My First Blogging Award!!

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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I have been blogging for only a month, so today when I received a message from someone telling me I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” I was pretty shocked.  After the shock went away I was left wondering how bad the other blogs must be that mine was picked.  Lets face it people, my blog is called “Talkin Shit” and the last post I wrote had the word “Boobies” in the title.  The one thing I can say about Talkin’ Shit is that it is all me and its all as real as it gets.  I don’t sugar coat things, but I also speak from the heart.  When I started this blog I really didn’t think it would be read by anyone outside of my friends.  Just a month later and the blog is doing pretty well, which leads me back to this award.

Like everything in life this award comes with rules.  Rule one is to thank the person that nominated me. With out further ado..

Moon, my appreciation overwhelms me.  Thank you so incredibly much for thinking this foul mouthed guy from South Florida was worth nominating.  In my wildest dreams I would have never had thought a blog called Talkin’ Shit would be considered “lovely” but I am forever grateful that you thought it was.

Any of you that follow Moon know that she is amazing!  This will sound kind of stalkerish (don’t judge me), but I visit her blog many times a day in hopes of new doodles.  There are few blogs that speak to me the ways her’s does.  If you haven’t been to Moon’s blog I implore you to stop reading this and head there right now!!!  i am

Rule number 2 is to share 7 random things about myself which I haven’t already revealed in my blog.

1)  I have a huge man-crush on Gordon Ramsay.

2)  I have notebook full of poetry that I wrote 10 years ago that only 2 people know exist.

3)  I once won a rib eating contest.

4)  I giggle every time I see a little person.

5)  I would give up everything I have ever owned to be invisible.

6)  I ran over a chicken once.

7)  I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

The next rule is to list 15 bloggers whom I’ve had the privilege of following and would like to acknowledge as my favorites.

1) AMANDA MEETS BOOK  What is there not to love about about this blog?  She has the quirky upbeat style of writing that you can’t help but to fall in love with!  This one is a must read people!!

2)  Peter Monaco A guy after my own heart.  Tells it like it is but always has a fun spin on it.  “Things to Say as a Jerk For a Day…”  is one of my favorite reads.

3)   JUXTAPIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY Beautiful photography!  I clicked on this blog accidentally and ended up spending hour clicking through the amazing photos.

4)   tracy lane is not a virgin If you can look at “this is what a survivor of sexual abuse looks like” and not be completely memorized, you must be dead inside.  Absolutely breathtaking!

5)  —CameraPen  Another amazing set of pictures!  Make sure you have plenty of time to visit this blog because I guarantee you won’t want to leave it.

6)  burningsugarcane  is one of those blogs that catches you off guard.  I don’t want this to sound bad but when I first visited this one I didn’t think I would like  it.  To be honest I have no real reasons behind these feelings.  With that said, I was tremendously wrong.  I love this blog!!  She touches on a a bunch of topics that really hit home with a lot of readers, and even if you don’t agree with her you still walk away well informed.

7)  Writes2escape’s Blog :  Whether it’s a book review or recanting a conversation with “some random guy” the laughs keep rolling in.

8)  It’s A Peach is one of those blogs that just makes you smile.  With the mix of “LOL’s” and some great photography it was an easy decision to follow.

9)  The Mercenary Researcher Seriously, how could you not nominate a blog with that title??  She reminds me  a lot of myself with her ideals.  Just one read and you will see she is all about being herself and the hell with anyone that doesn’t like it.  I have a lot of respect for her and I hope you all read her blog and see what I see in it.

10)  Haz’s Random Musings is one of my guilty pleasures.  I am positive her blog will make me gain 50 pounds because everyday she has a picture of some amazingly tasty looking food.  If you go to her blog (and you better) make sure you bring a bib to catch the drool.

11)  The Laughing Housewife  This is what made me follow this blog; “I am a little fat. I like food; what can I say? I have dull hair: mousey. I don’t wear much make-up and have no need of a dressing table. If I look like a bag lady, I chose my own clothes. If I look nice, the Hub picked them for me. Despite all this, I am a little vain. This photograph is from 2003. I had to go back that far to find one of me that I liked. But I don’t really care: my husband still thinks I’m beautiful and if he doesn’t, he loves me enough to lie about it. I’m lucky. I have two boys. They never lie to me. Still, you can’t have everything.”

12)  Young And Divorced  Its a voyeuristic view into the life of someone going through a divorce.  It breaks my heart reading some of the posts, but then I realize that this person is strong as hell.  If my wife and I were to get divorced I would be a complete mess.  I would shut down and not talk to anyone.  I give a lot of credit to them for being able to express so much to so many.

