This Just In…More Weird News

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Headlines
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Last week was all about boobies so I guess its fair that this one goes the other way.  Its actually hard to type this right now because I every time I think about this article I can’t stop shaking my head.  Alright lets get to it!

Professional DJ, Dajaun Porter has been charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault and burglary.  It seems that Porter would DJ parties where he would pick out a few good looking men (yeah I said men).  After the parties he would begin stalking them until he got the chance to break into their house during the night, sneak in their bedroom and then perform oral sex on the sleeping men.

Since news broke of Porter’s late night escapades more and more men are are coming forward with similar claims that they too were assaulted by this man.  Police have also confirmed that while Porter was incarcerated last year he faced charges of sexually abusing his sleeping cellmate.

I know a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, but I don’t think I would be caught sleeping anywhere near this guy…just sayin.

Dajuan Porter

  1. OK…..EWWWWWW. Sorry. Had to be said. AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANTI GAY. or whatever Just the fact that he would DO that to people that didn’t WANT it. EWWWWWWW.

  2. ditchthemarriage says:

    Oh SO gross! Imagine waking up to that! Thanks for making my skin crawl! ha!

  3. Laci says:

    lol@sleeping on your stomach…

    yeh, this definitely qualifies as weird news!

  4. Vicki - Glitter Frog says:

    I can’t make it past this phrase, “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse”!!

  5. B says:

    OMG this shit is crazy. Wait… So how do you just suck on some dudes dick and he doesn’t realize that is happening to him? I don’t get how no one fought back…

    • Nick says:

      The article I read said that the guys “allegedly” stopped him as soon as they woke up. Allegedly? Even the reporter was wondering the same thing you are.

      • B says:

        Yeah… “Allegedly” meaning they didn’t do anything, sounds like they were dumbfounded and aroused at the same time.

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