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Well it seems that either my writing is too awful for people to understand me or there are just some confused people out there.  Either way I would like to clear up a few points from Respect It People! that I feel have gotten lost along the way.  Soon after I posted it I was bombarded with people basically calling me a racist and more or less an asshole.  Asshole is probably a fair statement, but racist it just plain ridiculous.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am nowhere near racist.  Its actually so insane that I am not going to spend another second defending it. (more…)


I have mentioned in previous posts that I live in South Florida where I am basically surrounded by thousands of people not from the US.  Its important to point out that its never really bothered me to have a melting pot type atmosphere that allows us to appreciate all walks of life. (more…)

For those of you who actually follow and like this blog, you might have noticed the interruption a few days ago.  It seems there were a few issues that needed to be worked out.  The first was my gravatar.  I guess it was too mature to be on the site so it was reported.  The second was, someone had reported me for liking their blog.   (more…)


For those of you that don’t follow sports, Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) is a football in the NFL.  Although football may be his profession, being a complete asshole seems to be his true calling. (more…)

What do I do at work?  I record this guy dancing lol

The Original:


When I was an insecure kid growing up in Jersey I took a lot of shit from people.  Whether it was my home, my clothes, or the things I did someone always had something to say about me.  When I was 13 my family moved to a new town where for about a month I was completely miserable. (more…)

I will never understand what goes through people’s minds when they abandon their pets and basically leave them for dead.  This has been happening for a long time, but now that people are losing their homes daily it seems to be a growing problem.   (more…)

Last week was all about boobies so I guess its fair that this one goes the other way.  Its actually hard to type this right now because I every time I think about this article I can’t stop shaking my head.  Alright lets get to it! (more…)

I have spent the last 10 weeks ranting, raving, joking and complaining  about just about everything under the sun, but today I get to donate my blog to support an amazing cause. (more…)

Recently I have been hearing a lot of people talking about their bucket list.  For anyone that doesn’t know what a BL is, its basically a list of things you want to do before you die.  To be honest, BL’s kind of bother me. (more…)