Enigma II

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Enigma
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I honestly wished and hoped that I would never write about you again.  I told and almost convinced myself that I would never let you piss me off as much as you have, and yet again you surprise me with how much of a child you can be.  It amazes me on a daily basis how much of your day you devote to thinking of me.  You are a sad, sad, so sad person that you puts your life on hold to constantly have me on your mind.

I suppose the same could be said for you being on my mind as well considering this post.  I really couldn’t argue with that.  However there is a huge difference between us.  You seem to go out of your way to try to make my day a nightmare, and myself?  Well I just keep eating the shit you spew out until I need to talk a little shit.  You put my name and reputation on blast every day, while I will take your name to the grave.  I don’t need to name you, and I sure don’t need people on my side.  As far as I’m concerned, the only time people need others to back them up is because they are too weak to stand alone.  Well, you have proven time and time again that you need an army stand up to anything.  You have never once stood for anything by yourself.  For years now I have watched you lay back and try to convince everyone else that your problem is everyone else’s problem.

I have never cared if someone shared my point of view towards my problems.  They are MY problems and mine alone.  Why would I want to drag someone else into it?  I have never been “that” guy.  Not to say that I don’t have friends that have  put their lives on hold to help me out before, but I have never asked them to agree with me on anything.  I don’t want my friends to agree with everything I say.  The friends I have are the kind of people that are strong minded enough to know what they like and don’t need me to tell them otherwise.  So once again I feel sorry for you Enigma.  I feel sorry that can’t have real friends.  I feel sorry that you have to fill your days with thoughts of me and not of more important things.  Most importantly, I feel sorry that you will never be happy with who you are and that you will always need to hurt others to make yourself feel better.

As always, I will try to convince myself that this the last post I will write about you, but if you have to convince yourself of something it usually means you never believed in it to begin with.

  1. Rj says:

    A great band once said, “if you still hate me youre thinking of me.”

  2. Charlie says:

    Congrats Enigma “YOURE A DOUCHE”!!

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