People I Hate Today

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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Today was an interesting day to say the least.  It seems all of South Florida thinks that this storm will be the end of the world.   Maybe it was my lack of sleep or maybe I was just tired of people acting like assholes, but today everyone seemed to piss me off.  Here are some examples of said people.

The people who sing like they are at a concert:

I honestly can’t stand when people walk around singing like they are fucking Celine Dion.  Its not even the actual singing that irritates me.  Its the way these idiots act while they are belting out their song.  They close there eyes and put the fingers up to their ear like they have an ear piece in.  The worse part is, they all suck at singing.  Its always the ones that can’t hold a tune that sing the loudest.  DRIVES ME CRAZY!!

The people who give you a $100 bill to pay for a $1 item:

Seriously, if you want change, then just ask for it.  Don’t pretend like you just really needed that pack of gum and all you had was a $100 bill especially when I just saw a $5 in your fucking wallet.

People who refuse to read:

Alright jerkoff, if you’re standing in front of “closed” sign expecting to be waited on you deserve the mean mugging.   If you walk over to a table and then tell me there are no more forms while there are literally hundreds you deserve to feel like an asshole.  If you hold up a scratch off ticket that clearly has the instructions on it and ask me how to play it you definitely deserve the dirty look I am about to give you.

People who refuse help, but then need it:

If I walk up to you and ask you if I can help with anything and you tell me no, you better not call my name the second I walk away.  I hate that shit.  I played the caring guy and offered you plenty of assistance so have the damn courtesy to either accept the help or don’t.  But don’t you dare tell me no and then the second I turn around have a change of heart and all of a sudden need something.

People who want the winning lotto ticket:

Oh my God you are so fucking funny and original!!  I have worked here for 7 years and nobody has ever asked me for a winning ticket.  Yeah…BURN IN HELL!!  I will not laugh at you poor attempt to be funny, I will, straight faced, ask you once again if you needed anything else.  You’re not funny, nor are you original.  I hear that same thing a hundred times a day, and each time I want to punch the person saying it in the fucking face.  You want the winning one?  HOW ABOUT I BEND YOU OVER THE COUNTER AND CRAM THAT TICKET STRAIGHT UP YOUR ASS!!!

  1. #1 I hate shit-heads who are always in such a hurry to get into the car, they pull the hadle before you even have a chance to unlock it.Then you press the button and they still pull the handle at that exact moment, creating an awkward situation.
    #2 So this may piss off a few readers, but I see these damn people with these huge ass “flabby penis skin” earrings, and all I can think is why? You have seen these dudes, they try to establish a tough guy emo look. Guess what, flabby penis ears and a Motorhead T-shirt will never combine and equal badass. A BAMF does not walk around with a damn beer cap around his ear.

  2. Fahdah Away says:

    Lol! What a day! Definitely would love to Vlog it and do that funky yet retarded auto-tune video jam of retarded consumer moments

  3. Sometimes I hate people yesterday, today and most likely tomorrow. I’m kind of a pissball at times.
    I definitely hate singing people and Kareoke – and people who wear stupid a stupid blue tooth like they’re FBI agents. Actually, I hate all things associated with cell phones pretty much (except for use in breakdowns and 911 calls).
    I want to go to your place of work and see if I can make you kick me 🙂 – just kidding…maybe …hee hee.. I’m really nice in public – I’m just thinking horrid thoughts.

  4. bootsiesimon says:

    I feel the same way about the $100 bill thing. SO irritating!

  5. Tony Marquis says:

    Read this and all I could think of was Theory of a deadman – Hate My Life.

    You need to have done some of the jobs I’ve had. Phew.

    • Nick says:

      I listened to this song for the first time yesterday. Haven’t stopped listening since! I can’t believe I have never heard it till now.

  6. MildChild50 says:

    Sounds like you had a rough day! It’s bad enough to meet a few of these people in a day — but all of them! Oooh, add this: People who ask you if need something, you say not interested, but they insist you need whatever they are pushing (sales item, their church, sign their petition, whatever) and won’t go away until you have to get downright rude and say “Go away!” (And then they complain about rudeness…)

  7. you love your job 😛
    I hate people who see something that doesn’t have a price tag and say “oh, I guess it’s free.”
    So funny. You’re the first person to say that. How about I call the security because you suggested theft?

  8. guttermutt says:

    You left out people who breathe.

  9. lacidanielle says:

    Thank goodness I don’t put my fingers up to my ears when I sing or you’d delete me! 😉

  10. B says:

    Ahahahaha its like when everyone here wants to collect a dollar. I told my boss, even if that were to happen I wouldn’t quit my day job. But sometimes I do want to be a smart ass and state out the facts about how it’s damn near impossible to win a lottery pot.

    Plus my boyfriend will agree, he hates when his customers act mean and don’t appreciate the help. It is rude and downright annoying.

    • Nick says:

      I also can’t stand the people that think they have figured out the lotto and that they will win. I see it all the time. They walk in with a notebook filled with numbers and spend hours picking the ones that are going to win. Its the same people we see the following week throwing out their tickets because they didn’t get even one number correct.

      • B says:

        Exactly, listen… you’ll win if you are supposed to win.

        I sometimes buy tickets just to be funny and join the office pools, just because it is funny.

        If I were to strick it rich in an office pool, I would just like to know how 10 people would split the money. If I have seen on TV that strangers have had to share the lottery pot and get crazy with each other. I don’t know how a bunch of co-workers would fare. You know…

  11. There is a fabulous song called “I hate you all”. I play it when I’m in a bad mood. I’d have to look up the artist again, but it has a great beat. “All the people on the street, I hate you all. And the people that I meet, I hate you all.” Everyone, sing!

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