The Epidemic Of Stupidity

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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The other day at work a gentleman approached me with a form in his hand.  As he handed it to me I noticed it wasn’t filled out so I asked him if there was something I could help him with.  He replied that he didn’t know how to fill out the form and needed help.  I was a little confused because he spoke perfect English (I mention that because most people who need this kind of help don’t speak English and can’t read the forms) and looked like a credible person.  

I begin to help the guy by telling him what sections of the form he needs to fill out.  Looking at him I can tell he is confused by what I am saying which confused me because all I’m showing him is where to put his name and address.  I decide I am going to break it down on a lower level for him so I point where it says “Name” and tell him this is where you put your name.  That’s when this conversation took place:

Him: “What do you mean by that?”

Me:  “Seriously?”

Him:  “I don’t understand what you want me to put there.  Do you want my name or what people call me?”

Me:  “Sir, I just need your first name.  What does your ID say?”

Him:  “I don’t know, I don’t have it with me”

(Blood starts to trickle out of me ears)

The conversation went on for a few more minutes and I finally got the information I needed to help the guy, but I was left wondering what the hell is happening in this world anymore?  A while back I published Top 10 Stupid Questions I Hear Daily  and since then it just keeps getting worse.  

Inside my place of business there is another company that rents out a large space for their own business.  A few years ago it was located at the front of the building right inside the front doors.  It has since moved to a large alcove but is still located at the front of the store and is EXTREMELY visible.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many people would stand literally right in front of it and still ask where it is.  Its amazing how completely oblivious people are to their own surroundings.

“Your situational awareness kind of sucks”

  1. Is what you described really stupidity….or is it simply confusion or a lack of awareness? Not being combative….truly am not sure. Good post.

    • Nick says:

      You say tomato, I say stupid 😉 Just kidding, you do make a valid point. Its honestly hard to say anymore. Although I hate to call someone stupid that could be honestly confused but when someone doesn’t know their own name and needs to have their ID in front of them to know what it says, kind of has me leaning towards some kind of diminished mental capacity. Either way, thank you so much for the read and comment!!

  2. I partly agree with this… Only I have a son with high functioning autiism and he comes across incredibly normal and intelligent, and then…
    He’ll ask a totally ‘stupid’ question or behave in a way we’d describe as ‘stupid’. For instance, if I ask him to take a pile of clothes up to his room, he’ll take them up but not put them away, his reason? You just said ‘take them up’. Or on a form where it asks for a name, he’d be confused as to whether they want his 1st name, the name we call him or his full name.
    I’m just putting it out there that some people come across as ‘stupid’ but may have other issues. (Or they may well just be stupid!!) Lol

    • Nick says:

      Your comment made me laugh because I would totally do what your son did with the laundry lol. I had a job about 15 years ago as an aid on a school bus for autistic children. That job was as amazing as it was difficult. At times it was hard to understand why the kids did certain things but in the end they probably taught me more about life than I could ever teach them.

      I get to meet somewhere in the area of 3000 people a day, and please trust me when I say that there are a few of them that are legit, stupid. And that’s not including the people that are “confused” or “just having a bad day.”

      Thank you so much for the read and for sharing your son’s story with me.

  3. moxyjen says:

    Reminds me of when I worked in a restaurant as a teenager. We went through a lot of ketchup so it was located at a condiment table in a large dispenser with little plastic cups next to it. We would explain and point and over and over again people would say “I still don’t see it” and “Do you have something I can put it in to take it back to my table?” One day a group of blind people come in and two of them approach the counter asking for ketchup. My co-worker says “It’s in the big metal dispenser behind you,” and walks away. I decide to walk out from behind the counter to help them. When I get over there, they’re talking to each and feeling around the table “Oh, I see. It’s in some sort of dispenser with a pump. I guess you fill these little plastic cups.” Seeing stuff right in front of their faces: blind people: 1, the rest of us: 0.

  4. grannyK says:

    my son has OCD and before treatment he was very bad at this type of thing. He couldn’t even fill out a bank deposit slip because he over-thought every single thing. He would have asked that same question. He would sweat just trying to decide how they wanted the date filled in, etc. It’s very hard to tell sometimes what the issue is. If you haven’t had experience dealing with people with these types of issues, I can certainly see how it could be very frustrating!

  5. jimcolv says:

    Honey Boo Boo has her own show on TLC… TLC!!! Need anything else be said about this? That used to be a channel where people actually learned things. I guess the only thing we get to learn on TLC now is how dumb society has become. I can totally understand if an individual had some type of learning disability or they genuinely couldn’t understand of grasp some things but that’s not the case with everybody. The amount of woeful ignorance and utter stupidity that is prevalent in this world is disheartening. But hey, all we can do is live our own lives…..

  6. John says:

    Publik skkewls. 😉

  7. Karron says:

    I have a pet peeve that sort of ties to this post. (good one BTW). No matter where I have lived in the world, or visited in the world, (and that amounts to a lot of real estate) people have a disease called Standinthemiddleitis. A person, or a group of clueless or lazy people just stop right smack in the middle of the corridor, sidewalk, room, whatever, blocking people and making everyone have to find an alternate route or crowd up into a single line to get past them. It makes me crazy! When asked to move, politely, they generally either give you attitude or stare at you like you are from another life form. And they generally won’t move, if they do, they never apologise for being so rude.

    What ever happened to good manners and common sense?

    • Nick says:

      Oh my god I hate those people!! I see them all day long at work and I want to scream obscenities every time it happens. I see it the most when i am trying to go home and people stop right in front of the door and block my exit. They are all so lucky I don’t want to lose my job or I would just dip my shoulder down and steamroll them all.

  8. *wonders* does “liking” a comment count as “commenting” ? Am I ‘allowed’ to stay? 😀 {re

  9. alundeberg says:

    It’s a really good think you don’t teach high school! I’ve had students ask what “What did you think of…” questions were asking them. I have a substantial rubber duck collection in my classroom, and ALWAYS at the end of the term, somebody will just realize that they’re there. Teachers should really be allowed to keep vodka in their file cabinets!

  10. Adam S says:

    Do you work at the DMV by any chance?

  11. zelmare says:

    I put that down to laziness. People are just too lazy to think for themselves. They are spoon fed from birth, so by the time they are adults, it is too much effort to think.

  12. Margarita says:

    I have that. I’m a reasonably intelligent human being…until I’m faced with a form to fill out. I’m sitting here chuckling because I have the same reaction as that guy: “Name? What do you mean?” Not pretty, and true. Don’t think well in form-speak. Sigh…

  13. Jim Kendall says:

    We are all subject to moments of stupidity. Just ask your wives, siblings, friends, etc.

  14. I feel ya… take my advice: never enter a phd programme. It’s like waking up from the Matrix, and there ain’t no going back.. :-/

  15. Jim Kendall says:

    Reblogged this on Reblog Junk Drawer.

  16. Good post, but it almost seems like this person was developmentally (sp?) disabled in other words might have had some kind of mental disability or challenge. Glad you had the patience to help him out.



  17. oh and for those of us who are not mentally disabled when filling out a form, it is considered that you are filling out the form with legal information. Legal information would be the name used on your i.d. Your address would be where you live or where you get your mail. Unless of course you are filling out a form for the delivery of merchandise in which case you want to use the address where you would like the products delivered. And when asked for a phone that would be a numer where you can be reached. I hope that helps for those with doubts. Yes, I can fill out a form but do not ask me to follow directions on how to put something together….that’s what I call a man’s job…….

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