Apparition? Try Appa-shit-tion!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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I was really hoping my first movie review would be of a great movie, but I was sadly mistaken.  I saw The Apparition today with my best friend.  We both love horror movies so seeing this movie seemed like the perfect choice.  Unfortunately, 10 minutes into the movie I found myself making fun of it more than enjoying it.

The movie starts out, as just about every other movie does, with a flashback.  It tries to set the plot up, but you are left wondering why they felt the need to show this scene to begin with.  The whole movie just seems to be several horror movies crammed into one, and done poorly I might add.

Seems to me Hollywood is becoming less original by the second and we all are to blame for it.  We all flock to the theaters and spend a ridiculous amount of money to see a movie we have seen a hundred times before.

This is the story line of the movie courtesy of  A couple are haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

Also important to add is the tagline:  Once you believe, you die

The story line is the same story line we have seen so many times before.  All of these movies are the same, they always start out with someone using a Ouija Board or some other supernatural device to make contact with the dead.  Soon after they all start to experience strange occurrences that will eventually become violent in nature.

I will admit the tagline had me intrigued until it wasn’t a part of the actual movie.  They never made mention of it and if they did, it was so badly done I didn’t even notice.

From start to finish this movie was horrible.  The ending made little sense and it seemed as if they director just gave up and threw whatever they could on a screen to end it.

I have been trying to devise a rating system  and was considering using rolls of toilet paper.  I will give you all a moment to smack your foreheads and scream, “is this guy fucking serious?”

Well if I were to rate it with that system it would be a pitiful “1 roll.”  The Apparition lacked originality on all levels, and the acting itself wasn’t much better.  I suggest saving your money and waiting for this to show up on cable.



  1. mikeakin1 says:

    Thanks for the review! Take a look at mine of Olive Garden lol

  2. Well at the video store for the sappy womens movies I used tissues good sad one was a whole tissue box excellent was three boxes of tissues rest were they would need a tissue or two. They got my drift so toilet paper good idea….real bad need the twelve pack when your done….humm

  3. Rj says:

    I think horror just hit rock bottom. So the good news is the rest of the horror films this year are at least a step up.

  4. I gave up on horror movies awhile ago. Now I just go for the amusement factor because I know my best friend and I will be laughing and making fun of them the whole time. Case in point: Cabin in the Woods. I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie in years! Your negative review actually makes me want to see this movie more. I know, I know…I’m what’s wrong with this world….

  5. I agree completely, they have officially run out of new, fresh ideas for Hollywood! It’s all the same junk with a different package. I hate horror movies, unless they’re dated in the 70’s (ha ha) so I knew I’d never see this one, Ashley Green or not, I’d never get a wink of sleep. That’s too bad it sucked though… I’m excited for Resident Evil (though I hate the way they’ve mutated the zombies so much) and the new Twilight, I know I know.. But I love it! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend (stay clear of the Ouija boards OK) !

  6. jadesandwich says:

    it should have a lot of toilet paper rolls then! cuz it’s a huge piece of shit movie lol

  7. […] watching the atrocity that was The Apparition I went into this movie with an, “expect it to suck” mentality.  I can’t say it […]

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