Douche Of The Week 10-22

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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Ladies and sirs, this is a special week for DOW.  For the first time in Talkin’ Shit history we have the infamous DOUBLE DOUCHE!!  What is the DD?  I would love to tell you it is something amazing, but it is just my inability (due to laziness) to narrow this week’s honor down to just one douche.   Alrighty then, lets get to it.

First up, is a guy I used to work with and due to the fact he still works with the company I can’t use his actual name.  For the purposes of this post we will call him Doey J.  Doey J and I worked together for a year or so before he was promoted and and transferred to another location.  To be honest, he is a pretty decent guy, but because he personally asked me to include more of our job into DOW and then he did a pretty douchy thing he gets first stab at the Double Douche.

In our job we have several locations pretty close to each other, so when we are in need of certain items to get us through the day we will often borrow or in this case trade with one another.  Usually when a trade occurs it mutually benefits both parties and everyone walks away happy.  This is not one of those situations.  While my manager was on the phone with one of Doey J’s managers he told them what we needed and jokingly suggested a trade that really made no sense for Doey J’s store.  It was the equivalent us of trading a bicycle for a Harley.  Its needs to be said that my manager was in no way trying to take advantage of Doey J’s store.  It just so happened that for whatever reason, the other guy had no idea what he was doing and made the dumbest trade ever.  Where all of this makes Doey J a DOW is due to the fact that he decided to call my manager and bitch him out over the trade that his manager was stupid enough to make.  My dear Doey J maybe you should spend more time teaching your boy how to make a better trade and less time calling us after the fact.  Just saying 🙂

So now that I am finished busting my friends balls lets get to the legit part of the Double D.  This honor goes to a group of people that just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up.  I hate when people talk about politics and unfortunately that’s all that people want to talk about right now.  Everyday I am forced to listen to people rant about their political beliefs and argue with anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

What pisses me off the most about these assholes is that they always try to make you seem like an idiot for not being on their side.  I never discuss my views on the president or the election nor do I ask others about their views.  People get way to worked up over this shit and someone always walks away feeling offended.  I am not saying you shouldn’t feel passionately about the election.  Voting for a leader of your country is a great honor and a privilege.  I just don’t need someone basically calling me an asshole because I feel one candidate is a better fit than the other one.  Look we are all individuals with our own opinions and there really isn’t a reason to get pissed off because we don’t agree on everything, so you getting annoyed just makes you look like a douche.

So here’s too our first Double D.  I promise next week I will have just one and spend more time spewing obscenity riddled rants about why people are douchie.  Till then Doey J and the political assholes are without a doubt this weeks Douche of the Week.

  1. Jim Kendall says:

    I’m voting for Mitt Romney. Ah man, I hope that doesn’t make me a candidate for DOW. 😉

  2. […] And the political shouters are out this season to yell at you if you don’t agree with them. […]

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