Douche of the Week 8-13

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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I will never understand what goes through people’s minds when they abandon their pets and basically leave them for dead.  This has been happening for a long time, but now that people are losing their homes daily it seems to be a growing problem.  I understand that losing your home is horrible and having to make a decision to give up your pets is a hard one to make, but with so many other options out there its disgusting to just leave them behind in an abandon house.

Demetris and Patricia Walker moved out of their Boynton Beach home, but left something behind.  These two disgusting human beings abandon 4 dogs in an empty house with no food or water.  The dogs were found weeks later completely emaciated, walking around in a feces and urine filled house.

“It was horrid, there was feces and urine throughout the house, no food or water throughout the house, particularly disturbing was one corner or the homes was a bloodbath, where two of the dogs got into a fight,” said Liz Roehrich, an animal cruelty investigator. 

(Two of the dogs were left in cages)

(Read more:

Why these two douches would just leave the dogs like this is beyond me.  There are a slew of other options such as shelters, humane societies, rescues, or an organization like  Kibblez of Love.  There is absolutely no reason to abandon pets like this and apparently a judge felt the same way.  Arrest warrants were issued for the couple who now face charges for cruelty to animals.  I really hope these two assholes get the maximum punishment for this.  Whatever it is I am sure it won’t be enough.

Because of the ridiculous decisions of these 2 idiots, these d0gs lived in a nightmare for weeks in which 2 of them didn’t wake up from.  I hate hearing stories like this.  Dogs are Not Just Pets and people need to start realizing that.  Demetris and Patricia Walker are pieces of shit and without a doubt the Douche(s) of the Week.

  1. i was abandoned..the people in the condo feed me and take care of me.

  2. ditchthemarriage says:

    I HATE these people, hopw they rot in tiny cages like th eones they left those poor babies in

    • Nick says:

      I have so much hatred towards people that neglect and abuse animals like this. It really makes me sick. Thanks for the read and comment!

  3. thanks for discussing something like this. This is very much needed in our society where people do keep pets but when it comes to taking their real responsibility and being a real owner they mostly fail. LOSERS

    • Nick says:

      You’re welcome, and thanks for the read and comment! These people are complete losers but its sad to know there are more of them out there who will do the same thing.

  4. Mooselicker says:

    LMFAO you’re my new best friend. I used to do a blog with a friend and we did a douchefag of the week award.

    Aside from that I agree. It’s a big problem in places where people have summer homes or so my dad tells me.

  5. steven says:

    this is so sad, hopefully the judge sentences them to be left in a home for 2 weeks with no food or water and locked in a cage

  6. grapesgripesandgratitude says:

    Ugh. Sick.

  7. Myriam says:

    nick, douche of the week is too little for these assholes… i think they make douche of the month!!!!!!

  8. V is for... says:

    First of all I LOVE the idea of Douche of the Week. Brilliant! And second I couldn’t agree with you more on these two being pieces of shit. Amen.

  9. MildChild50 says:

    This always infuriates me. Yes, there are times when you must get rid of a pet, like it or not, but there are always options other than just abandoning them. These people should be locked in a small cage without food or water for two weeks, preferrably during a hot summer!

  10. I just don’t get it. Why couldn’t they leave the dogs witha rescue group? That is how I got one of my Siberians. When he got in an accident his owner brought him to a pound…a kill pound that is, and one of the workers called the Siberian rescue, who came and got him and had the vet fix him up. It’s like a person that has a baby, then puts the baby in a garbage can?????

  11. I can’t read stuff like this…I’m filled with both sadness and anger. It’s bad enough to abandon these poor animals, but then to lock them in a tiny cage so they have even LESS chance of surviving? People can be so evil. I hope they’re punished. Poor animals, I wish I could save them all. 😦

    • Nick says:

      I too had a hard time reading the article about this. My wife and I have adopted all of our dogs because we both feel horrible about these beautiful animals being locked up somewhere with nobody to love and care for them. We adopted our oldest dog Bailey from a family around the corner from our old house. The people had about 9 dogs in a 1 bedroom apartment. You could literally smell the filth from the parking lot. We wanted to take all of the dogs but there was no way we could. People should be ashamed of how they treat animals.

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