Let The Overreactions Begin

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Headlines, Random Thoughts, Rantings
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With the recent formation of Tropical Storm Isaac in the Atlantic people here in South Florida have already started dashing towards their local stores to buy mass quantities of water and canned foods.  Now I am all for preparing for a storm but when said storm is only expected to be a possible Cat-1 when it may or may not hit Florida I see little reason to panic.  Yet here we are days before its in our area and people are scurrying around like scared mice.  

I have lived in Florida for 10 years now and it has yet to stop amazing me how people react to storms.  There’s always mad rushes to gas stations where people fill up just about anything that can hold liquid, which usually means most gas station run out of gas quickly.  Then there are the people that race to the grocery stores and buy everything they can get their grubby little hands on.  You will see completely empty shelves where water, soup, batteries and propane used to be.  And then the storm shutters go up.  This one cracks me up the most.  I may be an asshole for this, but there is something so satisfying in watching people scramble to get the shutters up only to find out the storm came nowhere close to Florida.

At the moment this is the projected path:

As you can see right now Florida is in the cone of possibility, but it is also about 5 days out so a lot can change between now and Monday.  I’m not saying that the storm won’t hit Florida, but what I am saying is, CHILL THE FUCK OUT PEOPLE!   Living in Florida means we should all be used to hurricanes by now.  A Cat-1  is not that bad of a storm, at least not a “buy everything you can” kind of storm.  If I had to guess I would say we will get lots of rain and some gusty winds, maybe some broken branches in the streets.  Nothing major and definitely not catastrophic in any way.

To all you people buying out the stores I will see you all Tuesday morning as you are standing in line trying to return $200 worth of batteries and other supplies you foolishly bought expecting the end of the world.

  1. Reminds of when I lived in Arkansas. People would act almost the same way when a snow storm was predicted. The Wal-Marts and grocery stores would be packed only to have the storm fizzle out or never hit

  2. Man this is spot on! I also lived in Florida for a few years and people go ape shit…lol. I mean this is end of world type shit. You just have to see it to really understand. If the end of days is coming I guess at least you will have a 3-liter of Peach Nehi and an ecno pack of 30,000 Q-tips. Via Con Dios…nice post:)

    • Nick says:

      I will never forget the first hurricane I was witness to down here. Everyone kept telling my wife and I to get gas and we thought they were exaggerating about the lines. After a 2 hour wait in line at the station we realized they weren’t exaggerating.

  3. javaj240 says:

    They behave the same way here when the stupid weather people mention the possibility of two inches of snow. This is New Jersey. Alert me if there will be over a foot. Otherwise, be quiet. I swear the news outlets are in cahoots with the grocery stores, to the detriment of other businesses. I work in a restaurant and have lost many a busy Saturday night due to snow scares.

  4. allthingsgeography1 says:

    I’m much more concerned about Haiti and their mountainous terrain with heavy rainfall and mudslides. I think Florida will be fine based on the current forecast track and strength. All the land interaction will be helpful to keep the storm weak.

    • Nick says:

      I am really worried about Haiti as well. I work with a lot of great people whose families are still in Haiti. They tell me that a lot of people are still living in makeshift tents. Not sure how much more devastation those poor people can take.

  5. Irene says:

    Can’t imagine what it’ll be like when December 21st rolls around!

  6. Lol, I don’t live in Florida but I totally agree, people overreact. It almost makes sense when people freak out in Jersey, because we don’t often get REALLY bad storms, but if you live in Florida or the Caribbean, seriously, you should know by now! And Cat-1 is much better than Cat-5. 😉

  7. Rj says:

    It’s 2012, it could be the end of the world!! HOLY SHIT I NEED SUPPLIES!!! I’m gonna go build an underground shelter now! And don’t think that you’re allowed to come crash, its your own fault for not preparing!!

  8. tauromaja says:

    I’ve been living in Cancun for the last five years and the biggest trauma was Wilma. I wasn’t here for that but when a Cat 1 starts rolling near (I’m talking max two days away, not five), there is that mad dash for everything in the store. My last purchase? A bag of chocolate chip cookies. Although I am considering the purchase of a solar powered radio, I don’t think I’ll need it any time soon.

    Yeah, that mad dash makes me laugh too.

  9. L2Kitchen says:

    That happened here in Maryland last year for “hurricane” Irene, which was not even a tropical storm by the time it got here. We lost a gazillion trees on houses, though. Otherwise, everything was fine. All of my friends in Colorado were freaking out that I’d die, hahaha. We didn’t even lose electricity. I watched the Food Network the entire time. People do the same thing when it’s supposed to snow, only it never does.

  10. I didn’t have hurricanes but living in a tourist ski town saw people freaking out when they projected snow storms and did see us run out of gas, bottle water, all the supplies and I was out there in the mist of the storm delivering them pizzas..lol Pretty funny they all run in and we the delivery drivers run out into it. Life is funny…

  11. Right on target – you, not this storm. It’s too early to call. The stores let people return stuff there? Not here – hurricane supplies are non refundable.

  12. Same happens here when the news says there might be some snow flurries….But, then, this is the DC area what can I say….

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