13)  Bishop the Reviewer Don’t know how you feel about a new movie/show/game/book or whatever?  Read this blog!!  Great unbiased reviews on just about everything.  This blog was already nominated once before but I don’t care.  I love it and I am sure you will too.

14)  The Word By Mike Ballenger In a word…Kickass!!  Go check it out to see what rules you should or should not follow!

15)  manda.moore  filled with amazing photos, random thoughts and of course….DOMO!!  When you visit her blog make sure you ask her about the penguins, I get a feeling she loves that!

The last rule is to notify all 15 bloggers and link them to this post.  And please don’t forget to check out the blogs listed above.  They are truly great and deserve all of your attention.


  1. hazrock says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination. And congrats on yours!
    My blog is BYOB. Bring Your Own Bib. Lol!!

  2. hazrock says:

    Reblogged this on Haz's Random Musings and commented:
    Thank you Nick!

  3. Thanks for the nomination my friend! Keep up the good work , your blog is funny as hell and you showed the boobies vid.

  4. Thanks for the nomination and your kind words. I’ll be sure to get working on this soon.

  5. Many thanks for the nomination! I’m glad you liked my blog…. even if you didn’t think you would at first. 😉 Can’t wait to sort through my favorite blogs and spread the bloggy love!

    • Nick says:

      I love the award but the whole picking my top 15 was a lot harder than I thought. Took forever to get it done, but I am glad I could throw some attention your way!

  6. petermonaco says:

    Extremely flattered at the nomination. At the same time, congratulations on your blog’s success, proof that quality content and honesty is worth the hard work.

  7. Omg! Thank you very much for the nomination, Nick!
    Your blog is fantastic and totally deserving of the award! 😉

  8. ditchthemarriage says:

    Awesome Nick! Really made my day! I am now following all the other nominees, these blogs are amazing!!!

  9. ditchthemarriage says:

    Reblogged this on Young And Divorced.

  10. amoonfull says:

    Thanks a lot! My doodles! lol I have yet to create any new ones… but soon when I get bored at work again and am not writing, i will find myself with a pencil/pen/marker and a blank sheet of paper!

  11. manda.moore says:

    Awesome and thanks so much!!! I guess I should follow more folks so I could actually pass this on to others as well. 😛 Maybe I’ll spend some time tomorrow looking for new awesome folks to follow on here and see what kind of list I can come up with! This makes me glad I moved over from Tumblr. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the nomination and congratulations on your first award! 😀

  13. Thanks! I really love your blog, too! I was laughing out loud in the bedroom one day and my boyfriend was instantly curious.

    Because he doesn’t read a lot of blogs, the minute I said, “This dude’s blog is hilarious” he had left the room at “blog.”

    Really, thank you, thank you. It means a lot to get this kind of compliment from another blogger.

    BOOBIES! (that’s my way of giving you an internet high-five)

  14. Ok. Dude. I love every blog on this list. Thanks for the compiled and easily accessible awesomeness.

  15. ranikaye says:

    Nick, HELP – I don’t know how to follow your instructions to “link-back” and all that. I’ve been using WordPress for less than a week, and I don’t know how to do much here yet at all.

  16. MysteryCoach says:

    Hey Nick, I came over to say Hi seeing you over by my blog. So, HI ! You do realize now that more people know about your book of poetry right? 🙂

    Okay, so what I wanna know is… what happens when you take the tape off your mouth? 🙂

    • Nick says:

      I thought about the book after I published it, but then again they have never seen it 🙂 And lets hope the tape never comes off because that’s when the real shit happens!

      • MysteryCoach says:

        You know? I never really read poetry a lot until I ran into a couple bloggers posts and It’s really good … Who knows, maybe you post one and you’ll enjoy it too. I dunno… it’s up to you of course.

        hahaha! Okay, I’ll take your word for the tape coming off 🙂

      • Nick says:

        I have thought about posting a few on here, but I always find a reason not to. Maybe one day. You’ll just have to keep coming back to see if I end up doing it 🙂

      • MysteryCoach says:

        Sounds like a challenge to me 🙂 You’re on… BUT there’s a guideline, you have to come read my drivel. hahahaha!

        You only have to be courageous for 20 seconds. That’s how long it takes to click “post” when sharing something important to you is posted.

        I have a lot of posts that I’ve hidden because I want to move past them but the new ones sometimes I know are … hmmmm… require courage 🙂

        You be you.

