Losing Faith In Humanity

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Headlines, Rantings
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After 34 years on this planet I am still amazed and depressed at what people can do to each other and to animals.  A friend of mine sent me a link to an article that truly disgusted me.  A man, make that a doctor, on third thought, make that a piece of shit jerkoff named Isaias Lerner decided it would be a great idea to kill his dog. 

You know what, I need to throw out another one of my famous disclaimers.  What follows here will have a copious amount of profanity.  If this does not appeal to you I urge you to CLICK HERE and HERE.  I don’t mind you not reading further here, but you should at least know the story.

Alright enough of that.  This fucking supposed healer of the people tied his dog to a tree and repeatedly hit it in the head with a hammer.  Oh yeah I almost forgot that this piece of shit, fucking douchebag also stabbed the dog with a screwdriver.  The badly beaten and stabbed pooch succumbed to the horrendous injuries.

Lerner was arrested on charges of animal cruelty, but was released soon after.  About a week later Lerner was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound.  I never like to assume anything, especially since I don’t know the guy, but it seems like this asshole was man enough to kill a dog, but not man enough to stand before the man and accept his punishment.

I feel horrible for his family and friends and I send my deepest condolences to all of them.  I am sure even scumbag dog killers have people whom love them and my heart aches for them.

As for Lerner himself I would like to send him a big  FUCK YOU!!!

  1. Ottabelle says:

    What a horrible thing to do.

  2. going to andromeda says:

    Fuck you Lerner, and fuck all the other assholes who treat other living creatures with such cruelty. I hope a cayote digs up his rotten soul.

  3. drifting says:

    People who abuse and kill animals are the scum of the earth. If only they could be treated in the same way – hammer Lerner’s head to pulp and stab him with a screwdriver. These scum get off so lightly and yet it’s a fact that people who do this often go on to do such things to people.

  4. Ryan says:

    I hope the dog is waiting for that fucking scum bag with a sledge hammer!

  5. Why did I read this? Not cuz of your take on it, but because I can’t stand any story of animal cruelty. And then the asshole just took the easy way out. People who are capable of hurting/killing animals deserve to be punished more seriously. To take advantage of an animal that can’t defend itself, and then to kill it so slowly, torturing it all the way…ahhh, I need to get that image out of my head. So sick, so fucking sad that MAN is capable of doing that. 😦

  6. I read up until you said some dirtbag killed his dog. I couldn’t read any more. I knew if I kept reading, I would end up crying, so I thought I would leave a comment – just to support your blog. I’m sure your outrage was enough to encompass my own as well.

  7. What is wrong with people? Sickening.

  8. You know, I’m starting to see more and more of this shitty kind of behavior. I don’t get it. Once upon a time, these were warning signs to deeper issues, right? Gateway crimes if you will? Then again, I shouldn’t be shocked. A few weeks ago, I was pretty disgusted when I saw a news tweet on Twitter about this moron vet in California who left his dog in the car with the windows up. The dog died. At least it looks like he’s going to lose his veterinary license. But then, after everything Mike Vick did, he’s talking about adopting a dog. My crazy thought was…who in their right mind could claim to be a dog lover and give that man a dog? The world is effed up.

  9. sexandmiami says:

    Yes this scumfuck lived right over the bridge from me where all the rich and famous live! (I live in south beach) I believe he got exactly what he derserved . You hear so much sick shit that happens in Miami . I am sure you remember the whole zombie thing, again right next to where Dr. douchebag lived. I think I am ready to go back to NYC and some sanity.

    • Nick says:

      I have honestly never liked Florida. Well let me edit that, I have never liked South Florida. I moved here to be with my Brother, but now I am ready to get the hell out. Stories like this, the zombie, and the Trayvon Martin thing has just solidified that this state is becoming bat shit crazy. Yes other states have their own crazy people, but I am still looking forward to getting the hell out of here.

  10. sexandmiami says:

    Get out while you are still sane lol 🙂

  11. Mooselicker says:

    Michael Vick makes about 15 million dollars a year in salary alone. I want to vomit.

  12. Phil Lanoue says:

    Nothing worse then people hurting and abusing animals. 😦

  13. irishmrs says:

    I completely agree. It’s horrible!

  14. livvy1234 says:

    I have done heavy duty animal advocacy in my state. I also have done heavy volunteering in animal shelters. I cannot reveal what I have seen. It is terrible. The nicest gesture everyone can make is to walk inside an animal shelter for a few days, and visit with some of the abandoned pets waiting to be adopted or die. Become a shelter dog/cat buddy.

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