People I Hate Today 9-14

Posted: September 14, 2012 in People I Hate
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Looking through some older posts I came across this gem.  After reading it over I realized I could really add more people to this list and could probably do so on a weekly basis.  It kinda saddens me that I can pick a whole new group of people I hate every week, but what can I say besides people piss me off.  Well enough of the intro, lets get to the hating!

Annoying People In Restaurants

My wife and I went out to eat last night and our entire meal was plagued with 2 old ladies screaming about their hair salon appointments and complaining about their food and how cold it was in the restaurant.  We also had 3 people at a table who barely spoke English trying to communicate with the waitress.  But my favorite was the guy who sat down right behind us talking (well screaming) on his cell phone.  To top it off when the rest of his family arrived he decided it would be the perfect time to start yelling at his wife.  I really can’t stand people who can’t control themselves.  I was so close to telling the guy to shut the fuck up but he had kids with him and I didn’t feel right about having to beat him in front of his sons.

Bathroom Terrorists

Why the hell do people feel the need to trash every public bathroom they use?  They never flush the toilet, there is piss on every square inch on the toilet seat and the floor.  Oh and my favorite is when they feel the need to wipe shit on the walls.  I understand that its not your bathroom and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it but seriously what kind of disgusting person does this shit?  Who cares so little about others that they have to do everything they can to make someone else’s bathroom experience a fucking nightmare.

Parents That Let Their Kids Treat Every Store Like A Playground

Control your damn kids!!  I can’t stand seeing kids run around like crazy knocking things off the shelves, throwing balls around and running into people all while their parents are shopping on the other side of the store.  Kids should have fun and play, but a busy store is not the place for that.  If you can’t keep an eye on your kids then don’t bring them with you.  My mom took me shopping all the time, but I never ran around acting like a lunatic.  Why you ask?  Because I wold have gotten smacked!  There is just no reason why you can’t keep your kids close to you instead of letting them piss off everyone else in the store.  And just to be clear, I love kids and I want them all to be happy and have fun, I just don’t want it to be at the expense of people just trying to grab some milk.


Stop trying to be cool.  Seriously nobody gives a shit.  If wearing a hat backwards feels right to you then by all means do it, but if you’re doing it just so you look cool well then you’re an idiot.  I honestly don’t care what people think of the clothes I wear or the things I do.  You want to know how I pick out my outfits?  I walk into my closet and grab the pants and shirt that is closest to the door.  If my clothes aren’t rotated when they are hung up I would probably wear the same exact outfit every day.  Maybe I am not that stylish, but I am however very comfortable.  Comfortable with my clothes and comfortable with myself.  I don’t need to buy expensive clothing to feel cool or to fit in.  I just don’t care enough about others opinions to try to make myself into something I’m not.  I think that’s the point I’m trying to make.  If you’re cool you will be cool, if you’re not, it doesn’t matter what you wear or do, you’re just not going to be cool.  And you know what?  Who gives a fuck?  Just be you!




  1. OffcrGrl says:

    Your honesty is so refreshing! 🙂

  2. I am so with you on the kids running around like lunatics in public spaces while their parents are obvlious to their actons..unless of course if the kid trips then they want to sue the store……sigh…..

  3. Ahhh…so refreshing. I wish every stupid person in the world could read your posts. 😀

  4. B says:

    Hahaha Bathroom terrorists I love it, I hate them myself. Having had an experience on a road trip not to long ago. In NY I encountered a bathroom so dirty, I don’t even think hazmat would resolve the situation. It needed to be dismantled and have a new bathroom put in its place.

    I mean all kinds of stuff on the ground and walls, graffiti everywhere and I mean everywhere. So bad that even the lightbulbs had graffiti. Someone took time out of their bathroom experience to stand on the sink and write little love notes on the light bulbs. Seriously like get a life.

    • Nick says:

      On the lightbulb? That’s ridiculous! I walked into a bathroom last week to see shit smeared on the wall. It was about 7 feet off the ground and all I kept thinking is who the hell takes their shit and smears it on the wall? That high up there was no way it was an accident, not that smearing shit on the wall could be accidental.

      • B says:

        I know right, It’s crazy that someone would even consider being that unsanitary, but some people have sick minds. Seriously.

  5. Irene says:

    yeah, that about sums up the reason why I don’t go on vacation or out to dinner to often. And I avoid public bathrooms when I can. I have no tolerance for assholes who think they’re the only ones around and we have to deal with their rudeness.

  6. Shannygirl says:

    I work at a CDL training school.. OMFG.. those men blow up the bathrooms daily.. it’s disgusting.. thank god I have an employee’s bathroom

  7. unfetteredbs says:

    Posers… haa love that word. I loved your RANT.. good work!

  8. Healthy Is The New Awesome! says:

    Mine is parents who give their kids the stupid mini shopping carts in the store on Saturday afternoon, and pretend they don’t see them running around like lunatics and banging in to people. Whoever invented those carts has a really sick sense of humor

  9. With you on the bathrooms…Ugh, seriously? The kids, I have 4 kids, would never allowed that…is actually enough to make you start to hate ’em. Loud people on the phone…am astonished that they want everybody to share their side of the conversation! Adding one: People who feel the need to tell you how you feel and who you really are…Bitch Slap!

  10. grannyK says:

    Love the post! I’m with you on lazy parenting. When my son had an “issue” in the store, we left the store so we didn’t annoy anyone, and he had consequences for his actions (not illegal ones, in case you’re worried lol). As for bathrooms, I suspect I open a public bathroom door with the same caution as someone in a horror movie. Open the door slowly and peek inside, hoping like heck a monster isn’t lurking and ready to attack!

  11. michael says:

    I’ll agree with you wholeheartedly on the first, second, and fourth ones. But I don’t know how to feel about the third–I suppose I was a bit of an unruly kid (and I’ve seen a ton of kids who simply don’t listen to anyone!), so I’m not sure parents can stop it…

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