What Exactly Is The “Like” Button For?

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After I publish a new post I usually spend sometime browsing blogs to see what everyone else is writing about.  If I find something I like I will spend a few minutes going through what the blogger has to offer.  Sometimes I’m using my phone to browse so I usually don’t leave comments because I hate typing things out on my phone due to the nightmares of auto-correct.  I always make it a point to click the “Like” button so the blogger knows someone stopped by and enjoyed what they wrote.

I have always thought this to be a nice thing to do, and something I would enjoy others to do for me.

Well that was till today.  I just received an email from someone who I won’t name on here, basically asking me to “unfollow” them because all I do is “like” there posts and never comment.  They went on to complain that “you probably never even read my blog and just hit the like button.”

This whole thing is confusing as hell.  As of today I have 1255 followers.  Out of my deepest appreciation for every single one of them I make it a point to visit as many of their blogs as I can.  If I was to comment on everyone one of them I would never leave my laptop.

To the blogger who emailed me, I will do as you ask and unfollow you, although I hope you have a change of heart because I really do enjoy your blog.  I thought that was pretty obvious when I nominated you for an award a few weeks back.  I am truly sorry you feel my lack of commenting was my way of cheating you in some way or another.

To everyone else, if you too have a problem with me following you, please speak up and I will surely listen.

  1. let me be the first to like this post..

  2. AMooreOn says:

    I use it for that, too. Plus, sometimes I don’t really have anything to add – I enjoyed whatever points/story were being brought up and want that person to know. I like comments as much as the next person but I write for me and don’t need validation. 🙂

    • Nick says:

      Thank you for the comment April. You are a prime example of what I’m talking about here. I love your blog and have it emailed to me whenever you publish a post which says a lot because you are only one of a very select few I have emailed to me. As much as I love your blog I can only think of a couple of times I have commented on it. Does that mean I love it any less? I hope not, because I really do love it.

      • AMooreOn says:

        And because of that, your comments mean that much more to me. You’re not just saying shit to say it. You felt a need/want to! That’s one reason I like you! You’re never going to blow smoke up my ass. 🙂

  3. Stacia says:

    Touché! And I like likes.

  4. I like you, I really like you. I always “like” to see likes. Unless they come as soon as I hit publish. I used to have a serial liker, who always liked before they had time to read. That irks me. Unless he actually lived inside my head for a time, which I would “like” even less.

  5. More fool them – one less follower and for what?! If someone liking your post is annoying, I guess they’re on the right track to being less liked.

  6. Wow! I quess comments are nice in fact an extra bonus but too complain is really uncool. Me happy just seeing people added to my view count the like which I do when I have read their posts to the very bottom I hope in mine they enjoyed it – not asking anyone to agree or argue the points either. I can’t understand being so ungrateful and your blog is really pretty awesome. Oh well can’t win them all but now you know which bloggers are worth the time and effort it kinda takes one like that to point out the hundreds of good ones

  7. Theresa says:

    Wow….it just goes to show how self absorbed people can be. What a bunch of attention seeking whores this society has become. I post stuff on my friend’s facebooks all the time, but they don’t always comment on mine. Do I get pissed?? Hell no! And I like seeing thumbs up on stuff more than comments. 🙂 I love hitting the “like” button too and sometimes have nothing to add. 🙂

    • Nick says:

      I never expect anyone to read my shit let alone like it. I was looking at my stats the other day and saw that I have almost 30,000 views and a little less than 2000 comments. Am I mad that there are way more views than comments? Of course not! This person must have nothing in their life that this is what they are worried about.

  8. Holy crap! This blows my mind. Yeah, unfollow that person real quick.

  9. grannyK says:

    I use the like button the same as you do. If I enjoyed a post, I like it. I don’t always have a comment to make. Sounds as if the other person you speak of is using the blog much as you would use Facebook. They want a conversation, maybe?

  10. I agree with the comments above sometimes there isn’t anything to ad it was just a good piece and I want to let them know that hey I enjoyed it. Comments are great on your stuff but I am just as happy with a like. At least I know someone is reading it at least and feels like what I had to say made since and had a valid point. Oh well their loss.

