Respect It People!

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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I have mentioned in previous posts that I live in South Florida where I am basically surrounded by thousands of people not from the US.  Its important to point out that its never really bothered me to have a melting pot type atmosphere that allows us to appreciate all walks of life.  I am all for people visiting or even going through the proper channels to become a citizen.  What I am completely against though are the people that CHOOSE to live here whether by birth or relocation who constantly bash everything about this country.

I need a second to throw out a disclaimer here.  I feel very passionate about this topic so I may go off on a rant or use some choice words so please don’t be offended.  And if listening to an angry guy rant about his country bothers you, I would suggest leaving now.

Alright then back at it.  I love America.  I love just about everything about this great country and I will never leave it.  It infuriates me and breaks my heart when I hear people complaining about it.  I am a firm believer of if you don’t like it, don’t fucking stay!  Pack your shit and get out.  We live in a country that allows you to vote for our leaders and policies and basically live as a free person.  I am by no means bashing other countries, but there are several out there that don’t offer anything like that.

People choose to come to America for different reason.  Some are looking for better lives and jobs, while other are looking to escape a bad situation in their own countries.  The reasons really don’t matter to me.  If you are here at your own free will you should just respect the country and keep your mouth shut.  What really chaps my ass (yeah I just said that) are the people that are here illegally, using all of the government programs, that I as a born American have a hard time getting, are the ones that do a lot of the complaining.  How fucking dare someone who has broken into the country complain about it.  You have some huge balls to do that!

I am 34 so I am too young to have seen Americans burning our flag in the ’60s.  I understand they were trying to make a statement, but if I was alive back then I would have been fighting against that.  I LOVE the American flag, so much that I become irate when I see someone disrespect it.  My Uncle served in the National Guard for many years defending what our flag stands for.  I refuse to to let his and others sacrifices go unnoticed.  So many brave Americans put their lives on the line to protect us and we show them severe disrespect by complaining about this country.

I guess its just a case of love it or leave it.


  1. You’re right, if a person hates it enough, they should leave. I’ll joke about our government from time to time, but I would never say I hate America. No country is perfect. But there are so many countries where people are not the least bit free, where women have NO rights, and so many other unfair things happen. We have to be grateful life isn’t like that here.

  2. Mooselicker says:

    It doesn’t matter where a person lives, they’ll find something to hate about it. Too many Americans feel entitled. I think that’s their problem. It’s about the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee.

  3. There is a difference between hating and disagreeing and/or wanting to see this country improve, get better, continue to exist, and so on. This expression may take many forms and is guaranteed by our right of free speech, the same speech you use to impart your values. This tension, conflict, dissonance – the ability to express ideas that are at odds – is what this country is all about. I hope you don’t mistake disagreement or dissension for hate…. Randy

    • Nick says:

      Not at all Randy. I should have made that more clear in the post. I am all for debate. The country is great because we allow debate. What I am against are the people that are not debating. The ones that are simply bitching about everything without once trying to solve any of the problems. Either way thank you for your input!!

  4. Irene says:

    I hate when I see anyone disrespecting ANY flag.
    Rant away! Love your brutally honesty! More people should write like this!

  5. avwalters says:

    One of the rights we have as citizens is free speech. One of the ways of exercising that right is by the symbolic act of burning the flag. You cannot believe in free speech without recognizing that you may not like the way in which it is exercised. If you look behind the method, you may find that those doing so believe fervently in their cause, (often a protest about the “un-American” actions of government) so much so that they think only a drastic form of protest will convey the intensity of those beliefs. What a wonderful thing that, instead of violence or property damage, there are ways to convey our free speech rights symbolically and effectively. While I don’t believe in bashing any country, only by leaving free speech channels open do we start the dialogue necessary in the marketplace of ideas to make our country the best that it can be.

    • Nick says:

      I am all for freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean I have to like when people destroy something as beautiful and as meaningful and the American flag. To say its ok to destroy a symbol of America to protest something just doesn’t wash with me. Where do we draw the line on what we can and cannot destroy to protest what we are against? What about people who burn crosses because they are protesting what they believe in through methods they feel is appropriate? We not only stop that from happening but those people are looked at as horrible individuals (which they are). I can respect the point the people were trying to make by burning the flag but I honestly can’t respect the actual burning of it. The American flag is a beautiful symbol of this country and in my opinion a work of art. Of course this all just my opinion. Thank you for your opinion on this post. Its always great to see what I have written has invoked a response from someone.

      • Julius Reade says:

        This is beauty of America, you can do whatever the hell you want. You’re following a contradicted libertarian notion. Freedom, means complete freedom. Anything else is your own little dictatorship. You’re simply cherry picking. There’s no line to draw. There’s freedom, then there’s varying levels of authoritarianism. Which will it be? You want America to be something different, following your own ideals. That’s inherently unAmerican. You’re being irrational.

      • Nick says:

        That’s a lot of big words to just call me an asshole lol. Look I love freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like how people use it. If that’s irrational then so be it. Either way, thank you very much for the read and comment.

