Douche Of The Week 11-06

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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This is my first post in about a week.  I have had so many  things on my mind, but unfortunately blogging wasn’t one of them.  I have been so worried about all my family and friends back home in Jersey that I just couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything else.  It wasn’t till I was looking back through my Facebook posts when I saw someone asked me to keep blogging so they would have something to read while shit was happening with the storm.  So Ryan, this shit is for you bud!

Yesterday I worked 6am-3pm, which is a pretty nice shift because for the first 4 hours its pretty quiet and uneventful.  I don’t usually run into an annoying person till at least 10am.  Well that all went out the door at about 7am.  I had a guy walk up to me and tell me there was some crazy lady screaming her head off about not being helped right away and that she had just gotten off a plane.  He went on to say that she was screaming at all the employees and even some of the customers in her area.  We both brushed it off and went about our business.

20 minutes later I heard someone yelling, so I looked up and saw an older woman walking across the front of the store and with every step she would scream “is there any registers open?”  It was ridiculous and kinda funny all at the same time.  She finally worked her way through a register so I thought she would leave and we would be done with her.  Boy was I wrong.

I turned my back to her to help someone else and with in just a few seconds the screaming started again.  I turned around  to see her walking straight for me.  I took a giant deep breath and went back to helping the guy in front of me.  Once she reached me she immediately started yelling for someone to help her.  I apologized and told her I would be right with her.  Yeah that wasn’t good enough.  Even more screaming ensued, at which point the guy I was helping had enough and told her to be quiet so I could continue to help him.  She stopped for about 15 seconds and then started to scream all over again.

It was becoming more and more obvious that she wasn’t going to wait till I was done so I called someone out to help her. Once my manager got out to her she blew up and screamed some more calling the original guy who helped her a moron and saying he should be fired.  Once again she explained she just got off a plane and was tired and didn’t want to be in the store.

Look I get that people can be tired and cranky and nobody likes getting off a plane and walking straight into a store but what the fuck does that have to do with us?  You’re tired and want to be home?  Then go the fuck home!  Don’t come to our place of business to yell and scream at us when all we are trying to do is help you.  You can take that plane you keep telling everyone about and shove it straight up your ass you old nasty bitch.

Thank you so much for coming in and trying to make everyone as miserable as you are.  I hope you finally found your way home and hope even more that you never find your way back to see us.  You are a nasty, ridiculous person that feels screaming and yelling at people will get you what you want and for that reason you are without a doubt the Douche of the Week.

  1. liefer says:

    Haha,was she from the UK? Keep up your part of what you CAN do.

  2. Rj says:

    It wasn’t the movie theater lady, was it?

  3. kfitz says:

    OMG! She needs to get back on whatever plane of reality she came from and go back….now!

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