  11. jimcolv says:

    Wow, some people just insist upon themselves don’t they? So this blogger would rather have you comment for the sake of leaving a comment? I’m grateful that anybody even comes by my blog, let alone likes it or even comments on it. Comments would be great because it helps to extend the conversation but it’s not absolutely necessary, unless of course they were getting paid for every person that leaves a comment…. Not a bad income generator there….

    • Nick says:

      To each his own I guess but like you I am just happy that someone reads any of my shit. Although I write for myself its nice seeing that people agree and share the same opinions I do. I would never think to tell someone to unfollow me. I don’t care if they like my stuff for all the wrong reasons. I guess as far as I am concerned you have to come to the blog to like it so maybe one day you will find something you enjoy and share with others.

  12. momof4athome says:

    If I could double like or triple like I would…I find that a little rude but I meet quite a few of them…

  13. cotswoldsgirl says:

    Wow. I’m flattered that anyone bothers to read my blog (which after all is just for my own record and amusement). If anybody likes it or comments on it then that’s a huge bonus. Isn’t it hugely arrogant to demand that readers comment rather than like your posts? I find it quite astonishing that anyone would be so rude!

    • Nick says:

      I hear you. I write only for myself as well and even though I have seen WAYYYY more traffic at my blog than I could ever imagine and yet I am still just so grateful anytime someone likes what I publish.

  14. tom says:

    Where is the dislike button anyway? 🙂

  15. Wow that is the strangest thing ever… Liking a blog is just as great as a comment, I am grateful for anyone reading and a like shows that someone did… a comment is a bonus but should never be the basis of a blog.. People always blow me away… it makes no sense.. so they are saying don’t read my blog! Interesting approach.lol

  16. vickie says:

    I totally do the like as well……. as I dont have time to sit and wait for something to post…..

  17. I share the same opinion as you, the “like” button is a nice way to say “hey I was here and enjoyed your blog. It is not always convenient to leave a comment, I think we all follow a lot of different blogs and use various technologies (i.e. your phone) as a means to peruse. I am sad that some-one sent you such a message and I hope that I never receive one myself… PS I have been enjoying your blog 🙂

    • Nick says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my shit! Please don’t feel obligated to comment, a simple push of the “like” button would be sufficient 😉 I don’t want to seem like an ass but I almost liked more of their posts just to annoy them, but then I came to my senses and realized it wasn’t worth being a jerk over.

      • well glad to hear you decided against going after the ‘douche of the week’ title 😉 some people just lack a certain something (I like to call it common sense)…

  18. Oh what the hell is wrong with people, Nick! I’ve heard this before. While I don’t like when a post gets a “like” 2 seconds after it’s published, I definitely do like the “like” button. Sometimes it’s impossible to comment or you just don’t have anything to say, but you want people to know you read it and liked their post. I like getting likes. I can’t believe people actually have a problem with that. That person should get rid of the “like” button then! Some people are so backwards, I swear. They should be grateful you make the time to read! Oh well, you don’t need them. 😉

  19. Katie says:

    I appreciate any feedback! But I see their frustration. A lot of people simply read the title of a post and like it without actually reading the post itself.

    • Nick says:

      I get that, but I nominated them for an award for crying out loud 🙂 I guess I am the only person who follows them without commenting. It is what it is but frustrating all the same.

  20. “Sometimes I’m using my phone to browse so I usually don’t leave comments because I hate typing things out on my phone due to the nightmares of auto-correct. I always make it a point to click the “Like” button so the blogger knows someone stopped by and enjoyed what they wrote.”

    That is exactly the nail you did hit, why I sometimes “like” blogposts” instead of commenting. Writing on the computer is so easy but even if my smartphone is a lot of fun.. I hate writing on a smartphone as well.

    ” I just received an email from someone who I won’t name on here, basically asking me to “unfollow” them because all I do is “like” there posts and never comment. They went on to complain that “you probably never even read my blog and just hit the like button.””