      • Julius Reade says:

        It’s not, you’re now being judgemental towards me. Yet again, do you want freedom or authoritarianism? They’re your two choices. You’re admitting you’re flawed, but you’re choosing to ignore it. How can anyone take you seriously?

      • Nick says:

        Of course I’m flawed. Who is this world isn’t? I don’t ignore, I embrace it. As for taking me seriously I would think it’s pretty apparent that I really don’t care what people think of my posts. If you took a second to read about me you would see that. I have always been very upfront in telling people to take what I say with a grain of salt. I blog for me and me alone. If people like it, great, if not all they have to do is click to the next blog.

        Once again that you so much for your comment.

      • Julius Reade says:

        Fair enough. You choose to embrace your flaws, which would explain why you have these conflicts in the first place. Something to write about, I guess. This has nothing to do with what I think. This is all to do with challenging what you think. Yet there’s no point, because you admit you embrace your flaws, meaning there was no argument to begin with. So why did you decide to take the topic so seriously? Why do you even care? Feel free not to respond. After all, this is all about you.

      • Nick says:

        I have to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying this. I have no problem responding to questions you ask even though they have already been answered in the post. I care about this because I love America and I wholeheartedly respect the people that have fought for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

        Just a thought, but if you are attempting to challenge the way I think, I would feel that this is more about you than you are admitting.

        As always, I thank you and appreciate your comments!

      • Julius Reade says:

        It’s generally agreed upon in the world of psychology that people do things for the better of others, as opposed to out of self interest. Although there’s certainly arguments for both.

        The problem with irrational arguments, is that they’re not a logical justification. Your arguments are exactly the same reasons that I terrorist have. They want to kill you because they love their country and etc. There’s no substance. Yet this is what you choose to embrace.

        You’re trying to have it both ways. Yet again, you either have freedom or you have authoritarianism. This is the cognitive dissonance you choose to ignore. That is the irrational human being.

  6. Robert Vukan says:

    The great thing about the USA is the freedom to criticize it. I HATE the love it or leave it argument for people who are citizens. If youre not a citizen and you are here by some conscious choice, it certainly is tiresome to hear complaints about the country. If you can do better, than do so! Burning the flag? Who cares? It is only a symbol and symbols are for the symbol-minded. Lol

    • Nick says:

      I guess I am just symbol-minded fool then sir. Whatever the reason I just can’t stop from being pissed when I see people disgrace the flag.

  7. javaj240 says:

    Lots of folks agree with you. Congress first introduced the Flag Protection Bill in1989 (which would render states free to make laws that “protected the flag” without being in violation of its citizens First Amendment right to free speech) It was defeated. It has been reintroduced twice more, I think, and defeated both times.

    Its introduction was a response to a decision by The Supreme Court in 1989 (Texas V. Johnson 491 U.S. 397); the Court reversed a decison by a Texas court, and in its decision concluded that flag burning was a right protected by The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    It’s certainly an interesting subject. Personally, I think criminalizing flag burning should really be at the bottom of our government’s “to do” list. There appear to be far more pressing issues.

    • Nick says:

      There is always something that could be put ahead of something else, but in doesn’t make it any less important. Pride in America or any other country should be a pretty high priority. In my humble opinion a country’s flag is the glowing symbol of what they all believe in. To me that is extremely important.

  8. Tess says:

    Hmmm…here in Australia…it tends to be the so called “Australians”…those who were born here…that have the loudest voice in complaining about the country. It’s my experience that those who CHOOSE to adopt our country appreciate it more than those who assume they have the “right” to live here. As to flag burning…a flag is a symbol…as is expressing how one feels about it. Here we have the debate as to whether we should change our flag (to get away from our English roots) and so far we have resisted doing that. I wish people would get more passionate about human rights than they do about burning a flag. However, for many a flag represents all that is a country…hence outcry at burning one. I can understand and respect that.

  9. neelkanth says:

    Very nicely said.

  10. curiousmami says:

    Well, it is good that you are so passionate about speaking in behalf of this beautiful country. 

    But after reading, I just want to tell you that, it might be a good idea to check some facts. NO illegal immigrants do not have access to ALL of the government programs, not even close to that. I know sometimes we don’t like to hear certain things; however, I as an immigrant want to offer you some perspective about this issue. because I, just like you have heard the “complaining” just like you, but from my end. 

    Every immigrant who works in this country wether legally or illegally pays taxes, there is a little thing called itin number used by every illegal immigrant living in this country to pay taxes for services, and programs for which they, their spouses, and their children ( unless they were born here ) are not even eligible. 

    I understand you feel frustrated by the things you hear, and a lot of people who were born here in America feel the same, probably because “you”, “yourself” have not had to struggle to get here, work some of the hardest, least paid jobs, with no benefits for you or your loved ones, paid taxes and lived lawfully, respect this country, love it, pledge allegiance to the flag. And still not be recognized as an American citizen So you see, the frustration runs both ways. 

