Love Me Or Hate Me…

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Rantings
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People are ridiculous.  I am at the point in my life where I just don’t give a damn anymore.  I work in a place that I get to see hundreds of people everyday.  Out of all of them I would say that maybe 4% are decent human beings.  The rest are just miserable pieces of shit that try their hardest to make others feel horrible.  

Yesterday someone I work with said, “Nick, people either really like you, or hate you.”  I honestly never really thought about it, but I guess its true.  Here’s the thing though people, I just don’t give a fuck.  I will go above and beyond to help everyone and do whatever it takes to make people happy.  What I can’t stand is when the same people I will do anything for are the ones that treat me like some kind of asshole.  It amazes me to no end how people I deal with at my job need someone to help them, but insist on being a fucking jerkoff about it.

I completely understand that people who are in need may not be in the best of moods, but seriously, why the fuck are you trying to bite the hand that feeds?  You need something?  Have you ever thought about just being a human fucking being and asking for help?  OF COURSE NOT!! That would be too fucking hard.  Instead you would rather come in with your claws out trying to pick a fight with the person who is there for the sole purpose to help you.

Helping people is what I get paid for.  I literally clock in everyday to HELP YOU!!  You don’t need to come in screaming and yelling to get help.  All you have to do is just walk through the damn door.  Oh and if I make things right for you, the only thing I ask for is a “goodbye.”  Don’t sit there and fucking argue with me even after I gave you everything you wanted and more, and included a damn smile.

Well shit this post really went astray.  It was supposed to be all about how people love or hate me and instead I just vented about work.    Oh well, a post is a post, is a post…right?


  1. I feel you dude…..I have recently been bitten by someone who I was trying to help…really makes you wonder about people sometimes……

  2. tedd langtree says:

    Ppl r crazy like the rest of us

  3. Theresa C. says:

    I love these rants! People are just assholes!

  4. People are assholes, plain and simple. I can’t imagine being rude to somebody who’s helping me.

  5. methinks you need a small vacation or a good shit…. relax, release and reload

  6. kfitz says:

    You’re right, a vacation won’t magically change subhumans into humans. But if you can really let go of go of work while you’re away and enjoy each and every precious moment it may take a bit of the edge off.

    • I take mini vacations every day to let go – we’re all really trying to do the best we can. You’re doing great. Just relax and release. Breathe. Live, love and louse things up a little. Ha. Life’s too short to take too seriously. Ultimately, how important is it?

      • Nick says:

        I rarely let someone dictate how I feel throughout the day. That’s not to say there are not occasions when some jerkoff pisses me off. I don’t even think its the way they treat me and my coworkers that really bothers me. Its more about how sad it is that people still feel the need to make others feel like shit just to make themselves feel better.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah I agree that vacations help, it just sucks that you have to walk right back into real life eventually.

  7. tom says:

    The only bad thing about customer service is the people.

    • Nick says:

      Well said Tom! I have met some amazing people in my job, that almost makes up for all the assholes. It just sucks that I only get to see the amazing ones a few times a day and I have to deal with the assholes all day long.

  8. Thank God for the few then.

  9. irishmrs says:

    I agree with Tom. I have worked in customer service and its quite a challenging job!

  10. ljr3 says:

    I’d say you have the percentage about right! It doesn’t matter what job you have, if the general public are involved, most are nasty… I’ve sure had my fair share of idiots to deal with. I sympathise with you.

    • anirtakms says:

      You mean you deal with the great “unwashed” public? I do actually REALLY feel for you. And been there-although not one on one, which has gotta be worse-? I managed a small travel based company where the customer (angry pricks once they got through customs) was always right, and I was constantly in a state of turrets “I do apologize for…” and writing apology letters ” stating “Excuse me dying a small death on this letterhead”. Thank you , and sincerely.. …Customer Service these days SUCKS. But I agree, the customers do too. I’ll chalk it up to a crappy economy short attention spans and too much TV. Hey I watch it too-but it’s forming the next mediocrity…!! Screw customer service. I gave really good phone at one time, but I had to give it up. Or else snap. SO no more sorry, sorry, SORRY I WAS. You know you guys are right! Ranting does feel good. Did it a lot today. Again thanks for your blog. Come by mine and read “white gloves” -if you can-it’s the page length one…:-) Keep your life outside of slavery-brilliant.! :-p

  11. FlowerMeNow says:

    Some people feel weak when they have to ask for help. So I guess they prefer to bite so that they still look strong in spite of their weakness! 😉

  12. mand01 says:

    Wow! This topic of help gets real emotive, real quick.

    Especially when you try to help someone and they don’t recognize it. That can be incredibly frustrating.

    I hear you!!

    I find it interesting that if you ask other people if they tried to help someone and failed, the spleen venting that comes from that one is fascinating and I do observe that it seems to help people to ‘let it out’.

    So keep helping despite being unappreciated!! That’ll show em 🙂

    PS I love people! It would be too boring if we didn’t have people to laugh with and at then blog about!!

  13. alexkellyoc says:

    Funny-you somehow summarized my life here in Bulgaria-people either hate me or love me as well but the majority seem to be hating me because of some reasons(that’s another topic though). But yeah-people can love and hate whoever they want. My only wish is not physical harm though-this is way out of control…

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