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I am often asked why I love the Chicago Bulls as much as I do.  So many people believe its because I jumped on the Michael Jordan bandwagon, and while he is a small part of the reason it honestly isn’t like that.   It was 1988-89 when I was first introduced to the Bulls. (more…)

To compete in the NBA is one thing, but to take the game of basketball to a global level you need to put together a team that will best represent the ability of the United States.  The 1992 Dream Team was just the team to get the job done.  Featuring a who’s who of future Hall of Famers the Dream Team went on to win the gold by beating all teams by an average of 50 points. (more…)

Just about anyone would have told you that it was just a matter of time before Lebron got a ring.  He is a very talented athlete who most likely would have switched teams as many times as it would have taken to get a ring.  After James left Cleveland it took him 2 seasons to get the job done which some people think was one season too many. (more…)

When are fans going to learn that its not the team people hate; its the fans themselves.  I have lived in South Florida for 10 years and in that time I have come to realize that there are 2 kinds of fans in this state.  You have the dedicated fans that appreciate their local team no matter what happens and then you have the other side. (more…)