Feel Good Story of the Day

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Headlines, Uncategorized
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Usually I am bombarded with stories that make me lose all faith in humanity, but this is not one of those stories.  On July 7th Aaron Collins, a 30 year old computer tech, passed away leaving his family with an amazingly selfless last wish.  Aaron’s dying last wish was to make someone’s day by presenting them with a random act of kindness.  His idea was to have his family go out for pizza and present the server with a $500 tip.  This is want ensued:

My hat goes off to Aaron and his family.  I have often thought of my funeral and after reading this I am ashamed that all my thoughts were mostly about myself.  This guy on his death bed decides to put himself aside and give somebody an amazing gift.  It doesn’t stop there though.  Aaron didn’t have the money himself to make is wish come true so his family started a website to get donations.  With in a few days they reached their goal and the donations are still pouring in.  The family has said that for every $500 that is raised the will head to another restaurant to make someone else’s day.  The website has already raised $10,000!!!  Head to the site to donate http://aaroncollins.org/

  1. Cynthia Fisk Parrish says:

    Awesome guy!

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