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I was reading over my “About” page and I realize even though its all about me, it says absolutely nothing about me.  So here is a look into the shit talkin’ guy you have all come to love, well maybe like, well maybe just tolerate.  Either way this is a little more about me. (more…)

The other day at work a gentleman approached me with a form in his hand.  As he handed it to me I noticed it wasn’t filled out so I asked him if there was something I could help him with.  He replied that he didn’t know how to fill out the form and needed help.  I was a little confused because he spoke perfect English (I mention that because most people who need this kind of help don’t speak English and can’t read the forms) and looked like a credible person.   (more…)

So for you die hard readers out there (all 2 of you) you might have noticed my writing has been a bit sporadic lately.  Things around me have been occupying my mind and not giving much time to write as much as I would like to, but hopefully that will change and I can get back to writing . (more…)

Yesterday I discovered the story of Amanda Todd and was immediately saddened by the loss of the 15 year old.  For of those who do not know her story you should watch the video below.  Although this post is not just about her I think it will do you all good to see what hate does to people. (more…)

Once again I have been graced with another blogging award.  I can’t say I ever expected to get any awards with the shit I write, so I am surprised and grateful to be the recipient of so many.  This latest award came from Michael over at Dadicus Grinch. (more…)

I will never understand why people do the dumbest shit and then wonder why they feel like an idiot afterwards.  If you’re fortunate enough you will live long enough to regret your decisions and hopefully learn from them.  If not you will end up like this guy: (more…)

I had a hard time sleeping last night and since my wife had to be at work at 6am I found myself pretty much wide awake after she left.  Needless to say it was a rough start to my morning, and then I read a blog that made me forget all of that and put a smile on my face. (more…)

I have been writing about people since the very first post.  Some famous, some not and some that I really admire and look up to.  A few days ago I wrote about Jamie Walton.  I never expected anything out of it nor did I ever think she would even read it.  Not that I thought she was a jerk who wouldn’t take time out of her day for me, but because she is incredibly busy and probably doesn’t have much time in her life for personal things let alone my blog. (more…)

A fellow blogger I follow published a great post about the show X-Factor in which he declared the show promoted perversion on all sorts of levels.  Click here and check it out, Mike did a great job on it and it deserves a read.  Anyway after reading it a few days ago it got me thinking. (more…)

I published a post a couple of days ago that asked you all some questions.  Would You Rather? received a bunch of great answers, but it lacked answers from me.  So without further ado, because I know you are all waiting on edge to get my answers, here is what I would choose. (more…)