Douche of the Week 7-30

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Douche Of The Week, Rantings
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This weeks DOW is more of a group than a person, but their Doucheness hits close to home for me.  This weeks DOW are bad tippers.  Bad tippers disgust me.  They go out to eat, usually run the server ragged, complain about everything and then leave a bare minimal tip or nothing at all.  

My wife is a waitress at a Cheesecake Factory in Boca Raton, FL.  Its funny, everytime I tell people where she works they immediately think she makes a ton of money in tips.  The truth is on most nights she doesn’t do that well at all, so much in fact she recently picked up another job to have a more steady income.

When I was old enough to go out to eat and pay for myself  it was already ingrained in my head to leave at least 15% of the  bill as a tip.  Now I feel it is customary to leave around 18-20%.   Some people feel 18-20% is too much, but it would probably surprise them to know most people leave around 10-12%, which for someone with a base pay of half the minimum wage (around $3.00)  barely pays for the gas to get to work.

I have found that the one of the top reasons people leave bad tips is because they simply don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford it.  Although I understand, I also believe if you can’t afford the tip after the meal, maybe you shouldn’t be going out to eat in the first place.  Maybe you should spend your money buying your own food where you can cook it at home and serve yourself instead of ruining someone else’s night by making them work for nothing.

Even more shocking are the people who are very well off and still leave horrible tips.  I once read an article about celebrities that were horrible tippers.  Topping the chart were people like Usher and Jeremy Piven whom have both left just an autograph for bills that are up in excess of hundreds of dollars.  And how about Bill Cosby who reportedly left a $3 tip on a $375 bill.  Oh and lets not forget about the queen of the small tip, Rachael Friggin Ray.  Ray has a TV show called $40 a Day in which she shows how someone can spend a entire day eating out for just $40.  She is seen on the show leaving around 10% on most bills.    Its shameful that these people who probably have enough money to buy the restaurant they eat in leave such horrible tips and for that reason they are all, with out a doubt Douche of the Week!!


  1. Agreed wholeheartedly! Bad tippers are douches. If you can’t afford to tip, than don’t eat out. I don’t even go to Golden Corral if I can’t leave at least a dollar per person. However, I’ve found that those who have the money to tip, don’t. There’s an interesting correlation between the rich tipping, and the rich taking advantage of tax loopholes and low tax rates. THEY DON’T PAY IT FORWARD! They’ve enjoyed tax rates that are next to nothing, yet they don’t create jobs to get the economy moving. But that’s for another conversation…. The rich aren’t cheap by any means. They know how to spend good money on themselves. The problem is they want to keep all the money in their hands.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I actually shoot for 20-25% to be honest. I TRY any how. I am not sure if people realize they make LESS than minimum wage 😦

  3. This is true. Not many people realize how much waiters/waitresses depend on those tips..

  4. Worth Commenting says:

    some places where i live in ontario, canada, it is already embedded in the interact machines to pay for tips. i hate that. we should have a choice no matter if the waitress is great or not. great post.

    • Nick says:

      This is a great point. My wife has seen several people from other countries not leave tips at all because they are used to it being included in the bill. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I also think that the way a person treats their waitress/waiter indicates what kind of person they are. Especially on a ‘first date’ – if you’re a jerk to the waitstaff…bye bye first date…not impressed.

    • Nick says:

      Just about every time my wife and I dine out we are disgusted with the way people treat the servers. Constantly yelling at them and running them ragged. The one thing that really annoys me is when the server is at one table taking an order, and another table starts yelling for the server. Its rude to the server and the customers he/she is trying to help. Thanks for the comment!

  6. missybambi says:

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