    While its sad that someone assumes that you never read their blog. I must admit that I believe I have 3 people who like a lot of my blogposts suspicious regulary and I do believe these 3 people I dont want to name too, are either bots or do it manually to get as much followers as they can.
    Sadly there are people on wordpress who practice follow-bait and like-bait. I am sure. I assume that due to the fact that they have more then 2k followers and that they want to sell anything on their website. Maybe I am wrong but thats why I never would write them an email. In fact, if I am right.. then I just let them “like” so much they want. It doesnt hurt me.

    Back to you…
    It´s sad if people think similar about you. From own experience I know that if you have fun and time, you can go through a lot of cool blogposts on a day. I read a lot too as I love these new smartphones. I remember a time when I had to wait for example in the doctors ante room, transtation, for a bus, or what ever… and you couldn´t do anything else then WAITING. Today with modern technology this is not so boring anymore. Always if I have to wait.. I use my mobile phone to browse for example blogposts. You can go through a lot then.. writing comments on a phone is crap like you mentioned. Liking is the other way to say “thank you for this informativ or interesting blogpost”.

    So for me this topic is a double-edged sword. On the one side I believe here are bots and follow baiters around.. on the other side its to sad that the suspicion hits the wrong person like in your case.

    Keep cool mate.. if you know you didn´t do anything wrong, then there is no reason to feel bad. 🙂

  21. Rose Chimera says:

    Maybe that blogger was having a bad day. A REALLY bad day if they took the time to email you to request an unfollow. I click “like” often without leaving a comment. Sometimes I just read the blog and enjoyed it, or it gave me food for thought or something along those lines. I also click “like” to let the blogger know I was there, I read what they had to say and HERE I’m telling you so by liking the post. If I had to comment on each and every blog I liked, I’d have no time for my own blogging. Nevermind that sometimes the blog itself left me speechless or so lost in thought I had no words for the blogger. To be offended that one “liked” the post but didn’t leave a comment is just stupid if you ask me. Stupid. If that blogger needs/wants feedback in addition to folks just reading the blog, that blogger should SAY so. Sheesh…. can we all spell petty?

  22. seakist says:

    I don’t have a problem with you liking my posts because you are sincere. But I do notice a tit for tat trend where if I “like” someone’s post, they bombard my blog with “likes” — one right after another, and I’m like, he/she can’t possibly read THAT FAST and it is disheartening.

    • I experienced that too sometimes. But in my case I see it not to hard because I upload photos to the blogposts often and some people browse just for photos and like or dont like them. But its funny if people like 4 blogposts in 10 seconds and not any of the 4 blogposts had photos but a huge amount of text. Then it is extremely suspicious and ridiculous. 😀

  23. The like button is similar to a friendly wave. “Hey, Hi there. Thanks for this.” Comments are for when you have something to add to the conversation. The person that complained about the likes was having a bad day or something, but either way, he/she is wrong.

  24. I was going to hit the like button and leave, but I want to be on record to let you know that when you see my like, you can know that I read your blog and actually liked it. Some days, I simply have nothing to say.

  25. kfitz says:

    I don’t get people sometimes. But at least now you have a bit more time to check out blogs by bloggers who appreciate you even when you simply “like” them. Their loss is your gain! Love you dude!

  26. Agree with most everyone else that I use the like button this way. I wonder if they know they can change their settings and not have a like button? Hmm.. guess not.
    I’m a very small fish here with my little polyamorous blog, but I’m pretty happy with my little likes.

  27. mmadonna1 says:

    Agreed and BTW, I DO read your blogs! May have a difference of opinion but I LIKE the fact you write what you want!

  28. gettlost says:

    I don’t often comment. But I appreciate you and your blog.

  29. javaj240 says:

    I think “liking” is fine. Sometimes people just don’t have time to comment.

  30. Adam S says:


  31. Cassie says:

    Hell to the No, keep following if you are, I’d be honored. Lastly I do the same with the like button, geez some people are too touchy.

  32. You like one of my posts, and I was super grateful for that. It made me pretty giddy because it showed somebody actually noticed my post. And I’m new at this, so it was a pretty big deal. I was thinking about throwing a party. So basically I came here to show that I noticed your noticing. And greatly appreciate it.

