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After I publish a new post I usually spend sometime browsing blogs to see what everyone else is writing about.  If I find something I like I will spend a few minutes going through what the blogger has to offer. (more…)

I have been getting a lot of emails since I started publishing the letters I wrote my brother.  Almost all of them ask the same question; “Why do you sign all of your letters with The Amazing Flying Mayo.”  Well since a lot of you want to know I will explain it to you. (more…)

DOW Delayed

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have received quite a few emails asking me where this weeks DOW is.  Unfortunately It will be delayed this week. (more…)

I may say I want to punch someone in the face a lot but I usually say it in a non threatening way, that was till today.  I seriously wanted to punch someone in the face today.  So much so that I ended up punching a door.  I know it seems silly to punch a door but I just needed to hit something. (more…)


Its a Wed. night, I’m home with the dogs, and I can’t stop watching The Wrestler.  Mickey Rourke crushed this movie!  I don’t care what he has done outside of acting that has given him a bad rep because he is the shit in this movie. (more…)


Mothers, fathers for the love of god please stop letting your preteen daughters dress like prostitutes!!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE!!!!!  About a month ago I happened to see a girl that couldn’t have been a day over 12 walking through a store with her mother.   (more…)

Before I get into the change part of this blog I guess a little back story is needed.  Like a lot of other people in this world I grew up in a “not so wealthy” environment where at one point we actually lived in a car for a bit.  Now before we go any further, I don’t want people to think I am using this as a ploy to get sympathy because I don’t want it.  I have always felt they way my family lived and the way I grew up in the environment that I did made me the guy typing this blog.  I love who I am.  I learned at an early age that you have to be mentally tough to survive growing up on the poor side of the tracks.  I will be the first to admit that I had a lot of sad youthful years but all they did was toughen me up to endure the rest of my life. (more…)

Who am I?  Seems like an innocuous question to ask but seriously who the hell am I?  Who am I to think people want hear what I have to say or even read this blog?  Its interesting when you think about how many people in the world have blogs  and how many people actually read them.  Here I am a virtuous nobody in the grand scheme of things and yet people not only read my shit but yet like it and ask me for more. (more…)

Usually I am bombarded with stories that make me lose all faith in humanity, but this is not one of those stories.  On July 7th Aaron Collins, a 30 year old computer tech, passed away leaving his family with an amazingly selfless last wish.   (more…)