Chad Ocho-asshole

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Headlines, Rantings
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For those of you that don’t follow sports, Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) is a football in the NFL.  Although football may be his profession, being a complete asshole seems to be his true calling.  This drug using, wife beating, wannabe pornstar, piece of shit is the perfect example of how talent will only get you so far before your behavior stops you dead in your tracks.  There is no doubt that Johnson was, at one point, a great football player back when he played for the Bengals, but his actions off the field seemed to define his career.

It has been known for a while that Johnson was a head case, but because of his talent the Miami Dolphins decided to give him a try.  Before he could even play a game he imploded during a press conference exclaiming that he has been smoking weed with rock legend Gene Simmons and that he wants to start a new career as a pornstar.  If all that wasn’t enough, we found out this week that after his wife found a receipt for condoms they began to fight which ended with her being headbutted.

I am not going to pretend I know exactly what transpired before the headbutt, but I will tell you that I don’t care what happened.  Unless she pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him there is no reason to hit her.  I am so sick of men beating women.  It has become such a major problem lately and the shit needs to stop.  My wife and I get into fights all the time, but I would never even consider hitting her.  Maybe I would shake her a little bit 😉 but I would never hit her.  Ocho-beato needs to grow the hell up and stop acting like an over sized child.


  1. javaj240 says:

    And nobody should be hitting anybody!

  2. Wow, what a major ass. (Not you) I’m glad you wouldn’t do that to your wife. Shaking is okay. 😉

  3. elricsfate says:

    I will say that I mostly agree with you. However, when I got remarried I told my current wife that my kids were not going to get a phone call saying, “Sorry, Bev was fucking around and hit your dad over the head with a pan and he died from the trauma.” So, I informed her, if you ever come at me with something in your hand, I’m going to drop you where you stand. Period. Thus far we’re both alive and well. lol But generally yeah, hitting girls is for pussies. The other side of that argument though, is if you don’t want to be treated like a man, don’t act like one.

    • Nick says:

      Well cheers to the both of you still breathing lol. I love the last line of your comment. I would just hit a woman for the sake of hitting her, BUT if she is coming at me with a weapon, or is just repeatedly following me around swinging at me I am going to defend myself. With that said I don;t plan on beating her for the next 20 minutes nor do I wish to cause any kind of an injury. I will just want to put a stop to it.

  4. B says:

    First of all the fact that they couldn’t get their acts together after all the chances is beyond stupid to me. Ocho and TO got way to many chances to prove their talents. Both cancers to their teams, I was even surprised when Belichick gave his ass a chance. Everyone knew his wife shouldn’t have married him to begin with. I totally agree with your sentiments. This is one giant mess that just needs to solve itself.

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