Keep It to Yourself!

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings
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When are people going to learn to just keep their damn mouth shut?  My wife and I took a trip to Walmart to grab a few items.  It was feeling like a hot pretzel kinda day for me so we headed to the snack bar right away.  While we were standing at a table enjoying my deliciously hot and salty treat a strange man approached my wife and I.  He said hello and then said, “God loves you.”  My wife looked at me, I looked at her and we both had a, “what the fuck?” look on our faces. He walked away as abruptly as he came.

The whole things was strange and although I am sure it was innocent enough, it got me thinking about how many times people have tried to force their views on to me or have just said really fucked up things to me.   Since we started this with God I guess I will talk about the people who continually try to bring the word of God into my life.  Anyone that knows me or has read my blog knows I’m not religious, but I am not against it either.  I don’t care what people decide to have faith in because its none of my damn business.

A couple of weeks ago I was I was dealing with a woman at my job and after we were done she said, “God bless you.”  Even though I am not religious I thought it was a nice thing for her to say because I understood the meaning behind it.  I thanked her and told her to have a nice day.  I expected her to smile and walk away, but she didn’t.  Instead she asked, “Aren’t you going to say God bless you back?”  Since I was at work and couldn’t say what I wanted to, I put on a fake smile and returned her sentiment.

That whole situation really pissed me off.  I deal with about 3000 different people a day, all with their own beliefs and opinions, all of which I wish would just keep them to themselves.  If someone doesn’t have the same views or beliefs you do, don’t force it on them.  Just smile and walk away.

The people that really piss me off are the ones that will not only force their views onto you but then get really pissed off when you bring up your own views.  Its like me living in South Florida during the holiday seasons.  It becomes a nightmare around Christmas and Easter because although I have grown up in America saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Easter” I have to be careful saying it now.  Even though I am supposed to recognize everyone else’s holidays I get dirty looks anytime I say Merry Christmas to someone who doesn’t celebrate that particular holiday.

Another thing is my tattoos.  I have a couple of them but only one is visible to the public.  Just about every single day I have people ask me why I would get a tattoo or why I would put on my arm for all to see.  My answer?  Because its my fucking body, and I will do with it what I please, and if you don’t like well then go fuck yourself.  My wife was just telling me about a girl she works with that has tattoos going down both of her arms.  This girl has had several people say shit to her like, “you would be so pretty if it wasn’t for the tattoos” and “you’ll never get a husband looking like that.”  I have seen pictures of this girl and she seems to be attractive with or without the ink.  Here’s the thing…even if the tatts made her look horrible, what the fuck is it to you?  Mind your damn business and keep your opinions to yourself.  If me or anyone else wants your opinion we’ll ask you.  Till then shut the hell up when it comes to my beliefs and my body.

  1. liefer says:

    you know, man, i just kinda feel like those people are retards, man. In the parlance of our times, they just think they’re being a good christian. my own personal beliefs are my own and I listen to others if they want to talk but man, I just don’t let it get to me. Those people are living in fear of going to hell and what they do is mostly due to what our society has turned us into. It starts with lies about santa claus and the easter bunny then it turns into lies about how we peacefully obtained this land from the natives…it’s really not their fault. Just realize that your life is yours and nobody can affect it other than you, man.

  2. Rj says:

    People just do the strangest things when they believe they are entitled to. But they do even stranger things when they just plain believe.

  3. Someone asked me if I knew my tattoos were ‘premanent’…um…yes, I think I realized that…

    Pregnant women are also subjected to everyone’s opinion and being touched without asking.. it’s really annoying and absurd. Sometimes I would buy my husband beer and smokes (he smoked outside only) when I was preggers just to piss people off. Hee hee..

    • liefer says:

      HAHAHAHA! I love getting reactions out of people too. I also had an instance like this recently but it was a month after the Trevon martin shooting in Florida. I guess it was a big deal to wear a hooded sweatshirt. I am from Hawai’i and I live on a sailboat in San Diego so its gets chilly down here and one day I was walking my dog and had Arizona people ask me if I was afraid of getting shot because I was wearing my hoodie. I told them that I had been wearing hoodies since before that kid was even born so just keep your mouths shut. I mostly try to be zen about things but I think people are getting dumber as time goes by. If you’ve seen the Disney movie Wall-E, I think that’s where society is going. fat and lazy and stupid/ignorant. I guess I really started my blog to separate myself and others close to me from the idiots of the world. I thought that 99% occupy movement was a great idea but lacked organization. I don’t trust our government with even the jobs that they are given but I feel like we are always in the dark. I’ma gardener and I know a lot about monsanto, They now have patents on roughly 85-90% on all seeds used in the US but now they are making seeds have tolerance for high levels of aluminum…There is an interesting documentary on youtube called “What in the world are they spraying?!?!? I highly recommend it, aloha.

