Douche of the Week 7-23

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Douche Of The Week
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**Back from my little hiatus, I am getting right back into Douche Pool.  Its been more than a week since the last DOW and a lot of douche things have happened so this week’s post is going to be more than one douche.  Alright then, lets get to it!**

Unless you live under a rock, or are completely oblivious, you have all heard of the shootings at “The Dark Knight Rises” premier.  People its a no brainer here, the douche this week HAS to be James Holmes.  This douchebag piece of shit decided that it would be a great idea to bust into a theater, toss some smoke grenades and lay waste to the whole place.  When the smoke cleared this disgusting excuse for a human being killed 12 people and injured another 58.  Too bad his doucheness didn’t stop there.  He also decided to load his apartment with a metric shit ton of explosive booby traps in hopes of killing even more people.  This guy is without a doubt Douche of the Week.

Now, there is one little problem with the next one because people usually wouldn’t pick a victim of the shootings as the DOW, but then there is the case of Jamie Rohrs and his fiancee’ Patricia Legarreta.  These two idiots are the epitome of the DOW.  These two fucktards decided it would be a great idea to take their 4 year old and 4 month old to the midnight premier….wait, what?  THE MIDNIGHT PREMIER?  Yeah the fucking midnight premier.  Now some will argue that their actions aren’t that bad, but there is always more to the story.  If having the kids out that late wasn’t bad enough just wait till you here what happened after the shooting started.

I didn’t want you to think I was embellishing the story so I want you to hear this straight from the douche’s mouth.

Rohrs, who had Ethan (4 month old son), said he jumped over the seat with the baby in his arms. He said he considered lying on the ground and playing dead but feared for his son’s life.

“I’m trying to keep him low. … And he’s crying,” Rohrs said. “People are running all over. I’m tripping and falling. I don’t know if I laid him down or sat him down. I’m wondering maybe there’s more of them. [I’m thinking] ‘He’s crying and they’re going to come get me.’ I look up to see if I can run. I’m ducking, dodging, turning left, turning right. … Every time you hear a gun shot, it’s like ‘Oh, I’m dead.'”

“I’m just disoriented after I put him down,” Rohrs said. “I’m just waiting for me to hit the ground and fall down dead. You could see the gunfire and people are dropping.”

He said he wondered where Ethan was but realized he could not go back to get him. Rohrs finally jumped over the balcony and ended up outside.

“It just felt like the worst thing ever because my son’s still in there,” he told ABC News. “My girlfriend is still in there. I’m out here. Who leaves their child there?”

He said Legarreta called him from another phone and he drove back to the theater. They were eventually taken to the hospital and released.

Ok in case you didn’t get all of that please allow me to recap.  This guy pretty much left his family behind and not only ran out the door but then jumped in his car and drove off.  Wow, just typing that makes me feel his doucheness from here.  I may tell people I hate my wife and that she is trying to kill me, but when shit is on the line I would take a bullet for her.  You can sit there and tell me that I really don’t know how I would react unless I was actually in that situation.  Well, I am telling you right now that, there isn’t a chance in hell I would leave my family behind.  If by chance we were separated in all of the confusion I sure as shit would not drive the hell away and call her when I am down the road.

This family seems to have some serious issues to work out and until they do they will be forever known on this blog as the Douche’s of the Week!!


  1. Rj says:

    You already know my feelings on this whole situation.

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