Douche of the Week 8-6

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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I would like to warn you all ahead of time that this post will have some profanity in it… Consider yourselves warned.

In my day to day life I meet a lot of douches so this weekly post is always one of the hardest to write.  That is not the case this week.  The DOW this week is one of the most disgusting fucking pieces of shit I have ever had the misfortune to meet.    This guy, who will now be referred to simply as G.A.G (people who know of the situation will get this), frequents my place of employment daily.  Every time he steps foot into the building everyone cringes because they know how fucking disgusting he is.

OK a little back story is necessary.  G.A.G is what most people would call a fucking drunk asshole that likes to flirt with little boys.  He was talked to in the past several times about his behavior towards the younger kids that work there.  He also blatantly opens little bottles of alcohol and not only drinks them in plain view of the public, but then leaves the empty bottles all over the place.  It is well known that he has also offered minors alcohol.

OK jump ahead to a couple of days ago.  G.A.G is getting ready to leave, but before he does he starts talking to a 16 year old boy at which point he reaches in his pocket and pulls out some weed and a pipe and asks the kid to get high with him.


Alright, so the guy leaves the building and is confronted by a manager at which point the guy leaves the area and ditches the weed and pipe under a car.  The cops were called but got there too late and basically said that they couldn’t do much because they didn’t see him in possession of the paraphernalia.

People like this guy make me sick to my stomach.  You prey on little kids and act like such a badass, but as soon as you are confronted you run away like the fucking coward that you are.  For all of these reasons and a bunch more that I probably don’t even know about, you are without a doubt Douche of the Week!!


  1. Ken says:

    I can totally see this scenario. I run a gas station/convenience store and we see some of the most D.O.T.W. material we could ever imagine. This guy sounds like he’s not very far off the chart from some of our most frustrating guests.

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