      • It’s kind of weird that someone else, in an entirely different context, mentioned “monsanto” to me today.

      • liefer says:

        We need to educate people about Monsanto. I saw a documentary about it a few years back and now it can’t be found anywhere. If you’re interested in that I can blog all day about it…I’m going to start a realization blog about everyday life and what they are not telling us

      • That would fill the universe, my friend.

      • Nick says:

        The Trayvon Martin shooting was an extremely touchy subject down here in FL for a while and now you never hear about it.

      • Nick says:

        Monsanto is something everyone should be educated on and yet there are probably only a few that care enough to know what it is. I haven’t seen that documentary yet but I will def. check it out.

      • liefer says:

        you can still see all the stuff on netflix like food wars, vanishing of the bees, ethos, zeitgiest, to name a few titles as well as what in the world are they spraying on youtube. create your own future.

  4. Nick says:

    Talkin’ Shit, bringing people together from all walks of life lol. Thank you both for your comments.

  5. hazrock says:

    I was just reading something similar on twitter. “excuse me, here is your nose. I found it in my business”. Lol!

  6. alundeberg says:

    I love it when religious people tell me that I should read the Book of Mark, like because I’m an atheist, I’ve never read the bible. I want to tell them, “Hey, I’ve read the Book of Mark and I’ve gone to bible study and I’m still an atheist! Why don’t you go read some Nietzsche.” This also goes for people who comment on my size. I’m a small person, but people tell me that I should eat more and take and that supplement. However, I doubt they’d like it if I brought up their weight and suggested Jenny Craig. People are incredible. Thank you for the follow– I’m enjoying your posts.

  7. I’m enjoyiing this post a lot – arrogant people are the same all over the world, aren’t they. It’s a funny thing about religious issues – it’s so politically correct to be aware of someone’s religion and not offend them, but the religious guys don’t give a hoot about us atheists. Maybe THEY should be more sensitive about offending US – I curl up inside when people make assumptions about my beliefs.

    • Nick says:

      Thank you for the comment! I really don’t care how they feel about my beliefs, but what does piss me off are the people that constantly try to preach to me and convert me to something I will never be. Its like they think somehow they will say those magic words that will convince me to believe what they believe in.

  8. ranikaye says:

    I guess I definitely do want to follow your blog. I’ll probably only read the written stuff, though. As I said on another thread, I’m just not much into video, IDK why, that’s just me.

    Since you’re already following me, I guess I’d better warn you that I’m a Christian and so there’s gonna be stuff I like that you might not like. If you’re cool with that, I am totally cool with you being you.

    You’re a good writer, and I like the diverse crowd of folks who comment on your blogs.

    Please feel free to comment on mine, too. I don’t even mind if you say WTF. I like your sense of right-and-wrong. And I hate mindless attempts to convert everybody to Christianity. I’d apologize on behalf of my “brethren” but I can’t control ’em, either. Every one of us is perfectly capable of acting like an a**, including Christians.

    “God bless you”

    • ranikaye says:

      Apparently if you put something inside those little arrow brackets, it disappears. So here’s what I tried to write after I said “God bless you”: (How the heck do you make a smiley-face on WordPress? I’m a newby here).

      Note to self: Use parentheses instead of those arrow-looking keys when you want to leave a snarky aside.

  9. anna says:

    you know, I just had an old man come up to me the other day and comment on my tattoo that I have on my wrist. He asked why did I get the tattoo. I said, because I like it. He then replied, back when I was young, only 2 types of people had tattoos, hookers or sailors. I was like, WTF? He just looked at me and was like, no need to get offended. Right, you just called me a hooker, thanks for being rude you old prick.

    • Nick says:

      Maybe Hooker is a term of endearment in his eyes lol. Seriously though I hate people like that. The thing I love about tattoos and piercings and the clothes we choose to wear is that it makes us individuals. I refuse to be a cookie cutter mold of someone else. This idea should be embraced and not mocked.

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