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Before we get to far into this I think it is only fair to confess.  I LOVE BOOBIES!! With that said, I just don’t get why it seems like the only part of the breast that seems to be sacred is the nipple.  Its like if the nipple isn’t showing, your not actually seeing the what you think you’re seeing.  Take a look at what I’m talking about here:

As a man that loves boobies, I find these pictures to be appealing (except for the second one), but again I don’t get why its ok to show everything but the nipple.  If someone can explain this to me I am all ears.  Are most woman comfortable showing this much of themselves as long as they keep the nipple hidden?

While we are on this topic I feel its necessary to pose this question as well:


Not Naked

Am I the only one that doesn’t see how this tiny string covers enough of the ass to make it “clothed”?  I realize we live in a society in which we constantly try to push the boundaries but this is ridiculous.  The pictures above don’t really bother me on any kind of a moral level.  Do I think men and woman alike should keep their goods covered?  Of Course, But that’s not what this is about.  I am just waiting for someone to explain to me why its acceptable to bare 99% or your body, but when you bust out a nipple its taboo.

Well readers the ball is in your court.  Comment below to let me know how you feel about this.  If you’re a person that is comfortable baring most of your body to the public I would love to hear from you.  If you are a person that feels its better to completely cover the no-no’s I want to hear from you too!

  1. tom says:

    Remind me now, was there any text that went with this posting?

  2. I think every man has pondered this question. Honestly, I don’t know. The ass think confuses me too. I just try not to think about it because all the questions make my brain hurt.

  3. strawberryquicksand says:

    Ohhhhh tooo too funny! Thank you for the laugh! Well, in African countries and Scandanavian countries (where they all leap about naked in saunas together) nipples are not such a big deal. Neither are butt cracks I suppose, and yes. I am thinking that girl feels 100% more comfortable with that bit of butt floss hiding… I don’t know what, but it ain’t much!!!

  4. hmnnn…really good question..don’t know if I have an answer but I will surmise..that since the nipple is the source or potential source of an orgasm—that is the aspect of the breast that is sexual and erotic. I mean you can kiss and suck on the other areas of my breast and not much is going to happen…but when you suck or bite on my nipples…well that’s a different story altogether. Hence that would be my reasoning as to why the nipple would be more sacred and prone to be kept hidden from view–same thing with the clit–and while a naked ass may turn on a male–really doesn’t do anything for me if my ass is naked or not. Does that make any sense?



    • Shannygirl says:

      I agree with your reasoning.. makes perfect sense.. BUT.. my question is… Why is it okay to see a man’s nipples? They are “sensitive” to men in that aspect.. I bite on Rob’s during sex.. he goes and while on that topic (man nips)… Why is it okay for a guy who is umm.. robust and has a big ol set of moobs (at least a C cup) to walk around showing them puppies? I mean they are bigger then mine but if I show mine I get arrested (or but he can flaunt his girls all he wants?????? Things that make you go hmmmm

      • mysweatyshirt says:

        I am absolutely agree with you! If a guy has a big front spotlight, he’ll go around flaunting and sometimes theirs are bigger than us girl, except that it isn’t bouncy. They don’t get arrested for that. Double standard in boobs show? 😛 Though I’m sure not going around topless.

  5. LOL I loved reading this… Ha-ha… boobs on the brain like me… not QUITE in the same way though… why have you not checked this out if you love boobies?! Hope you are well Nick… I miss you, I have given you an award as well which you have not claimed! Bad Nick award!

  6. Shannygirl says:

    BOOBIES!!!! nuff

  7. Evie Garone says:

    Ha…..great point and again America makes no sense! As usual I think the commenter above made the point of the nipples having to do with sex and orgasms and we know Americans are uptight and the actual usage of the boobs and the mammary glands for milk productions so they must be hidden in America because nothing unseemly shall every be seen by little children! But the little string of floss up the butt makes NO sense….again pushing the envelope…..but that’s all about money in strip clubs, n’est pas?Funny post……..

    • Dear Evie, You mention that the actual use of breasts is for milking babies? Well, that is one of the uses for breasts but not the sole purpose of breasts. Before a breast is used to give nourishment to a baby it is a sexual organ. And some of us never had kids so the purpose and function has been for sex and as a way to have an orgasm. one of my pet peeves is breast feeding mothers whomake the claim that the only purpose of breasts is to feed a child–rather narrow minded to say the least. Granted if you have never has an orgams from your breast being sucked on I guess to some I am speaking Greek.

      Have a happy Holiday!!!!!


      • Evie Garone says:

        If you read my whole reply I said the breasts are for orgasm as the other commenter said AND for milk…………I personally love my boobs being sucked thank you very much! I didn’t go into that usage not to be redundant….that’s why I went into the breast feeding angle. I don’t know why you were quite so combative, fa la la la la! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas back at ya!

      • LOL, that’s funny because I actually toned down my response…..why combative , not at you so much just tired of the earth mothers who breast feed their kids till they are almost pre-teens and the excuse they give is that breast are for babies…….my breasts are for me.

        Happy Orgasms…


      • Evie Garone says:

        Well, I feel ya…….I know what you mean, I don’t happen to be ONE of those so, we’re on the same side! I happen to love my boobs as a part of ME and my sexuality……the mammary part was an aside for me.
        Happy Orgasms to you, too and Happy Holidays!
        PS I survived breast cancer and did everything I could to keep by breasts!

      • Yay for you!!!! Then you deserve every moment of pleasure you get from them. Actually I read an interesting article somewhere that states breast feeding mothers often get orgasms when breast feeding their children–quite interestign article. I should have bookmarked it but you can probaby google it.

  8. Katie Renee says:

    Well, call me old fashioned, but pasties = naked. To me at least. And that string? Come on now. I mean… really? Really. I can see three millimeters less of your butt, that does not magically make you clothed.

    If I wouldn’t walk around in my bra and panties, why would I run around in a bikini? My bra covers more than my bikini does. So I guess my point is that if you wouldn’t want your Dad/Mom/Grandparent to see you in whatever you are wearing in public (or photographed wearing), you shouldn’t wear it *in public*, and a little piece of tape or string doesn’t do a darn thing.

    Be that appropriate feedback or a little off topic, I know not. But that’s my contribution.

  9. Adam S says:

    I think all of the above are perfectly acceptable? But, I’m off a bit most of the time…

  10. SudoOne says:

    The most hits ever on this post I’m guessing.

  11. planted oak says:

    i think it’s purely cultural. whether the culture is of a country or even your social circles. growing up in a village in png, young girls didn’t wear shirts until breast development started. then as soon as you had a child they were purely functional and covering up was no longer necessary. interestingly enough, it was more taboo to show your thighs. completely inappropriate. again, i think culture is the deciding factor of what’s naked or not, sexual or not.

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