Such A Sad World

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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I am Jersey to the bone.  Born, bred, and porkroll fed.  I haven’t lived in that great state for 10 years now and yet if a stranger asked me were I was from, I would simply reply, “JERSEY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”  As many of you probably already heard, Jersey was recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  Several of my old neighborhoods and favorite childhood hangouts were destroyed.

Seaside, NJ where I used to spend my summer days.

While I was searching for information on the storm to see how family and friends were making out I found a tweet from someone that made me want to throw my laptop across the room.  This tweet was from a woman in the UK and she wondered why the United States was worrying so much about NJ/NY and not about other countries.  Now Usually I wouldn’t care about this, but then I saw hundreds of replies to her tweet all expressing the same sentiment.

This disgusts me on so many levels.  I am so fucking sorry that while our coastline is being torn apart and citizens of this country are losing their homes and lives the rest of the country is opening their hearts and trying to help them out.  I’m sorry that for a couple of weeks we care more about ourselves than the rest of the world.

I completely understand that people in other countries are suffering as I type this, but right now, with my family and friends being personally effected the rest of the world is the furthest thing from my mind.  Am I wrong for feeling that way?  I really don’t give a shit.

  1. victoriahere says:

    Some people don’t have feelings.

  2. My husband is from NJ too. You’re not wrong for worrying about your family and NOT the rest of the world. That’s just silly. Is the rest of the world worrying about your family? Probably not. Does that make them wrong? Nope. I, however, do truly hope all your family is safe and sound.

  3. Hmmm. . .she must not remember WWII. How soon they forget.

  4. grannyK says:

    You are not wrong. Last time I checked, the US is part of the world, right? And of course you are going to worry about family and friends first. Anybody who has family and friends they actually care about would do the same.

  5. Tracy says:

    I’m from the UK, this woman is clearly an alien. My heart goes out to everyone affected by Sandy.

  6. No, you’re not wrong. There are problems everywhere but people from those “other countries” need to realize that this is something CURRENT, something devastating that NJ wasn’t ready for. I can’t believe people can be so petty.

  7. I will keep you and your family and friends in prayer. Sooooooooooooooo sorry for anyone having to endure this…

  8. midnightsunny says:

    Why on earth would that woman and so many others feel the need to post such things?! People piss me off.
    Anyways, I’m so sorry for having to see so many places you made memories get destroyed by Sandy. I know how it is. I grew up in Florida and a lot of places I grew to know and love have been destroyed by many hurricanes. Prayers sent your way for family and friends!

  9. My boyfriend is in Franklin Lakes, NJ with his family right now. His word for it: carnage. They did get power back today, thank god. None of the traffic lights are working, the lines for gas are a mile long, and they’ve even placed a curfew on residents. I wouldn’t be surprised if folks were driven to looting soon.

  10. You are totally right to feel that way Nick I would be the same and I am so sorry to hear your childhood places have been destroyed that super sucks! = [ it is a sad world and there are a lot of selfish pricks in the UK and I am proud to say I’m not one of them… Some people… Forget that doughnut of a woman, if her family were in Jersey or any place that was affected in the US she would be singing the same tune as you! It makes me sick when people are like that, I saw it on the news and I was instantly devastated… I was there eating my toast with my cup of tea before work in this beautiful flat facing slight train delays as my only worry and I still made it to work on time. A little rain n wind was all we got. As I was on the train that morning I thought of the 13 people I heard had died and all the people who lost their homes and it made me angry that nature is so unstoppable… We can stop riots, (well barely in the UK it was some next joke when the looting happened, mockery of a police force) we can control the majority of problems in the world to a certain degree… But when mother nature strikes, we are all fucked! = [ my thoughts are with you, your family and friends… Sorry X

  11. Nerdy Girl says:

    You absolutely are not wrong to feel this way. I feel the same way. I’m in Florida and still waiting to hear back from family and friends from NJ and NY. Obviously, those posters on twitter have never had to wait for a phone call after an event like this, so they have no idea what an agonizing wait it can be. Know that there are a lot of people out there thinking of those effected. Hang in there.

  12. John says:

    Wow, that truly is sad Nick, I’m sorry this happened to your memories. I hope your family is well sir. The woman in the U.K. was rather rude with that statement. Shame on her. Be well.

  13. qualitee says:

    I too am from the UK and so sorry to all Americans for that woman’s comment and I completely understand how you must feel. What the hell did she expect the US to be worrying about? As already stated, if it involved her then her view would be totally different.

    Thinking of you all. xx

  14. kfitz says:

    Nick, I am so so sorry for the loss of your childhood haunts and for the many losses so many on the east coast have and are suffering. May your friends and family be safe from harms way.

