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Posted: October 10, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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As I sit on my couch with a blanket around me, recovering from being sick the last few days I read an article that forced me to get back to blogging.  So here is my triumphant (well not really) return!!

So folks if you didn’t know this already, please allow me to tell you that October is Anti-Bullying Month.  I would find it hard to believe that you all didn’t know this considering it has been all over the news, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social media.  Surely you guys heard of the reporter that received a disgusting email from someone calling her fat and a horrible role model for kids.  If not check out this video:

Don’t worry this is not another post about how horrible bullies are.  I am pretty sure at this point we all can agree on that sentiment.  What this post is about are how little we as a society actually do to protect people from being bullied.  The article I mentioned at the beginning of this post was that of a boy getting ready to do an interview with a reporter when 3 other boys approached him and started to beat right in front of the reporter.  The boy did all that he could to get away from his attackers and even ran across a street through traffic to escape.

Where this story strikes a nerve with me is the victim of this blatant attack refused to fight back because he knew he would get in trouble.  How did he know he would get into trouble you ask?  A week before this incident he was attacked by a bully and he fought back, at which point the school suspended him for 3 days.

Now look I don’t condone fighting, but that’s not what this was.  This kid was attacked and he defended himself.  I remember in my high school they had the same bullshit rule about fighting.  They said no matter who was at fault or who started the fight, both students would be suspended.  I’m sorry, but that’s insane.

If my kid was attacked for no reason and he fought back and he was suspended you can bet your ass I would be in that school looking for answers.  Kids should be safe at school.  They shouldn’t have to worry about being bullied.  I know teachers can’t be everywhere to prevent bullying, but they can at least make sure the bullied kid isn’t punished for defending himself.

I am so tired of kids being bullied and nobody wants to stand up for them till its too late.  We constantly preach that bullying is bad and yet how many of us have stood aside and watched it happen without so much as lifting a finger?  How many times does a kid have to get picked on before a parent, teacher, sibling, or YOU do something to stop it?  We need to stop telling kids to stick up for themselves and then punish them for not running away.  We need to hold bullies, and parents of bullies accountable for their actions or lack there of.  Teachers, principals and school boards need to take a better look at what they are doing to prevent bullying, because so far its not working.

So who is the DOW this week?  We all are!  We all need to figure this out, and we need to figure it out NOW!  We need to start teaching kids at a young age that their actions can permanently scar others.  As adults we need to lead by example and not just tell them not to do things.  Until we do whatever it takes to keep people safe from bullies we will all be, with out any doubt the Douche(s) of the week.


  1. machinamy says:

    The problem with bullying is that it starts at home. No matter what we all try to do to stop it, it will always be around as long as this kind of behavior is condoned by the people kids learn first from: their parents.

  2. grannyK says:

    I really agree with this. My son was bullied for a while. I think it was 4th grade. He came home with bruises all over every day, I was always having to buy new lunch boxes and backpacks because his were being destroyed or thrown into irrigation ditches. I talked to the school authorities and they said they couldn’t help because they never saw it happening. I finally told my son to fight back, and he did. Even though the person on playground duty saw it (my son didn’t start it, but finished it), HE got in trouble. I just calmly threatened to get a lawyer because I was tired of the crap. They suspended the person on playground duty and never did a thing to my son. He never had any trouble after that with the kids, either, and it was smooth sailing. The funny part is, the bully was a big kid and my son was small and skinny. He was just afraid to fight back because he didn’t want to get into trouble.

  3. avwalters says:

    The problem is that “hold accountable” issue. Most bullies learned it at home. Their parents learned it from their parents…and so on. If you call the parents in to “make someone accountable” it’s likely that the bully will be subjected to abuse at home–arguably sanctioned by the powers-that-be. Bullies generally have low self-esteem and poor skills at expressing anger and/or frustration. So, the solution isn’t more discipline, it’s education–training in empathy, training in personal expression, training in vocabulary and conflict negotiation. This is best if done early, but anytime is better than never. So, no we cannot condone it, but we must be examples of better behavior and skill-building. Kids at risk of being bullies need help–both to protect the other kids and so that they, too, will have a chance to grow up, fully realized and whole. This transcends class and race. It’s an equal opportunity affliction. Organizations like Big Brothers and other mentoring programs can help–but the parents you want to blame never learned these skills, so how can they recognize, or teach them?

  4. Shannygirl says:

    2 Years ago my son was attacked at school.. Some bully (who had been in trouble several times and even been to court) stabbed my child 5 times with a pencil. My son doesn’t fight back, he never has. He’s not a violent person. So to protect himself he picked up a stool and put it between him and his attacker hoping the teacher would get back soon. Well the attacker ran into the stool’s legs trying to stab my son again. They ended it with suspending my son for hitting the child with the stool. I WAS FURIOUS. I asked the principal “So your telling me if a girl was being gang raped she would get in trouble for fighting her attackers off. What your teaching them is to just lay there and allow the rape (attack) happen? If so your a fucking moron and I will ALWAYS teach my kids to survive”. She almost threw me out of her office. I spoke with the cop on duty that day, he was equally as mad and ended up filing charges on the other boy himself. That boy ended up in front of the judge who told him if he didn’t finish the anger management classes and stayed out of trouble he would be in juvenile detention. My son still had the suspension on his record and I cannot get it removed!!!!

  5. We as a society need to make this absolutley unacceptable. The problem we currently have is that there are so many sociopaths and people with narcisstic personality disorder who feel that they are above the normal moraes of society. If I had a child I would tell him or her if someone hits you hit back harder and to tell the bully to never, ever touch them again—then go tell the teacher or someone of authority. The sad part is that the bully is probably himself getting abused at home…such a sad vicious cycle.

  6. Thank you! We do need to put a stop to this. It’s just sickening, and sadly, it almost always starts at home. Parents teaching their kids to hate or parents who ignore their kids or worse, hit them. There are so many people out there who don’t deserve to be parents.

    And as for schools, that’s ridiculous that a kid would be suspended for defending themself. I’d like to see if a teacher was beat up, if they’d just sit there and take it.

  7. kfitz says:

    It’s not just schools it’s the workplace too. When you stand up for yourself and others being targeted you are labeled as a trouble maker. That way they can paint you with an agenda and ridicule and blame the people being bullied and terrorized. In the end I filed a civil rights complaint and lost my job. Well, you know what? I’m going to stand tall and wear my trouble making badge with pride. Bullies suck.

    My son’s best friend in high school was repeatedly assaulted on school grounds. One day in desperation he put a pipe in his sleeve and when they attacked him used it on them. He got suspended, kicked off the football team, etc, etc. It didn’t matter the school was fully aware that he was being attacked. They took no action, until he got sick and tired of being beat up and fought back. Disgusting. All the schools are doing is enabling the bullies. It’s idiotic. No wonder so many young kids commit suicide. There’s a limit to how much a human can endure. Five years was mine.

  8. ravensteele says:

    Dude your so right. If someone was trying to beat me up I wouldn’t think twice about kicking his ass

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