  33. zelmare says:

    I don’t have many blogs that I follow, and even now I find it a nightmare to keep up and leave a comment here and there. I think that I’ll keep my numbers down, in order to keep my sanity, and some life outside of blogging… 🙂

  34. The person who emailed you to ask you to unfollow them is being rude. Sometimes you don’t have anything to say or you are tired so the like button serves to let others know you read and liked the post. It’s really simple and I love seeing the gravatars..sometimes that alone will get me to someone’s blog………thier loss not yours…

    poo on them


  35. Margarita says:

    Yup, what you said, that’s what the “Like” button is for, in my opinion. That’s how I use it, and that’s how I appreciate it, too! Thanks! xoM

  36. Sheri Garvin says:

    Wow! Good to know that some people don’t like “likes” (so I will be prepared if that happens to me), but that is plain weird. I am with Ivonne… I love seeing the gravatars and it is fine with me if there are no comments. I see it as a thumbs up, someone liked my stuff! Yay! And right… they may be using a phone or a smaller device. A “like” is nothing but good.

  37. rusty says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and clicking on the “Like” button! It meant a lot to me since mine is a new blog.

    You ain’t going to hear any complaints from me for clicking the “Like” button. 🙂

  38. You know, sometimes I just like something. It doesn’t mean I have something to say…

    In other words, I’m with you on the “like” button. Please feel free to “like” my page as much as you want! 🙂

  39. I don’t know if all blog templates are created equal, but if this person doesn’t “LIKE” the Like button, they should just remove it from their blog, and not chastise people for using something they put there. P.S. Feel free to LIKE my page….I LIKE likes !

  40. kelihasablog says:

    Thanks for the “Like”… I appreciate you stopping by for a visit. Please feel free any time… and I totally understand about the tiny letters on a phone… I wouldn’t do it if that’s what I was using either. : )

  41. Jim Kendall says:

    It seems the unlikable writer likes himself too much to appreciate being liked.

  42. Evie Garone says:

    I guess it’s kinda funny in a way….but you handled it in the right way! Ha, I get likes and I have followers, I don’t get many comments and sometimes I’m a little disappointed only in the way as I would like to interact, but I enjoy writing for I must, I just need to write to get the stuff out…but I appreciate my followers and readers and am happy when people like and decide to follow me…it makes me feel like I’m not alone here in the blogoshere..and that maybe I’m not crazy when I rant 🙂 I love your blog, I never thought about people visiting so many sites besides mine that they don’t have time to comment on them all…I guess I was a little self-absorbed…aren’t we all a little at times..thanks for the perspective!

  43. OneHotMess says:

    If I “like” a post it means that I read it and I liked it. I do not like all posts 😉 Like you, I read a lot of blogs, and I will comment from time to time if I feel so moved. However, as much as I like comments, a “like” is fine by me.

  44. The funny thing is, I tried to like you today, and it didn’t want to let me use the likey button. Weird snafu. Stole away a comment I had for you as well.
    Darn blog gremlins…..

  45. amyp22 says:

    I enjoy getting likes. Those emails and stars on my status bar make my heart happy. Like away.

  46. nic98omo says:

    I came to your blog tonight to thank you for liking a post I published, Mushroom Ragu, on my blog http://www.ourlittlefamilyadventure.wordpress.com. Then I saw this post and wanted to comment. I’m thrilled when I get page views and/or likes. A comment is just icing on the cake. So this person isn’t the norm and your “likes” are appreciated.

  47. Mjollnir says:


    thanks for the visit, and the like, and the follow. Honest! No BS. Ah’m no’ jist haverin’. 🙂 Great blog you got here.


  48. reikiheidi says:

    Really good point! Uber-like! – And thank you for liking my blog, too, it’s appreciated.

  49. ljr3 says:

    I thought the point of a like button was so when you enjoyed a post, you let them know. Comments to me are for those times you just have to respond. Perhaps you should have told the person the posts just were not comment worthy… Okay, that was bad of me, but really, is it so bad in their eyes that you only press the like button? Sad really. Like on, Nick!

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