  17. ramanan50 says:

    Your byline is very candid.
    Wish many more people are as candid.

  18. Irene says:

    You had me at man crush on Gordon Ramsay!
    You got a new subscriber! Thanks for subscribing to mine! I hope I can be as entertaining as you are!
    BOOOOOOOBIES!!! OMG, you’re a crack up!

  19. Nick says:

    What a great comment!! Thank you so much!! My shit is entertaining? If you say so lol. I loved your blog, although I am not sure about the fridge on the wall 🙂

  20. Debb says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for liking my post today! It’s always nice to get a “Like”, since I have been blogging for almost a week now. Yup, I’m a newbie! So glad you shared your nominations with us, now I will have some definite leads on good blogs to look up!

  21. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Neckbones says:

    As for #4, what constitutes a “little person?” Thanks for checking out Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries.

  23. R says:

    Congrats on your award! And thanks for reading my blog!

  24. Mooselicker says:

    What did you win for winning the rib eating contest? I’ve always wanted to enter some glutton contest. I’m a binge eating master.

  25. peachyteachy says:

    Congrats on the Loveliness! Being lovely is a lot of work. Thanks for the like on my post re: the newest Star Wars hero, Hospitality Man.

  26. John says:

    Thanks for stoppin’ by, Nick. 🙂

  27. blurppy says:

    Congrats on the nomination! Now think how I feel since I have been doing this over a YEAR and have NO nominations. That being said, I still think you should check out BLURPPY.COM. We did get over a million hits in our first year so that has to account for SOMETHING right? (Please say yes.)

  28. I like your blog and I think you write using humor very well.

  29. Nick, you are obviously a very clever guy with a good sense of humor who writes well. But PLEASE…tell me how you got all those hits and 476 blog followers in JUST TWO MONTHS!!!!

    • Nick says:

      I wish I could tell you how I got them. I seriously have no idea lol. I just hit 10,000 views today and I am still completely surprised people read this stuff.

  30. Congratulations. Just found your blog. Liked it from the moment I saw the blog name … and your tagline, wow.

  31. Inemesit says:

    thanks for liking my post. pls visit again

  32. Thanks for liking my post and following my blog. It’s nice to have veteran *award-winning* bloggers looking out for the newbies like me! I love your style – keep up the good work. I’ll be following your antics and checking out the other blogs you recommended as well. Thanks!

  33. Congrats. on your award. Love your blog!!!

  34. Thanks Nick for liking my entry about South Indian Gunpowder. I’ve generally got the same mantra you do, about speaking what’s on one’s mind, so you’ve got a refreshing blog out there. In more predictable news, have you tried the gunpowder before?

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for the comment! I have never tried it before, but after reading your post I was intrigued. I also checked out the chocolate cheese post. That just sounds like a horrible combination lol.

  35. Caitlin says:

    haha hilarious! thanks for stopping by 🙂

  36. ladybuggz says:

    A man after my own heart!! People that don’t eat Peanut Butter and Bananas are Crazy!!! They are great!!!

  37. youtheeverydaysuperhero says:

    very funny blog man

  38. Memphis Earlene, Scarlett and I thank you for visiting our blog. We aspire to the standard of found poetry.

  39. merceeo says:

    Congratulations nick 🙂 I just started following your blog cos I think your blog is awesome 🙂 and thanks for liking my post considering the fact that it was the first I have written in a while.

  40. Congratulations on your award, and thanks for liking my blog. Keep talkin’ shit!

  41. Honie Briggs says:

    Hey, this is great. Um, I hope you know, your secret’s out of the bag on the notebook of poetry. Also, invisibility isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, just trust me on this. 🙂 Nice blog.

  42. Thanks for liking my entry. It was an unscheduled post. The paper just threw my day off. Congrats on your award. Isn’t it great to have the 1st Amendment? I will have to check out the blogs you’ve referenced.

  43. RDoug says:

    Congratulations on the award.

  44. […] My First Blogging Award!! […]

  45. Hey, Nick! Congrats on your Blog award. I like your style. Thanks for the props on my “Favorite Movies” post. I am a computer klutz despite my Wife’s (Teepee12) best efforts. Am planning to do another movie thing with anecdotes later this week. Here’s at you. Garry

  46. kelihasablog says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today… Congrats on your award! It’s always nice to know you’re so well thought of. 😀

  47. aynnsnow says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  48. Congrats on the award and I look forward to more Talking Shit.

  49. Congrats, I wish I had found your blog before. It is …..? very frank. And that is great.

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