To Like, Or Not To Like…

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Rantings
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For those of you who actually follow and like this blog, you might have noticed the interruption a few days ago.  It seems there were a few issues that needed to be worked out.  The first was my gravatar.  I guess it was too mature to be on the site so it was reported.  The second was, someone had reported me for liking their blog.  

The gravatar I can understand.  I don’t really agree with it, but it is what it is.  The whole “you’re harassing me by liking my blog,”  well that’s just fucking stupid.  Talkin’ Shit has amassed over 500 likes and I am proud and grateful for every single one of them.  I would never think of someone liking what I posted as harassment.  I am absolutely honored that people would not only read my shit, but actually like it as well.

When I received notice that my account was suspended due to the “liking” nonsense I was pretty irritated by it.  I immediately told myself that i wasn’t going to click the like button anymore because I didn’t want to piss anyone off.  That lasted for about 2 seconds.  I quickly squashed that idea because nobody is going to tell me I can’t like something.  If someone has a problem with me liking what they post maybe they should contact me and discuss it like an adult.  I refuse to let one person dictate how I interact with other bloggers.  If I read a post that is interesting I am going to show the author the respect I feel they deserve by clicking that like button.  As far as Talkin’ Shit is concerned please feel free to click the like button till your mouse breaks!!!

  1. neelkanth says:

    I fully endorse your views on the topic.

  2. nickerockers says:

    I fully endorse the “like” you put on my post.

  3. Que says:

    That explains why I’d get kicked out of your site. Wow that’s crazy. No one agrees with anyone all the time however if I like your page overall I will follow and use the LIKE button as well. Those who wish to control who responds or LIKE their post can use the controls/settings. A report wasn’t necessary. Glad it was all worked out.

  4. Good for you. What is wrong with people? Are they confusing the word like with hate? If they’re offended by likes, they should just get rid of the option! Crazy people out there. I’m liking this post, hope you don’t mind…;)

    • Nick says:

      You disgust me and I am going to report you for liking my post!!! 🙂

      The more I think about it the crazier it seems. They were mad because I thought they rocked…seems a bit strange.

  5. Miss Nae says:

    Whoever reported you for liking their blog needs to delete their blog first and then wade into a river and contemplate their actions smh lol

  6. People are to sensitive these days, they need to chill out

  7. What a weird emotionally and mentally challenged person. Wish you could let us know who the blogger was without being accused of more harassment, as I certainly don’t want to visit their blog.

    • Nick says:

      The shitty thing is I have no idea who it is. I could like their stuff again and would never know it which is why I thought about not liking anything anymore because I didn’t want to get into more trouble. Oh well I guess I will have to live life on the edge because I refuse to stop liking the blogs I think are amazing.

  8. allthingsgeography1 says:

    ” I immediately told myself that i wasn’t going to click the like button anymore because I didn’t want to piss anyone off. That lasted for about 2 seconds. I quickly squashed that idea because nobody is going to tell me I can’t like something. If someone has a problem with me liking what they post maybe they should contact me and discuss it like an adult.”

    Definitely not knocking you down because I totally agree, but sometimes expecting adult communication on the internet is like expecting pigs to do ski jumping at the Winter Games. I just seems impossible. Adult communication from remote locations over the internet is harder than just being a whiny child so makes complaints that ultimately make no sense whatsoever and do nothing but produce intimidation in you. The fact that you felt you had to protect yourself by not liking anyone’s stuff (a demonstration of communication and approval towards others on WordPress) is a totally unnecessary feeling that should never have had to have been considered for even those 2 seconds. Glad things are back to normal now.

    • Nick says:

      When you’re right, you’re right sir! Its sad that the internet makes communicating one of the easiest tasks in the world and yet it seems we do it less and less now.

  9. Mooselicker says:

    Ewww who reports people on the Internet for anything?

  10. hemadamani says:

    Thanks for the ‘like’, but i’m still contemplating whether to report you or not…:)

  11. authorssmith says:

    Thanks for the recent “like.” I appreciate it even more after reading this! 🙂

    • Nick says:

      It was well deserved, and thank you for not reporting me 🙂

      • javaj240 says:

        Baffling. You “liked” a post. The person whose post you “liked” decided that they were unhappy with your “like”, reported YOU, and WordPress suspended you for this? Did I get this right? Because if I did, that’s just crazy. I hope WordPress walked the complainer through how to remove the “like” button from their posts.

      • Nick says:

        Its sad to say that it is true. This is the reason they gave me, “appeared to be using the Like system on to harass another blogger.”

      • javaj240 says:

        That’s just stupid.

  12. Erika Fiore says:

    You are very welcome to like any of my posts. And the person who did this need serious mental treatment.

    • Nick says:

      The thing that sucks the most is the day before, I saw my highest view total with 736 for the day. And before they shut it down (around 7am) I was already up to over 400 views. I was loving life and then I get suspended for 3 days and have to start all over again. Don’t get me wrong I definitely only write for myself, but I am only human and can’t help but to smile when I see my view count get higher and higher.

  13. First I liked your gravatar that you had, second having trouble with someone complaining of your “Like” for them? There are times and it’s alot of times I “Like” something just because of the effort they placed in the blog, no I do not always agree – I like reading what I do not agree with, there is no fear it will damage me – (I do that all on my own…lol) Well outside some are are petty glad to see your back!

    • Nick says:

      I really liked my gravatar as well. I have plans of remaking it with a few tweaks. As for the liking, I tend like several different kinds of posts. I just spent an hour clicking through a bunch of food blogs and I liked and commented on several of them.

      • Tony Marquis says:

        You did and then you liked my recipe for the best ever English chips. If you haven’t made them yet go to it or I’m gonna go and like all your posts.


      • Nick says:

        Seriously you need to stop harassing me 🙂

        I haven’t made them yet but will be in the near future. My wife and I picked up a few things at the store to make some of the recipes we found and yours was on the list. I will have to stop by and let you know how they turned out. Thanks for the read and comment!

  14. Zoë says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and clicking ‘like’. It’s a great boost for a newish blogger like me.

  15. milkmaidmom says:

    Huh. I always take a “like” as a compliment, because “like” is good as long as it isn’t every other word in a sentence.

    But thanks for letting us know that apparently there is someone out there who isn’t aware of that.

  16. Amna M. says:

    You know why people don’t like ‘likes’ sometimes? Because some people don’t even read their post before clicking ‘like’. They find the post in their readers, and ‘like’ it without even reading the entire thing. But, yeah, reporting that is a little extreme.
    Thanks for liking my latest post. If you read it, that is. If you didn’t, then please do. :]

    • Nick says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, I read everything I “like.” And if I find that I like more that one post I usually end up following. Take yours for example. I spent about 20 minutes visiting your blog and read several post “liking” the ones that meant something to me. And now you are being followed. I just figured that’s the way its supposed to work out 🙂

  17. bitcodavid says:

    Please feel free to “Like” my blog any time. Some of us get it, some of us just don’t.

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