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10)  “Do you work here?”  No, I’m just here wearing this uniform because I think its stylish

9)     “Why is it so cold in here?”  Its called air conditioning you idiot!  This is South Florida and we need it to live so STFU!

8)     “Is this machine broken?”  Nope we just put a giant out of order sign on to confuse you. (more…)

34 years old and I still feel like a kid.  Well let me edit that for a second.  34 years old and in my mind I still feel like a kid.  I say in my mind because my body is definitely starting to tell me I’m getting older.  You all know what I mean, the aches, pains, maybe some gray hairs, and just hearing the phrase “all nighter” makes you want to take a nap. (more…)

Now its a damn shame when you are fired from your job for trying saving someones life.   Florida lifeguard Tomas Lopez was at his post on the beach when he noticed a swimmer was in distress.  Without even thinking about it Lopez jumped down and ran to the swimmer’s aid. (more…)

10)  Florida Drivers:  I don’t know if its because senior citizens come here to die and they figure they will take as many people as they can with them but Florida has the worse drivers I have ever seen.  When old people move to Florida they should be forced to surrender their licenses. (more…)

Well there’s no reason to bury the lead on this one… Who the hell sues a 13 year old kid for over $150,000?? Elizabeth Lloyd was injured during a Jersey little league game when a ball struck her in the face. The ball was thrown by then 11 year old Matthew Migliaccio who was warming up before the game. (more…)

What better way to start this blog than Douche of the Week?  DOW will be a weekly post about someone I feel tops the charts in Doucheness.  Since there could be issues with actually naming this person I will have to call him DB (can you guess what that stands for?). (more…)