Douche Of The Week 9-24

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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This weeks DOW hits a little closer to home than I prefer so please excuse me if I seem to be more of an ass than I usually am.  But then again you are at a blog called Talkin’ Shit, so what did you really expect?

I work in a business that deals with a decent amount of thieves.  To combat this we hire Loss Prevention Officers to patrol the property to keep an eye on things.  Working with these LPOs everyday you get to know them and even become friends, which is why this weeks DOW is a fucking piece of shit lowlife.

Friday Sept. 21 LPO Lewis Jhon was fatally shot when he attempted to stop a shoplifter in a Margate (FL), Walmart.  22 year old Terrell Kennith Johnson was stopped by Jhon while he was in the process of stealing $16 worth of undershirts when he pulled out a gun and shot the 49 year old Jhon.  OK this motherfucker shot and killed someone for 16 fucking dollars worth of undershirts??  Why couldn’t he just fucking run away or better yet just take responsibility for his actions and give up?  No instead he wants to kill a guy trying to do his job and bring a pay check home to his family.

After this douche of monumental proportions murdered Jhon he fled the area at which time he shot himself.  So not only is this asshole a scumbag, he is also a fucking coward!

I have never met Jhon, but I have met several other LPOs and I can tell you without any uncertainty,  none of them would ever deserve this.  My deepest sympathies go out to Jhon’s family and friends.  As for Johnson, he can go fuck himself.  I hope his last seconds on this earth were filled with the amount of pain Jhon’s family and friends will feel the rest of their lives.  This jerkoff had many options and he decided to steal and kill and that makes him without a doubt Douche of the Week

  1. seanpierre64 says:

    Okay So I have to say I have to agree 150%, and in my present position which I am not at liberty to divulge at this time I work for a major corporation in a management position. My Heart goes out to Jhon and his family. This was indeed a senseless act of violence for a petty theft. The coward should rot in hell.

  2. It’s really sad how these people’s instincts are to shoot first. That’s really sad that Jhon lost his life doing his job, and really, over $16? I wish the coward was still alive so he could pay for what he did. 😦

  3. Adam S says:

    I think “douche” isn’t a harsh enough term to describe a thief. I hate thieves with all my heat. Put them in the same shit-bin that we throw killers and rapists in for all I care. Anyone that doesn’t have the common decency and respect for someone else’s property should be caned, brutally…

  4. anirtakms says:

    I’m new. Like your blog a lot!-But there’s got to be a stronger term we can deploy here other than douche.. And you never really know why a person would be desperate enough-scared-high-enough to shoot over underwear. But eve beyond Darwin Awards. Sad. This is why I don’t go shopping. And I love your title” Talking Shit.” Well of course -I thought I got a blog to put up my artwork.But I’ve been ranting since I got here..:-)

    • Nick says:

      Well welcome and thank you for giving this Shit a read. I hope its good enough to make you come back. If not I hope you come back out of pity lol. Keep ranting! Its a great stress reliever!

  5. Alright dude, I’ll give you that!! Unfortunate event. Peace be with you and the family and friends involved

  6. Mooselicker says:

    Did it say what color the undershirts were? I’m sure to douches it makes a difference.

  7. kfitz says:

    what a world we live in. So tragic,

  8. bubblytee says:

    may his soul rot in hell..!

  9. neelkanth says:

    I like the way the story is narrated. After all it is sad only.

  10. Go frak himself indeed. My thoughts and prayers with the family of the one shot. This world is fraked up. Hopefully they get Mr theif good for his 16 dollar murder there. Dayum!

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