truth here kids, is that sex sells.  Its disgusting.

And how about Kim Kardashian?  I can’t even tell you what she does for a living.  The only reason people even knew about her was because of the sex tape.  Honestly, who can sit here and tell me they knew who she was before that?  Now she is out selling Sketchers to little girls who want to be just like her.  What a shameful world we live in that someone made famous because she had sex on video is being used sell shoes to kids.

Then there was this thing

I can respect that she is an advocate for gay rights and that she seems to be a strong woman, but does she really have to dress like this at her concerts?  Most of the people at her shows are young teenage girls who are very impressionable, and they don’t need this type of role model.

Last week I heard of fashion designer that is working on a clothing line that literally shows your ass to the world.

I am so scared to see what will happen next.  I have a 9 year old niece that has a Facebook page and for the longest time her profile picture was that of a 20 something year old woman in a small bikini.  I hated it!  I hated even more that her mother would allow it.  Do you really want someone contacting a 9 year old that thinks she is a woman in a bikini?  I just don’t get it.

It saddens me to no end to see this shit happening.

  1. ranikaye says:

    Nick, I’m glad that you have a popular blog, and that you’re a guy, and that you said it. Thanks.

  2. And people have a problem with women breastfeeding in public. Sheesh.

    • machinamy says:

      I definitely think that’s an important point to bring up. People are offended by a woman discreetly feeding her child in public, but seem to have no problem with the million other ways in which women are completely objectified in advertisements and with the clothing that is being marketed to them. A reality check is seriously in order.

      • Nick says:

        So friggin true! There was a incident a few months ago at my job when a woman started to breastfeed in front of a bunch of people. Like you said, its ridiculous that a woman pulling out her breast to feed a child is shunned upon but seeing ladies run around with pasties on their nipples is great.

  3. Austin says:

    This is true, I’ve never gone out to buy a burger after watching a half-naked woman munch on one.

  4. moxyjen says:

    Ass cleavage! I remember they tried that like 10 years ago (pants with a cleavage slit) and everyone just kept making jokes about plumbers and girls stopped wearing them. Hopefully it’ll fall flat again. No one likes plumbers crack. (I apologize to plumbers everywhere.)

  5. tom says:

    Your hit “rule 1 right Sex Sells. For other rules see Rule 1. However since Teenage girls aren’t selling, perhaps there is a Rule for parental involvement.

  6. seakist says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, I can’t help but laugh though — you’re too young to remember this, but in the mid 1980s there was a heavy metal band called WASP. They were pretty good, borderline camp (in my opinion). Well, one night they came out on stage and all the guys had on leather pants with the butt cheeks cut out so you could see their asses. It was hysterical. That’s what those pictures reminded me of. So, this is nothing new, although I see it more funny than sexy. But, yeah, a time and a place for everything. And children should definitely not post those types of pictures on Face Book.

  7. globalunison says:

    Thank you for saying it out loud! We really needed a voice to say it out! Now a days, people are advertising their body not the products!

  8. 9 year olds should NOT be allowed to have FB! And is that for real, a dress that shows your ass? For what, so someone will want to RAPE you? Dude, walk around naked then! And I agree, it’s disgusting that sex sells. They need to realize kids (who are impressionable) watch tv, and anyway, like you said, who would buy that cheeseburger just cuz of her in a bikini? It makes no sense. W…T…F!

  9. kfitz says:

    Glad my children are now adults! But of course, they had all this and more as they were growing. As time passes it just seems more and more ridiculous and of course with all the new technology there’s a lot more exposure to this kind of thing. The long and short of it is as long as people continue to watch and support it with $$$ advertisers will continue to produce this crap.

  10. ryoko861 says:

    Unfortunately, sex sells. And the more a company wants their product out there and sold, the bigger the price they’ll pay, even if it means using Paris Hilton. There’s a lot of money in advertising. And another unfortunate thing is young girls are impressionable. “I love Lady Gaga and the way she dresses….I want to look like that also”. Same with Christine Aguilera, Brittany Spears, actually any pop star or actress.The red carpet is full of T&A. I agree, these woman aren’t impressing me and there are other ways to express your sexuality other than wearing low cut tops and tight jeans. And yeah, if you’re wearing a low cut top and half your tits are hanging out, I’M LOOKING, ok?

  11. AMooreOn says:

    As a mother of a little girl, it saddens me that this is true. However, I don’t care how much she wants to look like whatever current pop star she’ll grow up with – She will not be leaving my house looking like a tramp. I think too many mothers try too hard to be their daughter’s friend and allow them to behave in ways that are simply unacceptable for their age. I’m a mom first. Friend second. I want my daughter to be respected, not ogled.

    • A Continuous Trainwreck says:

      I am glad to see more mom’s taking my same approach. I tell my daughter all the time it is my job to be her mommy, teach her, keep her safe and healthy and if being her best friend is going to hinder the foremost then i will just have to respectfully decline to be her best friend for the moment. Even at the age of 9 it makes a significant impact. I can only imagine the impact it will have in years to come.

  12. lucyintheskyx says:

    So true, Its disgusting to see what most companies and celebrities will do for customers and fans.

  13. A Continuous Trainwreck says:

    I have a 9yr old little girl and i am that mommy who makes my child pass the Mommy Test before walking out the door. She is 9, not 29. I get severely pissed off when the new fashion lines roll out year after year wherin the inseams seaminly get shorter and are near nothing. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COULD THESE RIDICULOUS FASHION DESIGNERS GET A CLUE. on the same note, can the fashion barbie mommys get a clue and realize their kids are babys and children should be dressed as such. Such individuals need to Stop Ho’ing out your children and start realizing your fashion sense needs to be age appropriate.

  14. Krista says:

    oh my god. I just spit out my glass of water when I looked at the pictures of those women with their asses hanging out. I cannot believe how much our ideas of what makes a woman beautiful are changing… for the worse! Isn’t less always more? My mother always taught me (at an older age of course) that leaving a litte mystery is the sexiest thing a woman can do. I really hope no one walks around with their ass hanging out of a dress…

  15. As a high school teacher, I know many female students who have completely distorted views of what they think they “should” look like. It is so scary! It amazes me how much the media plays a role in their confidence and self esteem. Not to mention the homecoming dresses looked like discarded items from a Jersey Shore episode. It is getting pretty bad to where sometimes I miss the 80s!

  16. ljr3 says:

    A sad reality these days. I think most of the people who dress like that are suffering from low self esteem but in the end it does not give them the attention they want.

    I recently made my own costume for an Oktoberfest fancy dress night because the majority of costumes available were so revealing there was no way I was going to wear them or for that matter spend the money for that kind of thing. While most of the women spent the night pulling on their skirt/top to cover up bits, I spent the night fully covered, relaxed, and with extra cash in hand… plus I got compliments on my outfit… I felt confident and got positive self esteem from wearing something appropriate.

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