  15. And if the hurricane had hit her tiny island, I wonder if she’d be feeling the same way or saying those things.

  16. Adam S says:

    Every time there’s a natural disaster somewhere, the U.S. is the first country to send aid? What a dumb ass comment…Haiti earthquake, the Japanese tsunami, the Philippine tsunami… I can’t imagine seeing my hometown stomping-grounds leveled like that. My heart goes out to your friends and family in the area.

  17. rusty says:

    No one should face such adversity. Prays that Sandy goes away soon and that people are safe and sound.

  18. No, you are not wrong. It has been said that Charity begins at home. The US is always there for other countries in times of disaster. A better question for this women to ask would be, ” who in the world will help the US now”. Whe you have a fire at home you put it out. When you are on the airplane one of the first safety measures they tell is you put your oxygen mask on first and then you help someone else. It’s really that simple. And I hope your family and friends are safe.



  19. Dustin says:

    Don’t sweat it. Some people don’t realize when an opinion is completely bat-shit stupid. They just clap along like seals without thinking about it.

    That there are bigger problems doesn’t mean the “smaller” ones are less important, or not important at all.

    A comment like that tweet about something very real and on the minds of many is, in my opinion, a lame attempt at attention whoring.

  20. You may not believe, but I understand what you’re feeling now as I’ve been there before.
    My heart is with all of those who got effect from this disaster.

  21. eljai86 says:

    I suppose the UK lady had the image of USA as a being of its own, the country itself, confounding the thoughts and feelings of the people that form it with some official communication from the Govenrment. Let’s just hope she reailzes the difference! Love from this human, hope everyone is fine there.

  22. Obviously the UK lass is either too young to remember or is so poorly educated that she knows no history, but she needs to be reminded who saved England from Hitler and who provided the monies and loans to reconstruct that country after WW II. The American spirit will rebuild, better and safer,
    and we will continue to fight for democracy throught this world and we will continue to feed and provide health care to the millions in Africa as we have done for the past fifty years.

  23. JDD says:

    You are not wrong to feel that way. That tweeter clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The USA is one of the most generous nations on the planet but now it’s time to help our own.

    I live in NJ and am on day 5 of no electricity, which means no heat either. It’s damn cold in this house and I a little cranky but I’m also grateful. Grateful my family and friends are all safe, grateful my house wasn’t damaged by flooding or falling trees, grateful for all the linemen from all over the country who are here away from their families working all day and night to cut down trees and restore our power. I know people with extensive damage that will prevent them from living in their homes for some time. Luckily we’re from NJ so we’re pretty tough. 😉

    I believe that people like that Tweeter and those who agreed with her are the exception and not the rule.

  24. liefer says:

    I’m really sorry the places of so many of your memories have bee destroyed. Just hope that a better and stronger community will come out of it. As for the tweeters, once again I would say treat them as retards. They are ignorant of the magnitude of what’s going on and what makes it worse is that they really think they know what is going on. These people just have their heads up their asses in their own little world and since all they smell is shit they try to make everyone else smell it. Above all though, I believe in Karma and it helps me to let things go if I believe that we will all reap what we sow. Aloha and thanks for the post!

  25. Cassie says:

    I am in Philly area and its awful in NJ. My husband went to the shore to help and its heart breaking. So yeah, I’m thinking ‘bite me’ to rest of the world right now.

  26. mmadonna1 says:

    I can understand your pain. I wasn’t hit as severely in my town on Long Island but know people who were and have family in NJ. I hope REAL help comes soon. Wish Springstein cut the campaign bullshit and put his buddies to work helping with the clean up. The $ from the “concert” will probably never reach the people who need it most. As far as the other countries? They’re hardly ever around when we need them but always looking for handouts from us! It should be a two way street.

  27. armyveteran says:

    I feel really bad for everyone affected by, going through, and dealing with all the shit Super Storm Sandy dealt out.

    I feel bad for the rest of the world, but they have to understand these are the United States of AMERICA. If we do not take care of our own, we will not be able to borrow money to police, and feed the world. Why does the world not look to the EU? Certainly the big banks in Germany can afford to give money to the world. Why does the world not look to China for aid? I know why. These nations look out for themselves, and to hell with the rest of the world.

    I know the world needs America. If it were not for us, WW3 would have already happened, and humanity would be far worse off; however, the world must understand if America does not take care of herself, there will be no America to help the world.

    I visited Miami/Homestead a couple of months after Andrew hit the area. The F5 tornado whipped up in that already monster of a storm devestated Homestead, FL, and Homestead AFB. I saw what these storms can do, firsthand. My heart, and prayers go out for all who are dealing with the effects of Sandy.

    armyveteran mark

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