Who Am I?

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Rantings, Uncategorized
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Who am I?  Seems like an innocuous question to ask but seriously who the hell am I?  Who am I to think people want hear what I have to say or even read this blog?  Its interesting when you think about how many people in the world have blogs  and how many people actually read them.  Here I am a virtuous nobody in the grand scheme of things and yet people not only read my shit but yet like it and ask me for more.

As I have stated before, I started Talkin’ Shit as a joke and never thought I would have any kind of a following.  I started off on Blogger but was abruptly kicked off because somebody was offended that I used the word faggot.  Anyone that has read “Why So Sensitive?” knows that I was in no way using it an offensive nature but I suppose it didn’t really matter.

After the Blogger debacle I stopped writing and figured it was all for the best because seriously, besides the people I tag in Facebook status’ whoring my blog out, who really reads it anyway?  Talking to people at work and getting msgs from people I haven’t talked to in years about when I was going to write again made me contemplate starting up another blog.  It was recommended that I change the name and basically start over so the stink of Blogger didn’t follow me.

I took what they said into consideration and then I realized one monumentally important thing…WHAT THE FUCK DO I CARE PEOPLE THINK?  See this blog may have started as a joke but it has always been true to me and who I am.  I don’t write for an audience or to become famous.  I write because I have always loved to write.  It probably started 25 years ago when I wrote, directed, and starred in a play about Christmas for a class in Brielle Elementary School.  I had a lot of fun writing that and even more fun watching the other students perform something I created.  I received a lot of praise for that play but I didn’t even care about that.  I just thought it was amazing that something I had written came to life in front of my eyes.

Now 25 years later I am writing a blog about nothing and somehow I have a legit audience.  A week after joining WordPress I am just shy of 1000 views (about 140 a day).  Comparing that to a real blog its probably not that many at all and still I am really proud of it because once again, who the hell am I?  For whatever reason 140 people a day not only read my stuff, but they seem to look forward to it.

Although I do this for myself and nobody else I really do appreciate you all and thank you for the bottom heart for allowing me to talk a little shit with you!

  1. Ha – I was going to write about this very topic – I hope to get 1000/week at some point. Thanks for the humor.

  2. Cheri L. says:

    Hi Nick,
    you have some interesting posts here, keep up the good work. Also, thank you for the follow. I look forward to your comments.

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