Douche Of The Week 12-17

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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5 months ago I started this blog with the original DOW.  Back then a DOW to me would be someone that just pissed me off or did something I felt was douche-like.  Today I find myself writing about about a douche that almost makes me never want to write another DOW post again.  I am not sure there will never be another DOW that deserves to be called a douche more than the ones I am about to write about.  This week was so bad that you are actually getting a 2 for 1.  That’s right, its the DOUBLE DOUCHE!

I can’t believe this would come as a surprise to anyone so I won’t bore you with the build up.  The first DOW this week is Adam fucking Lanza.  If you are reading this and don’t know who he is, well then you should be slightly ashamed of yourself and click here.  Now that you are all educated on this you can see why I chose this son of a bitch.

I am so angry, sad and confused by this piece of shit’s actions that I find it very hard to write this.  My mind is racing and my thoughts are all over the place so if this seems to jump around a bit I am sorry.  This world has seen many evil people.  We have lived through people committing such heinous acts and we are always in search of answers.  Why and how can someone do something this?  Why would someone shoot their own mother and then lay waste to a school filled with such innocent beautiful lives that wanted nothing more than to just run and laugh.  There will probably never be answers that will justify the actions.

It has and will be said that guns are the reasons we as a society have to live through these nightmares.  You all know how I feel about that.  Others will tell us its because he wore black and was considered to be a “goth” kid.  I hope I am not the only one that is getting tired of hearing that one.  Did we learn nothing from the West Memphis 3?  Whether or not you believe they are innocent or guilty to point the finger at them because they look different is bullshit.

The truth is I don’t want to know why this asshole did this.  No answer will make me feel better about it.  He was just some fucking coward that decided it was better to inflict pain on others instead of dealing with his own demons.  He was just some fucking coward that prayed on unarmed adults and helpless children instead of attacking someone that might be able to defend themselves.  He is just some fucking coward that shot himself because he couldn’t stand tall in front of the man.

I could go on forever writing about this douche but this is after all the daily double of DOW, so I need to get to the second part.  While Lanza is the epitome of DOW this next group stands alone at the top of Mount Douche.  I am talking about none other than, The Westboro Baptist Church.  Unless you live under a rock I am sure you have heard of these pathetic excuses for human beings.  They are the religious fanatics that picket funerals and hold rallies against homosexuals.

These lunatics always claim to be doing “God’s work,” and whether you believe in God or not you have to think that God wouldn’t want anything to do with these bat shit crazy bastards.  What ties the WBC together with Lanza is that their church publicly states that the act of Lanza killing those innocent children was an act of god and that they will be picketing the funerals of those lost in Connecticut.

I wish I lived back home in Jersey because I would drive to Connecticut and personally beat  the hell out of every single person carrying a fucking picket sign at the funerals.  How fucking dare someone disgrace a funeral like this.  I can only hope the police will stand tall and keep those people the hell out of Connecticut.  I don’t give a shit about their rights to assemble, and I sure as shit don’t care about their feelings.  The people of Connecticut need time to put the pieces of their broken hearts back together and that will never happen with these assholes telling them their loved ones are dead because God wanted them to die.

I am not sure how I feel about Heaven and Hell, as I have never been a religious person, but I can only hope that if there is a Hell, there is a horrifying corner of it dedicated to Adam Lanza and the people of the Westboro Baptist Church.  One kills children and the other won’t let them rest in peace.  You both make me sick to my stomach and ashamed to call myself a human.  For all that you have done to destroys the lives of others you are without any doubt the Douche of the Week.

  1. AMooreOn says:

    I could write a whole fucking book on why the Westboro Baptist Church should be wiped out. They continually abuse their right to assemble. I understand standing up for what you believe in, but all they do is spew more hate.
    Oh and this should be ‘Douches of the Year’.

  2. Katie Renee says:

    The Westboro Baptist Church shouldn’t even be called a church. It’s a disgrace to religion.

  3. Very well said… I felt your anger as if it was my own as I read it! This is why I can’t bare to look @ the news anymore, makes me SICK! It infuriates me that I can’t stop any fucked up shit from ever happening… They must be on Crack, Act of Crack would be more accurate, these people sure as shit are going to hell! I am giving up hope on society every day more and more, every week it’s a new fucked up tragedy out of our control… As much as I love reading your posts, it’s just made me really angry, time to go to the Gym and do some boxercise and with every punch and kick I will picture these scumbags with pure hatrid and anger…. DAMN! Great post

  4. Posky says:

    It’s weird because these people are standing on top of the awful actions that some mentally ill nightmare human… and standing proudly. They way they benefit by behaving so terribly is absolutely abhorrent. Even if they did believe it was an act of god, why protest the funeral? How does that do anything but gain them further publicity. It doesn’t. These people are legitimate parasites.

    Their website was hacked so, if you’d like to get into contact with these people (phone calls, letters, emails, face to face meetings) I have listed their contact information on the facebook page for my website.

    Wonderful post, I could not agree more.

  5. jadesandwich says:

    “One kills children and the other won’t lest them rest in peace.” This.

  6. jimcolv says:

    I don’t understand how they can call themselves a church, let alone claim that anything they do is God-like. As I say time and again, people are just fucking sick.

  7. Nice reference to the WM3!

  8. Rani Kaye says:

    Wow, Nick – I hadn’t heard about the so-called Baptists, so thanks for including the link. I’m on the iPhone so can’t link you to it, but this morning I reblogged a good one by the lady pastor from my job & she writes well & is totally speaking against “Christians” who say stupid stuff like this is God’s judgment. If you’re interested, take a look please.

    Both of your double D’s need a whole new category I think. IDK if the whole English language has a word bad enough for any of them.

  9. allthingsgeography1 says:

    I didn’t even realize the Westboro people had said anything about this…they really are the epitome of evil, right alongside the fucking psycho Lanza. But, what can you do really? Basket-cases like to agree with each other after all. After seeing the pictures of the children as they were in their innocence before being brutally murdered, I pretty much wanted to throttle someone. I’m generally against the death penalty but people like Lanza make me wonder if there are certain inhuman monsters which shouldn’t be allowed to live after committing crimes like this. We’ll never have that debate, of course, because whether they run countries like Hitler or decide to send bullets flying through a school like Lanza, they always seem to kill themselves before facing any sort of judgement. Coincidence? I think not.

  10. planted oak says:

    “The truth is I don’t want to know why this a****** did this. No answer will make me feel better about it.” for me, that’s a truth right there. i think a the reason i don’t even attempt to figure the why in the middle of feeling awful. and i’m sorry when the heart of god get’s lost behind the agenda of people using his name. that breaks my heart too. but the truth of who god is—-it’s much to big for them to get in the way of. -kris

  11. Werd! Eff all those DOW bastards!

  12. FlowerMeNow says:

    Douche is a weak word :/

  13. Mommabel says:

    excellent post. you captured my feelings exactly. when i first heard about westboro (i won’t use the word church) i couldn’t believe it. who the hell protests a funeral? how about dfe (douch for eternity)?

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