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Posted: September 25, 2012 in The Anti-Douche
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Before I go into my opinions on this story you all should watch this:

What the hell is wrong with kids?  I wrote a post a while back talking about how I took a lot of shit when I was a kid.  Luckily I figured out that I just didn’t care about anyone else’s opinion of me and grew in to a strong willed man.  My heart goes out to this girl.  I am so sorry that has to endure nonsense like this.  I know there is probably a slim chance that the guilty kids will be found and punished for this.  I for one wish I could go to Detroit and beat the hell out of everyone of the kids responsible for this.

What makes this an Anti-Douche post is how the town of West Branch, MI came together to support Whitney.  Since this beautiful , strong young woman has decided to stand up to the tyrants of her school and attend Homecoming some of the businesses are helping her to get ready.  A clothing store is helping her get a dress and accessories.  A beauty salon is treating her to hair, nails and makeup.  Someone has even started a facebook fan page for her which has already amassed over 70,000 likes.  Not to mention all the people attending the the Homecoming football game who are going to be sporting white t-shirts that read “Team Whitney” on them.

Although this will probably never reach Whitney I would like to send out a message to her:

Whitney, the hell with those other kids.  They are probably all very disappointed with  their own lives and they felt the need to displace their self loathing feelings onto people they feel will never fight back.  My heart is broken because you thought of taking your own life over this.  I am ecstatic that you are still with us and that you are standing tall against these disgusting kids.  I have no doubt that you will outshine every single person at the dance.  

As for the people rallying behind this young lady, you have my absolute support and gratitude.  Its people like you that give me hope for this world and for that reason you are without a doubt this week’s Anti-Douche!!

  1. bbbroberts says:

    I think this shows a good example of why people should home school if they can . Kids are mean as hell . Good post !

    • Nick says:

      Thank you! I think both routes of education have their benefits, but its ridiculous that one of the few ways we can protect the youth is to keep them in the house away from people.

  2. grannyK says:

    I too went through Hell in school. So many pathetic little people. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Cici Brown says:

    Kids in high school have always been horrible to people that don’t wear the right clothes or know the right people. The only way I survived is I learned very quickly that they were all full of it and not to care what they thought of me. Good for her, and the people of her town! I hope she wins, personally!

  4. unfetteredbs says:

    I dig your style Sir..

  5. seakist says:

    I was bullied in school too from grammar school, for being shy; and throughout high school for being different. One of my high school boyfriends said it was a wonder I didn’t have a nervous breakdown. It’s bizarre how nasty kids could be. But the losers who bully always get theirs in the end. I can tell several stories about how I won. Plus the fact, if you Google my full name, you can see all I’ve accomplished in life. I Google their names and never find anything. LOL! Bullies must know deep down they are inadequate, but instead of upping their game, they pick on the ones they are jealous of or intimidated by — by ganging up, or starting rumors, etc. — Yet get them one-on-one and they will cry to you, apologize, etc. LOL!

    What kills me though, kids today always go the suicide route. As a kid, I just longed for better days of graduating and leaving all that crap behind. I never went to a high school reunion. I’ve seen a lot of the bullies on Face Book and sad to say they are still the same simple-minded jerks and many haven’t gotten anywhere in life.

  6. My gosh. If only I could stand up like her when I feel violated. Great entry!

  7. Glad to know I’m not the only one in favor of beating the hell out of kids who act like this.

  8. kfitz says:

    Good for Whitney and for the community that’s showing it’s love and support! And kudos to you for sharing this. I was bullied for 7 years by a co-worker b/c of a disability. When he began targeting residents with the same disability [it was a shelter] it got to be too much and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It is my heartfelt hope they find the students who did this so Whitney can have some well deserved justice. She is is a beautiful young woman! I wish her well!

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