Douche Of The Week 10-29

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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With 70 comments and almost 100 likes I can see that a lot of you read “What Exactly Is The “Like” Button For?”.  Even though I blogged about it, I honestly shrugged off the situation and went about my life like it never happened.  I was never mad at the blogger who asked me to unfollow them due to my lack of commenting.  If anything I was just merely confused.  

As it turns out, even after asking me to unfollow them, they were still following me and read the post about them.  It was at that point I received an email.  An email that had more hate and anger than the sun has fire.  This person, whom again I will not name, called me just about every name in the book, and then took it to a personal level by saying shit like, “I hope when you find your sister she realizes what an asshole you are.”

I have read and reread that post several times and I really didn’t think it was something that would make someone feel “attacked” to the point they would say something that malicious.  Now I am not some weak minded child that would let someone else’s words hurt me, but I must say that I am a little saddened.

In this bloggers honor I hope this posts gets more “likes” and comments than anything else I have ever written. I hope they see the err of their ways and come to the realization that not everything is as bad as they want to make it seem.  My dear disgruntled blogger, you took such a simple act of clicking “like” and made it into something dirty and for that reason, you are without a doubt Douche of the Week.




  1. OneHotMess says:

    “like” and love 😉

  2. Some people are only happy when they have spread their misery around and infected others with it…

  3. Can you say psycho douche??? Hahaha

  4. Michael T. says:

    Nick, I thought you were being too nice in your last post about that person. You tried to take the high road, but clearly a douche is a douche. Proud of you.

  5. Holli says:

    Yep, real problems that one has…

  6. AMooreOn says:

    I’m not surprised at this reaction, sadly.

  7. machinamy says:

    When I read your original post about this blogger, I wondered if they would end up being the Douche of the Week. Funny how people will often times live up to our expectations. (Not you, the unnamed blogger.)

  8. Katie says:

    Sounds like that person needs to find a hobby. Maybe appreciating any and all feedback on their blog, for instance?

  9. seakist says:

    An asshole is an asshole is an asshole. And the tacky way out is always attacking from a personal level. I had some douche-bag (actually SEVERAL douche-bags) badmouth my late beloved Grandmother because they knew that hit home with me. Sad to say, my grandmother was the coolest woman in the world and could definitely out-cool these idiots if she was still alive!

    Don’t give him/her anymore credit. People like that THRIVE on it! Just move on and forget it. She or he is not worth your spit.

  10. kfitz says:

    Douche of the week? Seriously? Nick, you’re slacking dude. . . whoever that blogger is transcends DOW. The thought that comes to mind is whimpy baby loser but even that’s far too kind.

    And just for the record, I’m pretty sure if your sister ever reads this she’ll know exactly the kind of brother you are. . . super fantastic and wonderful! Keep on keepin on! ~ Your fans adore you! OOps! No we LIKE you! LOL

  11. Bahahahha!! Douche-worthy indeed!

  12. Lady Valor says:

    Wow, that was low. I personally am ecstatic to get even 1 like or a comment on my blog from people in addition to seeing it was viewed, so I don’t see the issue there. Then you actually showed them respect by not mentioning their name either time, yet they couldn’t display the same for you? Insane

  13. I had to chime in because I am a “rebel” like that. I read your post and I liked it and I love this one. When did a “like” turn into the armageddon? Someone must have licked all of the red off that blogger’s candy cane! 😳I find your blog honest and funny so keeping doing YOU!

  14. I talked to a Douche yesterday too. I should be inspired by your “Douche Of The Week Blogposts”.
    I could come up with a cool story too. But I am to lazy atm. 😀 But feeding trolls looks like fun. Next time I meet a Douche, I´ll write it down too on my blog.

  15. zelmare says:

    How sad & pathetic. This person probably has no life outside of blogging.

  16. bgddyjim says:

    Ain’t no fixin’ an asshole of that magnitude.

  17. Virginia says:

    very well said! 🙂

  18. What? Im confused. What was his problem? That you wrote about him and how he asked you to unfollow him? I read that post, was confused by it myself, but in reading the post I really started to think more about the “like” button, and the different ways that people use this media – not only in writing, but in reading as well.
    Anyway – i’ve liked it, and commented, and I’ve not had a chance to say yet – I really hope you find and can form some sort of connection with your sisters!

  19. If there was a love button, I’d click it! Maybe that blogger has some other issues going on, and is taking out their anger on you. Because really, your “like” post wasn’t nasty at all. That person deserves to be DOW! 😉

  20. If there was a love button, I would have used it on this post.

  21. gettlost says:

    This is my favorite douche of the week post. 🙂

  22. Jean says:

    I find this person sad and odd. There is plenty of help out there. He ought to seek some. I’m bored of him already. Looking forward to future blogs . . . !

  23. Miss Misfit says:

    There are clearly too many people* on this planet…


  24. eljai86 says:

    Here you have a comment! I hope that talented blogger that you used to follow realizes his/her mistake and finds the way to normality and mental and emotional sanity. Don’t be pissed off, thanks to him/her you have now plenty of likes and comments! 😀 Enjoy!

  25. I love this post. Really they ask you to unfollow them but they still keep following you? Yes, that is unbalanced behavior and even more rude that the request that you unfollow them. And sometimes when peopel insult us it says more about them than about you.


  26. Life&Ink says:

    Just hit both the “follow” and “like” buttons as you have on my blog and I PROMISE you that I will not ask anything of you other than to hope you enjoy yourself during the moments you are visiting and a simple pushing of the like button is totally awesome to me. Hope we are cool! 🙂

  27. tmvikholt says:

    Wow, really? I’m a fan of the “like button” myself, and I enjoy when people like posts I have written. I bet there are several people out there who do like posts without reading them, but I would never care enough to send them an email about it. I could also not find anything offensive in your previous post.

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