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Its been four months since Talkin’ Shit has seen any activity, but like the Phoenix, it too shall rise from the ashes.  I have missed posting like nobody’s business, so I guess the only question to ask right now is, where the hell have I been? (more…)

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary which took the lives of  26 people including 20 children people have been all over the media screaming for stricter gun laws.  I get the point people are trying to make, but I honestly believe that no matter how much we restrict the sales and regulate the use of firearms there will still be evil people in the world that will find new ways to hurt the innocent. (more…)

Oh people this is the kind of post that made me want to start this blog.  I have a very low tolerance for flat out ignorant people who refuse to follow rules that are set in place for very good reasons.  I am going to apologize now in the case this gets heated, but I am very passionate about this. (more…)

As I sit on my couch with a blanket around me, recovering from being sick the last few days I read an article that forced me to get back to blogging.  So here is my triumphant (well not really) return!! (more…)

It is a well known fact that I have, what can only be called, a man-crush on the one and only Kevin Smith.  The man makes me laugh more than anyone else ever has.  He is one of the most honest people in Hollywood and also one of the realest.  He tells it like it is, and is willing to drop everything to help others pursue their dreams.  While all of these reasons make me love the guy there is one more thing he has done that truly changed my life.  He introduced me, and the world, to Jamie Walton. (more…)

Well it seems that either my writing is too awful for people to understand me or there are just some confused people out there.  Either way I would like to clear up a few points from Respect It People! that I feel have gotten lost along the way.  Soon after I posted it I was bombarded with people basically calling me a racist and more or less an asshole.  Asshole is probably a fair statement, but racist it just plain ridiculous.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am nowhere near racist.  Its actually so insane that I am not going to spend another second defending it. (more…)


I have mentioned in previous posts that I live in South Florida where I am basically surrounded by thousands of people not from the US.  Its important to point out that its never really bothered me to have a melting pot type atmosphere that allows us to appreciate all walks of life. (more…)

I have been blogging for only a month, so today when I received a message from someone telling me I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” I was pretty shocked.  After the shock went away I was left wondering how bad the other blogs must be that mine was picked.  Lets face it people, my blog is called “Talkin Shit” and the last post I wrote had the word “Boobies” in the title. (more…)

I may say I want to punch someone in the face a lot but I usually say it in a non threatening way, that was till today.  I seriously wanted to punch someone in the face today.  So much so that I ended up punching a door.  I know it seems silly to punch a door but I just needed to hit something. (more…)


Mothers, fathers for the love of god please stop letting your preteen daughters dress like prostitutes!!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE!!!!!  About a month ago I happened to see a girl that couldn’t have been a day over 12 walking through a store with her mother.   (more…)