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Now that I am back in action, I have a question for you all. (more…)

Its been four months since Talkin’ Shit has seen any activity, but like the Phoenix, it too shall rise from the ashes.  I have missed posting like nobody’s business, so I guess the only question to ask right now is, where the hell have I been? (more…)

You can call them resolutions if it makes you happy, but these are just things that I would like to try in the coming year.  I feel like 2012 was a little disappointing  in the aspect that I really didn’t do anything memorable.  I am hoping in a year from now I can publish a post about all the amazing things I accomplished in 2013.  No matter what happens or what I do I look forward to sharing the next year with you all! (more…)

5 months ago I started this blog with the original DOW.  Back then a DOW to me would be someone that just pissed me off or did something I felt was douche-like.  Today I find myself writing about about a douche that almost makes me never want to write another DOW post again.  I am not sure there will never be another DOW that deserves to be called a douche more than the ones I am about to write about.  This week was so bad that you are actually getting a 2 for 1.  That’s right, its the DOUBLE DOUCHE! (more…)

Once again I have been graced with another blogging award.  I can’t say I ever expected to get any awards with the shit I write, so I am surprised and grateful to be the recipient of so many.  This latest award came from Michael over at Dadicus Grinch. (more…)

I feel like I am cheating with post, but I don’t care.  I’m not even going to bury the lead here the Anti-Douche this week is YOU.  All of my supporters, readers and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my fans.  The last few days have been pretty tough for me due to feeling quite ill, but there was something that kept me smiling through it all. (more…)

With so many horrid people around the world it is becoming difficult to narrow this down to just one person.  I was actually close to skipping this week and then I saw this: (more…)

This weeks DOW hits a little closer to home than I prefer so please excuse me if I seem to be more of an ass than I usually am.  But then again you are at a blog called Talkin’ Shit, so what did you really expect? (more…)

Ask and you shall receive!  After last weeks Anti-Douche post it was clear to me that you all loved this concept and since I am a giver I decided to oblige you all.  The Anti-Douche will now be a weekly post in which I will write about someone that goes out of there way to make a difference in someone else’s life. (more…)

Talkin’ Shit hit a HUGE milestone yesterday.  By days end this quirky little blog of mine topped out at a one day view total of 1289.  I still can’t believe my shit attracted so much attention.  What surprised me even more was the amount of interaction.  There were hundreds of likes and comments not to mention an additional 80 followers and a few award nominations. (more…)