    I quite honestly think it’s just plain wrong to have the attitude of “we let you be in our country, so shut the hell up” because the beauty of this country has been created by the hard work, and love of immigrants from all over the world. And I agree with someone who commented that a lot of people who were born here feel entitled, it is true. I can assure you, your ancestors, the ones who built what you now enjoy, might have also done some complaining when they felt things were not fair for them. What is the only difference then, and now?? That they were considered Americans right off the bat, and if there was something they didn’t agree on, their voice was worth something, and they could do something about it. And immigrants now do not enjoy that privilege,  So when they voice their concerns, what would you like them to do??

    Don’t get mistaken. That frustrated people voice what they feel is unfair doesn’t equal to hate (clarifying for someone who jumped straight to hate), or bashing. Let’s be honest who hasn’t had a complaint about the way the country is sometimes run?? Does that mean people hate it?? No!

    So what makes this country so great, and why despite its great diversity it is so peaceful? Because of the tolerance of its people, ALL of its people. Now, maybe when you hear something you don’t like about this issue you can hopefully be more tolerant with people who unfortunately cannot do anything else. 

    • Nick says:

      I as well love your passion on this topic. One thing I don’t think you are grasping though is that I am not talking about “all” immigrants or Americans for that matter. And yes there are without a doubt some illegal immigrants out there using false documentation to obtain government aid. Again…SOME not ALL. I thought I was clear in the post about this, but if I wasn’t please allow me to correct that now. This post is merely stating that I am fed up with immigrants that are here illegally complaining about the country. I hear it all the time and it kills me. This is also to be said of the American born citizens that do the same thing. As a citizen to complain while trying to fix a system they feel is broken is one thing, but to just sit around all day bashing this amazing country , with no intentions to actually step up and contribute to the solution is something entirely different. I have the utmost respect for someone that goes through the proper channels to become a citizen or is here on a work Visa. As long as they are doing right by the country I have no problem with it. It makes me feel proud as an American that someone would want to go through all the hard work to be a part of this great country. I just can’t stand someone sneaking in and expecting me to be happy about it. Let me ask you this. If someone broke into your house in the middle of the night would you sit them down and make them a sandwich or would you call the cops and have the person removed?

      And for the record my family has known major struggles. I grew up in a really poor family and lived in a car for quite sometime. We didn’t know when or where meals would come from and we barley had enough money to pay for gas. Everyone struggles at some point, whether they were born here or not.

  11. O'Muppet says:

    There is so much more to this story… America used to be much freer country then you seem to believe. Just because you live there doesn’t mean you can see the whole picture. More likely is that you are going to be blinded with your beliefs that seem to be set in stone. I do appreciate your feelings, but to say that U.S.A. is a free country is just plain wrong. Just look at your country record in human rights, freedom of journalism, constant wars abroad, never on your soil. Since second world war your country has been trying to police the world and they have done a lot of damage in many different places. They have done good things as well, but there is a reason why your policies are disliked all around the world.
    If you are willing we can have a debate about this over Skype, because I love listening to people’s opinion and I respect your stance even though I don’t agree with it fully. I do agree that many people who come there and abuse the system are wrong to constantly cry about it. but your system is in a big need of change and some people are genuinely upset , even a lot of Americans. Anyway I like your honesty and I will keep following your blog. Greets from Croatia…

  12. Theresa says:

    I agree Nick. I don’t have a problem with immigrants either and I think they are huge asset to this country. But if they say they HATE America then they shouldn’t be here.

    @curiousmami, He never stated that all immigrants get these free gov’t programs. He was simply stating that the ones that DO get these programs and have the nerve to complain (which quite frankly is f*cked up).

  13. Robert Vukan says:

    To clarify, I would never burn a flag because I think it’s stupid and there are more innovative ways to protest. But I like the comment about how all things considered, enforcement of that law should not be at the top of any govt to do list. All of us (with few exceptions) come from a family of immigrants, and despite their hard work, Im sure they did their share of complaining too. If you love something, sometimes complaining is how we show we care. If we didnt care, we wouldnt complain or debate like we are doing now.

  14. cantimothy says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen and Hallelujah. Preach it.

  15. B says:

    You know I wasn’t born here, we moved to this country when I was 7 years old. The first thing my parents taught me, is this is your home now and you need to get used to it. I couldn’t agree more, when people take for granted the opportunities that others appreciate. Look I never forgot my roots and the culture of where I came from, but I combine the two and it made me who I am today. I don’t have plans of going anywhere else, unless a job opportunity came about. This country is where I call home, this is where I want my children to grow up (if I ever have any). I’ve never agreed with people bad mouthing it, because they feel they aren’t getting their fair share.

    When you move to another country, you made the choice, but you also have the choice to reverse that decision any time you like. If people went to other countries, the expectation is you assimilate into that society. That doesn’t mean they are telling you lose your identity and the culture you came with, find a way to merge the two cultures together.

    • Nick says:

      Thank you for your comment. I would hope someone would never lose their identity. I love that this country has some many different races and ethnic groups. We can all learn from each others cultures, which is one of the things I love about America.

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  17. Re: Julius. “Freedom, means complete freedom. Anything else is your own little dictatorship. You’re simply cherry picking.”
    That sounds like anarchy. Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.
    God gave man the GIFT of government, not do your own thing.

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