Top 10 Ten People I Want To Meet

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings, Top 10
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This is pretty self-explanatory but I will fill you in a bit.  This is a list of people past and present that I would like to meet and why. So without further ado…

10)  Justin Beiber’s dad so I can kick him in the balls repeatedly to ensure he wouldn’t birth  the demise of our world.

9)    Tyler Perry so I can somehow stop all of those horrible Madea movies from being made

8)    Quentin Tarantino because he has made some of the greatest I have ever seen and I would give just about anything to pick his brain.

7)    Michael Jordan has to be on this list.  I have been a Bulls fan for 25 years and I would love a chance to meet the man that made my brother and I watch basketball together.

6)    Kurt Cobain because the world lost him way too soon!

5)    Doug Heffernan, not Kevin James, but Doug so I can buy him a beer and listen to how his deliveries went today.

4)    John Belushi so I can spend an entire night laughing my ass off.

3)    12 year old me so I can tell him to stop hiding behind a jacket and be yourself and fuck everyone else’s opinions.

2)    Kevin Smith because I have the biggest man crush on him.  This might sound stalkerish but I swear on all that is holy that one day I will meet him.

1)    Finally I want to meet all of you and find out just how boring your lives are that you are reading my blog lol.  In all seriousness thank you all so much for stopping by and giving this guy a place to rant.

  1. alison says:

    aww i love justin beiber! hes kaileys boyfriend! lol

  2. I would love to meet Kurt Cobain. An amazing musician and a man who was definitely misunderstood. I would also like to meet Dave Grohl, drummer to Nirvana and front man to Foo Fighters.

    But now for an important question, if you were to meet Bieber’s father, would you be wearing steel-toed boots or just normal ones? This is really important. 😛

  3. lacidanielle says:

    Belushi is good….humour is important! Id’ agree with that!

  4. boomiebol says:

    With you on no 9 lol. Love this!

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